Written by Sara

5 Feb 2017

I wrote a while ago about finding our son's mate, Josh, in the spare room one morning, when I thought the house was empty, and then spending the day having sex with him. Josh is 22 mixed race, personal fitness trainer, awesome toned, muscular body and very well hung. I am 45, tones size 10, 36d firm tits, leggy and smooth.

Anyway, my son had gone back to university and asked if one if his mates could stay in the spare room, as he was having a bad time at home. It was not until he turned up, that I realised it was Josh. It was a warm mid September morning, I had just had a shower and only had on a shirt silk dressing Howe, as I was not expecting him until noon. Hi he said thanks for putting me up. He came in shut the door, and dropped his bag pushed me against the wall and gave me a deep passionate kiss groping my tits and then my arse. He said I hear your husband isway for a couple of weeks, I can have you anytime I want. He knew he had really turned me on, and he was one of the best fucks I had had in a long time, when he stayed over, he was arrogant and very self confident, and loved being rough all things I love. He told me to get on my knees and suck his cock, I got to my knees and unbuttoned his jeans and took out his huge thick cock, with such a large bell end, then licked and slowly took him into my mouth, it was difficult as he was so big, but he held my hair tight and started to fyck my mouth, telling me I was a white whore and gave the best deep throat, soon I was very well down his cock, he was fucking my face like a piston engine. He tensed and came in my throating. Told me to get up and to go to my bedroom, he followed, throwing his bag in his room, stripped and he was hard again, he went down on my pussy and licked me for about twenty minutes, I orgasmed so loudly, then he pulled my legs up and started to fuck me pulling on my nipples, slapping my tuts and face telling me I was a slut and fuck meat and a white fuck trash, he was tuning me on so much. He fucked me for about thirty minutes before he came inside me, and then I licked him clean, we lay on the bed holding each other; he told me he would be sleeping with me every night until my husband got back, and he had the next week off work. He soon was hard again, told me to get on all fours and fucked me doggy style alternating between my arse and cunt before coming hard in my arse. We fuck a few more times that day, not really leaving the bedroom only for trips to the loo, and to get some food.

The next week we spent a lot of time in bed, I was his fuck meat as he called it, I did everything with him; he fisted me, used my toys, nipple torture, bondage, using his belt, hair pulling, strangulation, lots of anal and coming on my face tits and arse. He filmed much of it, even though we have a camera in the bedroom as my husband likes to watch what I have done with other guys. The second week he took me to a party I was dressed like a slut short dress with only a brief covering of material over my tuts heals, no stockings, or underweR. There were a lot of people there, a huge house, and lots of guys and fewer women. I was fucked by some of his mates; all young, fit guys not sure how many fucked me but we got home about 6am and went to sleep, the next week we fucked every day. When my husband got back he had seen some of the recordings, and fucked him hard on the first night back and then sent me to Josh's room where he fucked me hard.

Josh stayed for two months, he fucked me most days and was always demanding and rough. He fucked me in front of my husband and together with him. The day he left I was sun bathing and the door went it was Josh's dad. He was mid forties, black and had the reputation of being quite a hard and tough character. He came in and we sat on the settee and he said he wanted to thank me for letting Josh stay. I said it really was a pleasure and he could come anytime. He then had his hand on my leg, I was feeling very horsing missing Josh's fucking that morning. His dad's name was Dan, he was soon stroking my pussy and I lent over to kiss him, he had my bikini off he was stripped and I saw where Josh got his cock size from. He fucjed me on the floor then we went to the bedroom, he was a very good fuck, he fucked me about four times before we rested. I told him he was a great fuck and he said to me that I was a very good fuck a real whore, then he said was he better than Josh and I said that wasn't fair, and how did he know. He said because one of Josh's mates had let it slip. He took a couple of photos and then fucked me again

I have seen Josh a few times and his dad a couple of times. I know it is bad to fuck them both, but they are such hot fucks.