Written by Helen

14 Sep 2014

I just have to tell you about the dinner party last night before all the details fade.

We were invited by one of club members to a dinner party, titled 'A special evening' with a theme of the 1950's.

So with my husband dressed in suit from the period complete with sexy braces, it gave me a chance to wear a lovely 1950's dress with petticoats and of course fully fashioned stockngs with matching underwear, i felt great tingling all over.

When we arrived at the host's address, a largish house on the outskirts of our city, we were met at the door by a butler, we were showed through to the lobby where a maid, dressed as a maid should be (in my husbands eyes) short dress with black stockings took our coats. To set the scene I was asked if I wanted to leave anything else with her. I was puzzled, like what, your panties she replied. No I said I keep them on for now.

We were shown through to the lounge where we were served drinks by now a topless butler and mingled with the other guests, some of whom we knew quite intermitly.

Dinner was served by the butler and maid, and with every course they seem to loose an item of clothing, so when coffee came he was naked, bar his cuffs, and she was left in just her stockings. Thats when the floor show started as they proceeded to engage in post dinner sex right in front of us.

As the floor show went n the hostest stood up and announced that we should retire to the lounge and with this she slipped off her dress, grabed the butler and walked in to the lounge. The host stood up took the maid by the arm and folwed.

We all left the table and went into the lounge where a roulette table had been set up with the hostest being a semi naked croupier.We were encouraged to bet on the result using items of clothing, it was geat fun losing, but better to win as you could choose your partner for the rest of the evening.

Needless to say I managed to loose all my clothes but won a handsome stranger who I had never had before. My husband had already been chosen and was otherwise engaged.

Finally the evening came to a close, we dressed (sort of couldn't find my panties at all, still who needs them) we drove home and spent the rest of the night reinacting the superperb sex we had just had.