Written by PaulnLiz

28 Feb 2015

I'm Paul, 61, retired partly due to ill health, and my wife is Liz, 47, tall and slim with a pretty face and the body of a 37 year old. No kids. And now also a reluctantly loose woman.

Liz is a professional lady, respected and well thought of. And we are both stupid.

We have more and more become interested in extramarital sex, at least on Liz's side, I am poorly fixed there these days. Because of Liz's work we have been restrained. Until recently, November last year it started.

We were attending the party of an acquaintance of Liz's through work, a night out that we seem to have less of these days. We actually knew no one, but Liz was on nodding terms with a few, and it was all free, apart from our taxi.

It is not too often that Liz lets her hair down but she had the next two days off and just went for it, no plan, you know how these things happen. As for me, these days I just can't take the booze like I used to. Liz was really relaxed and getting more chilled with every G&T some one passed her. And a fair few were being passed while I talked fishing with a couple of new acquaintances.

Late on I was thinking taxi, and Liz was taking a breather from dancing, sat on a comfy sofa in a side lounge of the big country house. I thought I would go to the loo and then see if she was ready to leave.

When I returned Liz was dancing again, so I waved and sat in an arm chair opposite the sofa Liz was on earlier. I dozed off until the early hours, when the house was a lot quieter and many people had left. The lounge was dark, I could just make out Liz on the sofa, legs pulled up to one side, sparked out.

I was way too comfy to move so stayed put. I don't know how much time passed, but I was suddenly aware of whispering. A male voice was saying something about totally out of it and a plan or plans working out. It came from a dim figure beside Liz. There was some kind of accent I couldn't work out.

Through slitted eyes I watched as the deep v at the front of Liz's dress was opened fully, the clasp behind her neck must have been undone as the dress top was now in her lap. Even in the dark her breasts looked good, hardly any droop even if only b cup.

I was frozen. I could only imagine what was happening, and although we had only spoken about this sort of thing, I was sure my wife would have gone along with it. Like a fool, I disregarded the fact that she may not have been unconscious merely due to alcohol. Me either come to that.

Having removed her shoes, a dark shape then slowly pulled Liz's feet until she was full length on the sofa. The the skirt of the dress was worked up to her waist and her panties slipped off. The third dark shape then took a picture, I presume with a phone. I was now too worked up to interfere even though the alarm bells softly rang re the picture.

Next there were some shuffling sounds as the three men removed clothing of their own. I can only guess from the shadowy shapes that a cock was placed on my wife's face, or maybe even between her lips. Flash.

A dark head was then between Liz's thighs and I could hear slurping sounds soon after. A few moans was my wife's only reaction. I just managed to realise and shut my eyes fully when a picture was taken of the 'passed out' hubby in the chair. Even then my night vision was ruined.

I heard some more shuffling and then eventually worked out the shadows before me to be my wife pulled toward the end of the armless sofa, and her legs up some ones chest and over their shoulders as they shafted her to the hilt.

Her head was blocked by another figure who was squeezing her breast and there were various mumblings about the hot body and being unable to wait their turn.

Liz's assailant suddenly grunted and with a moan, obviously shot his load deep inside my unconscious wife. He gave several deep thrusts before pulling out, and a picture was taken no doubt showing his load leaking out, and possibly the whole length of her body and face.

The other two were quick to take their turn at Liz and two or three more pictures too. I got a sudden dose of sticky underwear.

Liz was then redressed and posed as they had found her, but without any attempt to clean her up. The three figures then left, giving me a quick glance on their way.

I was unable to wake Liz for about an hour, and quickly explained a very short version of events saying she should visit the ladies and then we had best scarper, and I would tell her more detail on the way.

Liz was sure we had been drugged, but, after some consideration, her only real concern was the pictures. The overall tale really turned her on, it was just the pictures.

It was on the 29th Dec. that Liz got the e-mail at work with the picture attached. From in front of her leaking sex, which was at the bottom of the picture, it showed all the way up to her face, including the cock that bulged out her cheek. It was unmistakably Liz. Nightmare.

The e-mail was an 'invite' to another party on new years eve. Obviously our own plans had to be shelved. Liz was most insistent that I did not go, for my health and sanity she said. I think she was right, but I wished there was some one to go with her.

We talked about going to the police, but not only was that embarrassing as we know the local constabulary, the more we mentioned the incident, the more Liz was excited by it all.

In the end, due to no taxis, I had to go in order to drive. The address was a small country house and on arrival there were several other cars.

We were met at the door by Jock, a lean balding Scot, fifty plus, and quickly led to the main room for a drink, mine being soft of course.

We then were introduced to Melik, over weight thirties, black hair with a dark complexion, and Levon, similar but possibly younger. They are apparently from Kosh, in Armenia.

Long story short, they were all in business together, liked blonds, and Levon and Melik especially were used to getting what they wanted. And they had the pictures of Liz. All, their word note, All they wanted was to have Liz entertain them whenever they were in the area.

Time for a headache.

Naturally we protested the methods used, and Liz sort of remembered spurning their advances at the last party, and of course we asked what if we say “No?”

“All” they would do is put the pictures on a porn site and leave us alone. So thoughtful.

Liz and I went for a little walk round the long garden to discuss the situation. We had already guessed sex was involved, and considered how we would deal with the general problem, but it was of course down to Liz, who was admittedly a bit turned on by it all, as well as worried about the pictures going public.

Short version again, we got certain details from driving licences in order to have some kind of information on the three, and it was agreed that if any pictures appeared online we would take revenge somehow. The Armenians were impressed by the resourcefulness.

So, apart from myself, everyone began to drink. Liz for Dutch courage as much as fun, and eventually there was dancing. Liz was well fondled, having been told to wear the dress from last time, and as time wore on the fondling was more open and thorough.

I estimate there were around thirty men and only eight or so women present, many of the men looking foreign, similar to Melik.

After the big midnight commotion Liz and Levon disappeared, to reappear twenty or thirty minutes later, with Liz looking a bit flushed. Of course this happened again later for around two and a half hours, before we left around half three, and it was only then I got the details.

Levon had taken Liz up stairs where two couples in a large bedroom were in various states of dress and coitus, with three or four men looking on. Liz was quickly relieved of her undies and after a little fingering was on her hands and knees in the middle of an orgy with Levon giving it to her hard from behind.

Before long, as Liz was nearing coming, a dark black cock was thrust into her open mouth, not seen approaching due her eyes being closed in her near ecstasy. She had a brief panic before getting a grip on reality once more, and dealt with it as best she could.

After Levon shot inside her, the black cock took over and a white one was offered for her to suck, which she did. Fairly quickly Liz had more sperm in her sex and moments after had to half swallow half dribble a mouthful too. With each delivery into her sex Liz came long and hard, feeling dirty and excited at the same time.

Levon removed Liz from the room and showed her the ladies room, before bringing her back down. Jock then explained that we could all go upstairs for some fun or, if I preferred, I could wait where I was. Liz gave me a look that said stay put, so I said I would, and after a couple more drinks, my wife was led away to be banged by three men who had now made her their sex toy.

In a different room Liz was soon naked with she thinks three others, men not women. Melik sat Liz in a chair and put his head between her thighs, giving his tongue a good work out, and really getting Liz worked up, but wouldn't let her orgasm. A total stranger stood to her left and helped himself to a mouthful of breast while a hand snaked over her shoulder to grab the other one. She came very hard and with a loud moan.

I was now making small talk with a man of about fifty who brought his wife along willingly, and it turns out that she often entertains visiting business men earning some very nice “tips”, and they were both very happy with it. I made out that we had a similar arrangement with just Melik, Levon and Jock.

Liz explained later that she tried to keep her inner self separate from all the sex, treating the whole thing a bit like a dream, or trying too.

Melik fucked her where she was telling her that she was going to enjoy being the trio's little fuck piece from time to time, and that he was of the opinion that she would want to have a lot more extra cock from now on, she was after all, as he put it, “made for sex.”

Liz tried to tell Melik that if not for the pictures she would be nowhere near him, but he mostly ignored her efforts and just kept telling her “Yes yes, I know, but now you are loving the slut life, lay back and enjoy!”

Eventually Melik shot his donation and Liz came with him, a cruel grin on his face at her plight.

A figure mounted the chair and thrust his meat into Liz's mouth. It was just short enough not to choke her as he literally fucked her face, stopping her from seeing who it was that now had his cock in her slot. On the bed was a woman being spit roast noisily.

Liz did choke when the cock in her mouth shot into her throat, It's owner proudly telling her to enjoy his sperm before pulling his limp tool out and disappearing. Liz could now see a total stranger that was banging away at her for dear life before adding to the mess between her legs.

Someone else then led her to the now clear bed where my dear wife was fucked on her back by four to six cocks of various nationality, including Jock, leaving her worn out with many climaxes of her own, and awash with their juices. Her breasts were bruised and her thighs sore, and her sex was raw. Never had Liz had so much sex in so short a time.

Next day, with Liz somewhat recovered, we talked again about circumstances. We knew we were on shaky ground so with some reluctance, but in all honesty, not total, we waited. When would we be contacted again.

Saturday Jan 31st, I dropped Liz at a hotel in Feltham, near the rail connection, ready to collect her the next morning.

Levon and Melik had brought her an outfit to wear, which she changed into in their room. They then went out for dinner with Liz wearing a skirt, red, way too short with a small the back. A short sleeved blouse that had a low front, and as you could likely guess, no underwear. Liz's own shoes had to do as the ones they bought were way to small.

One restaurant and three bars later, the all went back to the hotel. Liz says she felt like some kind of pervy flasher, everywhere they went she got either lustful or disgusted looks, and Melik in particular made sure she showed lots of leg and openly groped her. Few could have doubted why my wife was with them.

Liz was fucked on and off all night. Levon giving her an extra (secret) thrill by taking her into the corridor at around two A.M. He fucked her against the wall. He said it was a treat for the night guard on the cctv. We don't know if there was any.

I saw Levon walking Liz toward the car and started the motor. They went right past. Liz was in her red skirt etc. Levon bent her over the boot and fucked her from behind right there in the car park, I think at least two people guessed what was going on, Liz was a little noisy about coming. So as soon as Levon had shot into Liz and simply zipped up and gone, we left before any potential problems arose.

It was really stupid to let ourselves get into this, but we have to say we are waiting for the next call with more than just a little excitement.