Written by P

14 Apr 2008

We have just had a weekend away , the first alone since Feb 07. Anyway , we booked into a Hotel of sorts in The Liverpool St area of London. Then off we went into Soho for some lunch and beer ,we went into the the varied sex shops and we both started to relax and feel horny. We fancied another drink so went into what was, on reflection,smashing gay bar around the corner.J ( the wife ) started to talking to a good looking guy whilst i went to the loo downstairs.

Our new friend was obviously gay and was an absolute gent, he offered to walk us around and show us \\\\\\\" the sights\\\\\\\". It was by now obvious that J had got the hots for our new friend and had started to mould herself to my leg as she got more excited and horny.We had afew more beers and went into Covent Garden, i went to the loo again followed by N , our guide. I started to have a pee and looked at N as he peed as well, he was cut like me and appeared slightly thicker in girth. We were both getting beered up by know and i said i would love to suck his cock. N said , your wife said the same earlier ! Yes i know it sounds like rubbish , but , off we went back to our room in a black cab and we had had the best sex we have both had in years. I can still picture N sucking my cock while J fucked N.And do you know what we aim to meet again , it was a bloody lovely weekend.