6 Mar 2017

I saw my wife at a party many years ago looking through the bedroom door while I was fingering m y girlfriend and she was wanking me,she didn't know I saw her but it made me come to quickly over my girlfriends stockings and knickers.

A couple of weeks later I stopped for a coffee in the high street and she served me, she said hello and I played ignorant, sorry do I know you you were at the party a few weeks ago, I apologised, it was so busy.

We chatted and I asked her out the following evening and she agreed, we went to a local pub and sat in the garden the seats we're all busy so we sat on the grass, as we sat I got a good look past her stocking tops to her white knickers, we spoke about our lives and got on famously, I dropped her off with just a peck on the cheek and made another meet. She suggested a movie can't remember what it was, we settled in our seats and the film began she sat upright and I wondered should I make a move, I waited and noticed she had moved forward in her seat her skirt was above her stocking tops just below her knickers. I moved my hand in between her legs and moved them over to finger her with no resistance, I couldn't believe this I haven't even kissed her.

She pushed against my hand and within seconds came, I was rampant she said she wanted to leave, we left and she wanted to go home we drove back to her house with no conversation, she got out and said thanks for a nice night I'll be in touch, I was dumbfounded went home for a good wanking session. I put it down to a strange experience and if I told anyone they would never believe me, a few days passed and she rang shall we meet at the pub, ok I had to see what had made her do it at the cinema. She was there when I arrived I got a drink and sat down, I got straight to the point what was the other night about,she explained she had seen me at the party (I never let on I knew) and she'd never seen a man come before, she said she left and went home for some relief, you must have had boyfriend's before yes but I only let them kiss me a n d touch me outside my top, why in the cinema, it excited me in a public place like the party, I know had a hard on. What do you want from me, anything you can teach me and I will be loyal to you but you must give me time.

It did occur to me if she had some sort of problem, but the more I got to know her she was incredibly shy and lived in a very small space, we became incredibly close and I fell deeply in love with her as she did with me, the first time she wanked me she hadn't got a clue, in fact it was quite painful I showed her and she caught on quickly, she asked me if the girl at the party was good at wanking you seem to come very quickly,yes she was but having her clothes pulled up and seeing her stockings and knickers was a great turn on and added to the excitement.

I asked her that would she always wear dresses or skirts when we were together so I could always feel in between her legs and she could let me see her knickers, and I would like other men to see them as well, she smiled and said it would excite her, the next few weeks we went on a flashing spree exciting us both, in pubs and clubs and also parks, we then progressed to me touching her when she knew someone was watching, she asked if we could go back to the cinema which we did one afternoon, she chose a seat a couple away from a single man and immediately pulled her dress up and put my hand on the front of her knickers, my hand we n t in from the side and her legs opened, is he watching yes and he's wank

ing I pulled her knickers past her stockings and got two fingers in, she looked around at him and could see him Cumming,he got up and left we carried on till we both came.

Time passed and our love grew stronger, by then we had met each other's parents and within a few months we married, we had both got reasonable jobs and could a small house.

At first things were great sex when we wanted it and where we wanted, we soon got bored and both agreed we still preferred the undressing and groping leading up fucking, and the bed was for sleeping. We ordered 2 vibrators on line one being remote, the arrived on Saturday and we agreed to make an afternoon of it the next day. She dressed in my favorite outfit and I poured the wine, we opened the box and unwrapped the remote and then the rigid,I asked could we use the rigid and she was quite happy with this, she took her dress off and stood in front of me in her white bra and knickers and stockings I ran it up and down her legs and put the tip on her crutch, switched it on she pushed against it till I could see a damp patch on her knickers, she pulled them aside and and I eased it in, she took over sitting next to me, I asked to make her self come while I w anked off, she kept her knickers on as she knows how much it turns me on, I watched it go back and forward and listened to the wet sound, she was close to coming I said it's like watching someone fuck you, you would like that wouldn't you, yes. I stood up and came over her, and watched her finish.

We settled down, she said it was an exciting experience, do you really want to watch me with someone else, would you, yes. We looked at the remote and she said we should try it when we're out, what a great idea. On to our next experience, let you know how it went with a new friend.qq