4 Dec 2017

My story is about my slut wife Stella snd something that happened in the late 90’s on a business trip to Sheffield with her boss, lover and our bull Andrew.

They had a business meeting with a black gentleman named Charles who Andrew had known for years, Stella had never met him before. Andrew had been fucking my wife regularly now for about 3 years and had done everything in the book to her and especially anal, but Andrew wanted to whore her out and have an MMF threesome with her. He told me this and he had also said that his friend and associate Charles a black man from North would love to fuck Stella as he had told him how much of a tart she was. Andrew also knew of Stella’s past and that she had a black ex-boyfriend.

Andrew rang me one day to confirm that the next day he was taking Stella on a business trip and a meeting with Charles in Sheffield. He also told me that if given the chance he would get Charles to fuck Stella and they would more than likely both fuck her. I think as I was their cuckold he was just reaffirming his dominance in our relationship and telling me he and his black male friend were going to have sex with my wife. I have to admit that this turned me on, that she may be about to fuck a black man that she hadn’t met or didn’t know. Andrew also told me that if any action took place he would take photos and record it on camcorder.

He told me that he had told Stella that his favourite colour was lilac and to try and wear that colour lingerie. Stella had gotten her overnight bag ready, she was on her way home from work but not due for at least another half hour, so I began to look in her bag.

In there were the usual toiletries, with an addition of a large tube of KY jelly, and in another compartment were sexy lilac lace thong matching bra and lilac lace top hold-ups. He was in for a real treat, I also imagined her wearing these with a big black cock in her pussy or Andrew and the black guy giving her a double penetration, which I’m sure one way or another that’s what the KY was for, meant for her arse.

Stella is tall for a woman at 5’ 8 inches long blonde curly hair, large breasts, long legs and a deep blue eyes. When she got home she was wearing a grey skirt above the knee, and I knew she wore stockings as I saw her dress for work that morning.

She walked over to me turned her back and bent over, “Look what Andrew did just over an hour ago in the office”she said.

The were cum stains on the outside of her skirt, she told me that Andrew had called me to tell me about Sheffield and then he called me into his office, bent me over his desk and fucked me. Then he pulled his cock out and cum over the back of my skirt and said “Wear this with pride on your way home I hope people notice”.

As she didn’t have another skirt she had to wear that on the way home. When she walked into the main office as she was about to leave one of the other girls commented on the splash in her skirt.

“Oh it only Andrew’s cum” she told the junior girl who looked on stunned at what Stella had said. She, however didn’t care as there were lots of rumours that Andrew was fucking Stella, and they revelled on the fact people knew and like to rub it in my face.

I couldn’t believe that the dirty slut blatantly didn’t clean the mess off her skirt and got on a short train journey home then a short bus ride, unbelievable.

“Andrew told me about your business meeting with a guy called Charles” I said.

“That’s right Charles, but it’s not a business meeting Andrew is taking me all the way to Sheffield to whore me out to Charles. He’s black and he’s going to fuck me, and I can’t wait I’ve not had a black cock in years”, she was relating to an ex boyfriend who she cheated on me early into our relationship.

I asked Stella to wank me off which in all fairness was one of the privileges she allowed me in my Cuckold status.

She took my cock which to be fair is 6.5 inches not small for a cuck and began to masturbate my dick.

“Whooo you’re nice and hard, are you thinking about Andrew taking me all the way to Sheffield to get fucked by a black man I’ve never met?” Said Stella.

“Yes” I said.

“You’re a pathetic wimp Andrew’s got a bigger cock than you, and he fucks me better, Charles is even bigger allegedly, I’ll find out tomorrow night”.

“I’m going to let Charles fuck me in my arse too, I might have Andrew fuck me in my cunt at the same time”.

The obscenities just came out of her mouth.

“Ooh when Charles cums inside me, I hope I don’t get pregnant, I’m fertile and you know I’m not on birth control, imagine having a black baby, whoo that’s naughty isn’t it?”

“I’m going to cum” I said.

Stella went down on my cock I couldn’t believe my luck, she sucked me off and it didn’t take long and I shot my sperm in my wife’s mouth for the 1st time in ages. I couldn’t believe it.

Just then she pulled her mouth from my cock and squeezed my cheeks to open my mouth and snowballed my cum in my mouth. As the last globs went in she spat in my mouth.

“I bet you wish that was Andrews or Charles don’t you?”

“Both” I said.

As I said this, thoughts went through my head of the two men interracially shooting their loads in my open wanting mouth.

“You’re a fucking pervert Wes” she said.

“Me a pervert? you’re the one that gets fucked senseless by other men” I said.

Any way Stella went to Sheffield with Andrew to meet Charles for her interracial whoring, and when she came home the following evening I was waiting for her as Andrew dropped her off, this is what she told me.

They got to Sheffield they weren’t meeting at Charles’s office as it was pointless they wasn’t there for business, they were there for Stella to have sex with Charles a well hung black man. Stella wore Andrew’s favourite colour lilac lingerie and wore a short skirt with ankle boots with the lilac hold-ups. They met at a restaurant Charles was hosting and greeted the lovers, he kissed Stella as they were introduced. He wasted no time in complementing her “Wow you look gorgeous”, as he looked her up and down. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and she felt him looking at her breasts and legs,

“Wow I love your blonde hair Stella” he said.

“Why thank you” she said.

He was quite dark not black black but very dark and was handsome but looked a bit like Seal the singer only his skin wasn’t pitted.

After some drinks and food Stella became relaxed as Charles was the perfect gentleman helping her up when she wanted the ladies and held her hand as she got up and came back.

What she really wanted was his black cock in her pussy fucking her senseless and taking his black seed.

“You have terrific legs” said Charles.

Again she thanked him but this time pulled up her skirt enough to show him the tops of her lilac lace top hold-ups.

“Do you like my hold-ups, they’re for you” she said.

He liked what she had said.

Shortly after they went to a nightclub Brannigan’s, they danced to some music and drank some more, Stella and Charles were gyrating on the dance floor and started kissing, Andrew looked on smug and satisfied that tonight he would whore out his lover to a black man who she only met a few hours ago and soon she would take his sperm in her married slut vagina.

It was near closing time and the three MMF decided to get a cab back to the hotel, when they got there they went straight to their room. As soon as they got in Andrew immediately took off Stella’s skirt and blouse and ankle boots leaving her in just her lilac lingerie.

Charles walked over to Stella and started kissing her and feeling her all over with his big black hands. Andrew took off her thong showing a neatly trimmed blonde pussy, Charles wasted no time and began to lick out my wife’s pussy. Andrew sucked on her tits.

She was hot now and moaning and was hot for cock, she pulled Charles from her pussy and said “my turn”.

She dropped on her knees and took his big black cock in her mouth. After a couple of minutes Andrew told Stella to sit on the bed and suck Charles’s dick while he prepared her pussyfoot for the black cock.

“I think her pussy is ready for your black cock now Charles” said Andrew.

“Yes it’s time to fuck the slut I want white married pussy”.

Stella laid on her back and Charles mounted her missionary style his cock was the biggest she had in terms of length and girth. It was even bigger than her ex black boyfriend James’s cock. He fucked my wife’s brains out, Andrew recorded on a camcorder. It didn’t take Charles long and he said he was about to cum.

“Oh cum in my fucking pussy, fill me with your black seed, oh fuck I need your cum” said Stella.

“Yes shoot your black seed in her Charles, she’s not in birth control, fuck the shit out of her, I hope you get her pregnant, give her a black baby for her husband” said Andrew with real spite.

“Hold her legs right up Andrew” said Charles.

As he pumped my wife her legs akimbo and sexy lilac Hold-ups in the air.

“Keep them up slut you fucking want a real mans baby you fucking white girls all want to get impregnated by superior black men, keep them up you fucking white fucking hoe, I’m gonna ruin your pussy, I’m gonna fucking give you a black bastard baby” Said Charles. They both had beads of sweat. Then with one final thrust he shots 4 loads of black cum and dumped his black balls and came in my wife’s married slut pussy.

Then Andrew surprised Stella by going down on her and taking Charles’s cream pie in his mouth, just as I had done with him. As if Stella couldn’t be shocked anymore Andrew did clean up on Charles’s black cock, when this was complete Andrew got on his back and Stella knew what to do and what was coming next. She knew that if she mounted her boyfriend boss and lover on top that would be a cue for Charles to take her up the arse and have an interracial DP. She mounted him and fucked her boss, just then as expected she felt Charles’s big black fingers in her arse he was lubing it with KY.

Charles got in position Andrews cock was going in and out of my wife’s cunt, he held his black cock to the entrance of Stella’s arse, and with relative ease his black dick slid up her rectum stretching her anus completely. She was stuffed with cocks and loving it. Her cute lilac stockinged legs riding her boss with her new black lover fucking her arsehole. I only wish I was there to see it, the two studs pumped my wife in a DP for a few minutes and synchronised their orgasm in came in my wife’s both holes in unison.

The rest of the night was spent taking it in turns to cum in her pussy they even joked all of them including my wife of a breeding competition and see who wins in 9 months time.

When Stella came home she was completely knackered and came home without her lilac lingerie including the hold-ups, she gave them to Charles as a souvenir. Not long after this event Andrew’s wife split up from him as she’d heard of him fucking some slut, but to protect Stella he denied it. He was living in a one bedroom flat above a town shop, Stella wanted to take him in with us at our home to live with us. I loved him fucking my wife but I was not so sure of him moving in with us.