1 Oct 2017

I'd like to take you back just over 22 years ago December 1994 about one of my wife's sexual encounters at the time she was 24 years old. We had been married about 16 months my wife's name is Stella and I am Wes and 2 years older than her. We had been together around 4 and a half years, she had a bigger sexual appetite than me but when we did she never had any complaints.

We were both attracted to one another from the start Stella is a bit of a looker long blonde curly hair, blue eyes, but tits, 5ft 8" tall long legs and a curvy size 12. We were always open and honest to one another about our past everybody has one but I must admit hers was so much more colourful than mine.

She had been engaged before to a right dick of a bloke that didn't treat her right and didn't respect her. Although she told me that her ex had persuaded her to have a threesome with him and his mate which culminated in a double penetration for her with Stella fucking his mate with her on top and her ex taking her up the arse from behind.

She told me this wasn't a one off and did this quite a few times, although she was persuaded I think she got off by being fucked by two men at once and loved the DP, just to confirm that I think she enjoyed it she told me that when her ex had told her to come round to his place and said his mate would be there she always wore stockings ( her choice).

She dumped her ex he was a real loser and after him things got really spicy as she started dating ... no fucking a black guy. Now we are definitely not racist but where we live in the U.K. there's not a lot of black people living there.

She had even let this black stud fuck her in the arse loads of times and he too persuaded no asked Stella to join him and his white friend in a threesome which again culminated in a DP with her black boyfriend fucking her up the arse and again she always wore stockings for the lads. I must admit when she told me these tales my cock would grow rock hard in my boxers and I imagined and I don't know why, her fucking a guy right in front of me there and then.

We hadn't been together that long and sex was good I have a 6.5" cock average size and from the tales my wife said her black ex boyfriend was the biggest she's had with a 9" cock. One day we were talking in my car and the subject got on to sex and talking about her past,

"What about it?" she said

"Well the stories you've told me about the threesomes DP's and interracial really turn me on".

"Look Wes that was in the past and if you are hinting for a threesome I'm not doing it I want to settle down with you I love you" Stella said.

"I love you too and I wouldn't ask you to do anything you didn't want like your ex" I said. "

What are you saying" she said,

" Look I find you sexy as fuck and you are hot what I'm saying is that if you ever get an opportunity to fuck another guy then I'm ok with that".

"Whaat" she said,

"On one condition, you tell me all about it or I get to watch" I said

" We'll have to see then won't we" she said with a sly grin.

Now I know this was over 20 years ago and I don't even know why I said it to my then girlfriend and my mates thought that I was a lucky bastard as she was attractive. But even back then I guess you could say that I was into the Cuckold fetish that is ever so more popular today but existed back then.

A couple of years went by and we married in 1993 but I still harboured thoughts of my georgeous blonde wife fucking another man. Now and again I introduced the stories into our fucking but it turned me on more than Stella. We went on a holiday to Turkey and something special happened there where she was DP'd by two Turkish lads another story.

Anyway back to my true story, towards the end of 1994 my wife had enough of her job the money was crap and her boss was an arrogant prick although I had suspicions he had fucked Stella but I will keep that for another time.

She went for an interview with a large engineering firm locally where the money and prospects seemed a lot better. Stella had always worked in an office and this was an office job, she always wore skirts and stockings or hold ups. I took her to the 1st interview she wore a sharp business suit with skirt in grey and she wore nude stockings.

Her skirt wasn't slutty but just above her knees but tight fitting which showed off her long legs.

She went into her interview and was bloody ages in there and when she got out I asked her how it went?

"I think it went well I answered all his questions he seemed a lovely guy called Andrew I think I could work with him and him me" she said. "One thing though" she paused and went a little red " I think he fancies me"

"probably did you're a Georgeous looking woman" I said.

"I caught him a couple of times looking up my skirt and through no fault deliberately my stocking tops were on show I tried to fumble with my skirt to pull it down but even I could see the stocking tops and he had a smug grin on his face" Stella said.

"I hope he did see them must've been a right turn on for him" I said.

" Naughty, well he did see them because my skirt rode up again and they were definatly on show and he never took his eyes off them and I didn't give a shit as I really want this job and he found out that I went to an interview and was wearing stockings if I get the job what colour stockings would you like me to wear for him" She said teasingly.

"Well if you think he fancies you it must've turned him on when he saw your stocking tops I'd say he definatley fancies you every guy loves a woman in stockings wow so hot and wear black for him if you get the job" I said.

" Well he was good looking although he's 7 years older than me I quite fancied him too"

"Well it's ok by me if you get the job and you get an opportunity with Andrew to fuck him" I said.

"Hmm naughty boy aren't you I hope I get the job then".

The cat was out of the bag he fancied her, she fancied him and if she got the job my fantasy was bound to happen.

On the way home my cock was rock hard and all I could think of was Andrew fucking my wifes married pussy, would he wear a condom?

Or would she let him fuck her bareback and if he did would she let him cum in her pussy she wasn't on birth control?

I think Stella had noticed I'd gone a little quiet we know each other too well and the was an awkward silence but not in a bad way a sort of sexual tension silence, I think Stella had remembered the conversation we had not long after we were going out about the DP's and threesomes and I said that if she got the opportunity to fuck another guy I think she read my mind and had a wry smile on her face all the way home.

A couple of days later she was asked to go to a 2nd interview, she wore a navy skirt suit with black stockings and matching lilac lace underwear and black high heel shoes. I mention the colour lilac lace underwear as it is revelant shortly. Again I took her to the interview and again she was ages. When she came out we drove away from the factory we stopped the car and discussed what was said.

"You were ages" I said.

"Oh well he fancies me all right and he got a good look at my stockings again, oh I don't know but these skirts seem to show off the stocking tops" she said flirtingly.

"How do you know he definitely fancies you?" I said.

"He told me how attractive I was and said "nice skirt" and grinned" she said.

"Wow that's hot, not strictly professional but hot" I said.

What was I on about strictly professional there's nothing professional I wanted about this, all I could imagine was my wife getting the job and her new boss totally unprofessional and slipping his cock into my wife's married pussy and filling her with his cum, this is what I wanted.

"I don't think he could help himself but then I put myself over professionally and so did he and we got the interview stuff out if the way to chat and for him to get to know me better"she said.

"Yeah I bet he'd like to get to know you better! I bet he'd love to fuck you" I blurted out.

We both laughed.

"He definitely had a good view of my stockings today as I seen him looking he couldn't have made it more obvious so when he looked up at me he smiled I smiled back and parted my legs to give him a view of my lilac knickers he seen them because he grinned".

Stella said she also noticed a huge bulge in his trousers that he rubbed, she wished it was her rubbing it.

My dick was rock hard and I said "remember our conversation years ago"

" yeah I remember where you said if I had the chance to fuck another guy I could" she said.

"Only on one condition that you tell me all about it or I get to watch".

"Well we'll have to see then won't we" she said with a grin.

We got home and I pounced on Stella and fucked her hard in different positions with her stockings on culminating in me fucking her in her favourite position doggy style I told her I wouldn't hold on much longer and was going to cum.

"Cum in my pussy just like Andrew is going to if we get the chance, and if I get this job and he makes a move on me I'm going to suck him off and let him fuck me I'm going to let him cum in my married pussy. Then one day I might let him do what my ex boyfriends used to do and fuck me up the arse, somewhere you never been and no condom so I can feel his cock in my pussy and arse".

"Oh god I'm cumming I'm cumming" I shouted.

"Yeah shoot your cum in me just like Andrew is going to do with me, just what I want if I get this job I want to fuck my new boss" she said.

After we had calmed down from our erotic high I asked her "are you serious".

Do you want me to"

"Yes absolutely" I said.

"Yes if I get the opportunity I'm going to let him fuck me and cum in my pussy".

A few days later she had a call to ask her to attend a 3rd interview more of a chat and she was told by Andrew it's promising news,

"A 3rd interview" I shouted.

I took her to the place again she wore a smart green suit and black stockings. She wasn't in there half the time as before and shortly after was walking towards me with an envelope she had got the job and the chat was merely putting pen to paper and discussing terms. She said Andrew commented how lovely she looked and said thank you.

Again he was looking up her skirt but this time he got a view of her trimmed blonde pussy she had left her knickers off on purpose hoping to show Andrew where she wanted his cock. She put a finger to her lip and smiled.

"Fuck you are hot" he said.

She left her job and started working for the new company and fitted in really well and despite the fact they both fancied one another she got stuck in and loved the job.

One day after her only working there a week I picked her up from work as I had finished early. She must've told Andrew that I was picking her up and I could see a guy slighter build to myself at around the same height 6ft he was making his way towards me. When he got closer to me we recognised one another as we have a mutual friend and we slightly knew each other.

" Hello Wes I didn't realise Stella was your wife she's fitted in right from the start and I'm going to look after her for you and you both won't regret it"

After he had said this he had a wry smile on his face almost smug satisfaction obviously he didn't know that I knew so much but was he telling me in his own way that although I know you but I couldn't care as I'm going to fuck the shit out of your wife and she's going to love it and you better get used to it?

I took Stella home and my dick was hard I certainly didn't care that I knew him it made no difference I sort of liked the fact he knew me and he was on a collision course to fuck my wife. Stella said when Andrew went back in he mentioned to her that we knew one another, he then knelt nearer her and said,

"this just makes it even better"

grinned and felt my wife on the leg touching her suspenders.

When we arrived home she asked me "does this change anything That you know one another",

"No it doesn't change a thing although you know he's married right" I said.

"Yes but are you ok if anything happens" she said.

"The fact that I know him makes no difference it kind of puts a naughty edge to it the way he said he would look after you, if I was telepathic I think he was telling me he was going to look after you by fucking the arse off you".

When he said to her it makes it even better confirmed my thoughts that this guy I knew, didn't care who I was and fancied Stella and she had gone too far now with flirting with him and it was his way of telling both of us that she was going to get fucked by him.

"He told me today that he fancied me and couldn't take his eyes off me" she said.

"Look I said it years ago I'll say it today if you get the opportunity to have sex with him then do it exactly the way when we fucked the other night it adds extra spice the fact that he knows me and still wants to fuck you and are you going to make him wear a condom".

"Ok I'll do it if we get the chance and certainly not I don't want him to wear a condom I want to feel his cock inside me if I'm doing this I want to do everything and I want him to cum inside me" Stella said.

All I wanted now and all I thought about was for Andrew to take my wife's married pussy and break her wedding vows again and fuck her so hard and empty his balls and fill my wife's unprotected vagina with his sperm.

The next week things got even hotter between the brewing lovers,the office was really busy and they both had to take paperwork to the boardroom there was no one else in there just them.Andrew pulled the lock on the door he went over to Stella and kissed her she responded and they French kissed a while swapping tongues his hands feeling her stocking tops and suspenders he then pulled her knickers to one side.

He started to finger her love hole which was very wet. At the same time Stella unzipped his fly and felt his cock and run her fingers over the shaft and bell end, he was circumcised. Andy had Stella gently moaning now as he expertly finger fucked my wife, he whispered in her ear.

"Soon we are going to fuck I'm going to fuck Wes's wife and I'm going to cum in your married pussy, and when I'm done your going to take it home for Wes and get that husband of yours to eat out your pussy I'll give you something to take home for him".

She quivered and came on his fingers, they heard a noise nearby tidied themselves up and went back to their work.

She hadn't told me what had happened that day as I think she knew the time had nearly come where she and Andrew would fuck.

I kept asking her if anything had happened to which she replied

"Soon and you will know all about it".

It was a Friday and my wife had only worked there about 3 weeks, it was just after lunch and all the regular staff had gone home as they worked a flexi option something Stella had to work her way up to. There was only one other person there Andrew.

He said the remaining directors had all gone, was this the moment she would take her new boss's cock?

Just then Andrew disappeared, Stella thought he had second thoughts and had chickened out.

Shortly after, her phone rang at her desk.

"Stella would you come to the boardroom please" It was Andrew.

"I'll be there right away boss" she said.

She started to walk to the boardroom butterflies in her stomach. Stella opened the boardroom door and there he was, as she entered he closed and locked the door behind him.

He made a move and started kissing Stella she responded and he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her lace lilac bra under her tits and started to kiss and suck each of her tits, while he was expertly licking and sucking Stella's nipples his hands were already lifting up her skirt and running his hands over her stocking tops and suspenders then he started where he left off a week earlier and started to finger her vagina.

She was wet, wet for sex, wet for his fingers and wet ready for his cock, and boy didn't she want his cock. While He did this Stella had his cock out it was circumcised and about just over 7 inches about an inch bigger than my cock, she was gently stroking and wanking his rock hard shaft. She then took the initiative and sank to her knees and took her lovers cock into her mouth.

She put the head in her mouth first and gently kissed it "hmmm tastes good" she said.

She then put over half the cock into her mouth and gave him a loving blowjob every now and then gagging slightly and coating his manhood with her saliva. He was moaning and running his fingers through her hair, now and then she would look up at him with her bright blue eyes with his dick in her mouth. Then she did something to him that even to this day she has not done for me.

She told him to sit on the edge of the desk, lifted his legs up and gently with one hand held his cock and balls then with her tongue started to lick his arse. He was groaning big time from my wife's attention to his shit hole she was loving it probing her tongue right up his sphincter she then broke from her tonguing and got up and kissed him with their tongues.

"I can't take much more of this Stella I'll cum and there's only one place I wanna cum" he said.

"Oh yeah where" she said.

"Your pussy" he said.

Just then after their passionate kiss their mouths broke and he gently spat his saliva inter her open mouth and she swallowed his spit.

He bent her over the desk crudely lifted up her skirt to expose her stocking clad legs and lilac lace French knickers his hand quite roughly took them to one side exposing her arse and pussy and clit, he put his middle finger in his mouth then gently inserted it into Stella's anus her eyes rolled and she bit her lip.

"Aahhh" she gasped.

"One day I'm going to fuck that arse but not today" he said.

"Please fuck me"

"I was thinking the same thing"

Then he positioned his superior sized cock the circumcised head towards the entrance of my wife's married love hole he put the head in then in one gentle but full thrust eased the rest of his cock into my wife's unprotected vagina, no condom bareback,she had broken her wedding vows again and had given her marital vagina to a guy she hardly knew only the last 6-7 weeks, what a slut.

Not that she gave a shit as he soon got in a rhythm and was gently holding her blonde hair while fucking my wife from behind over the boardroom desk his strokes became harder and faster as he began to fuck her really hard, Stella's cum started to coat his cock and they were both moaning and panting like fuck.

"I told Wes I'm going to look after you and this is what I meant, I wanted to fuck you since I laid eyes on you, you and I are going to have a strong working relationship", he said.

"Oh please Andrew I wanted you to fuck me too I'll do anything with you but you may have to pull out I'm not on any birth control" she said.

This spurred him on "Good I'm glad, I'm not gonna pull out, you and I are meant to be and I'm gonna cum in your married pussy, one day I'm going to knock you up".

"Oh fuck cum in me,shoot your spunk up me, give me your cum for me to go home to my husband to, and one day I might just let you knock me up and give me a baby" she said.

He was almost ready to burst and the obscenities continued if only for a short while

"yeah who's the daddy" he said.

"You" she yelped.

"Who's baby do you want"



"Fuck yeah" "Fuck yeah" she said.

"Your my slut now" he said.

"Fuck yeah" she said.

A few seconds later he groaned loudly as he yelled he was cumming, he shot 5 loads of semen into my wife's unprotected pussy she came again too. Shortly after his clock plopped out of my wife's swollen vagina and it was a real mess, just then Andrew wiped the cum from his cock across the back of Stella's suspender belt and on the tops of the lace on both stocking tops.

I still have these today my souvenir from 22 years ago. He also wiped the last blobs of his cum from his cock end slightly into Stella's arse, she quivered.

This was one of the most intimate moments anyone could possibly imagine shared by the two new lovers a moment both he and my wife never forgot, and the start of a fantastic sexual partnership they were as he put it they were (meant to be) they just had so much chemistry together, she loved his cock and he fancied the pants off her, and got to fuck her over a period of time much more than me.

One last thing he did was to put his still hard cock into one of Stella's stockings she looked from behind, their eyes met and they both laughed. The white remnants of this studs sperm are still visible on her stockings and belt and knickers that I have kept in my drawer to this day.

He pulled Stella's knickers back over and he had well and truly filled her up, cum was oozing from her pussy and already making a wet patch on her lilac knickers.

"Now take that home to Wes, makes sure of that" he said

"Yes boss I will" she agreed.

They kissed made themselves presentable and went back to work. That evening Stella phoned me at work as I worked later than her on most occasions to please come home quick, I made my excuses that my wife wasn't well and left for home.

When I got there she pounced on me kissing me and telling me how much she loved me, she sucked me off only a couple of minutes then asked me to go down on her. I could not believe my eyes she was so wet for me her knickers were a real mess they were soaking. I gently pulled them down she still had stockings on, her pussy was red and her blonde trimmed bush had sticky patches on it.

I went down on her and had never tasted or experienced her pussy like that before, there was a strong musky smell and I licked her right out, fluid was coming into my tongue from her vagina and I knew that something had happened. I carried on and her pussy smelled of sex and cock I could just tell something had happened and she may have fucked Andrew as it tasted so different.

We fucked for about 10 minutes then I couldn't hold back no more and cum inside my wife, it felt quite loose but sexy. Shortly after the sex she told me what had happened all of it, the knickers stockings and suspender belt evidence of what had happened. She also told me that she really liked his cock and felt comfortable with him and would like to take him on as her lover as he wanted her too and that she hoped to have sex regularly with him.

I was totally ok with this and this was the start of a passionate 10 year affair, I only hoped that one day I would get to see the stud fuck my wife in front of me. I have lots more to tell you about the new lovers maybe another time.