Written by MikeyBoyUK

13 Aug 2010

A couple of days ago, my mrs was on her way out shopping when the phone rang. I heard her pick it up in the hallway and then she shouted through to me 'its for you - see you when I get back'...

I watched her leave as I went to pick up the phone. 'Hello, this is Mike' I said. The male voice on the other end sounded a little breathless as he replied 'hi how are you?' 'Yes I'm good thanks - you sound like you just ran upstairs' I replied. I heard a faint chuckle and the reply 'Well sort of'. 'What can I do for you?' I continued. 'I just had to tell you what a lucky bloke you are' the still trembling voice said. 'Your wife is so horny, especially when she wears that little black skirt'.

'Who are you?' I replied. 'It doesnt matter mate, but I think of your mrs every time I need a wank, and I just got myself so horny I thought I had to let you know'. I suddenly realised what the breathlessness was all about!

'I couldn't beleive my luck when she answered the phone - almost came. You wouldn't believe how much juice has oozed out all over my helmet'.

'Who the fuck are you?' I repeated angrily. Again he said shakily 'You don't need to know who I am, just that I want to fuck your mrs, and if I ever get so much as half a chance, this hard-on will get buried deep inside her'.

At this point I was furious, but my mind was racing as to who this chap was. I couldn't stop myself wondering what his cock was like. He was clearly wanking it now. How big was it? Was it cut? Was he a big cummer? How old was he? How does he know her, and how did he have our number?

'I doubt very much she would be interested in a wanker like you' I spat out to him. 'Oh I think she would if she could see what she was missing out on - its fucking huge just thinking about her' was the quick reply. I could clearly hear him wanking it now. 'In fact I can hear her begging for it - desperate to feel it unload deep inside her' he said and at that point he made all the noises that let me know he had cum. Then the phone went dead.

Since then I have not stopped thinking about this guy. It was barely a one minute call, but I daren't tell the mrs about it, I don't know if she knows this guy, works with him, perhaps even fancies him. The thought of another man so clearly wanting to fuck her gives me a hard-on, and I have wanked many times already just remembering what he said and the noises he made as he wanked. I have no idea if I will hear from him again, or how I will react if I do, but that phone call has put images into my head of watching a well endowed chap fuck and spunk my dear wife. Judging by how horny the thought makes me, I kind of hope he calls again...