Written by Kenny1967

31 Jan 2016

A few weeks ago I was in Waterloo in merseyside on some morning buisness but I was at a loose end in the afternoon .

I went for a pint in South road after finishing my pint I went for a walk down to the marina gardens I had heard this was a cruising area.

I passed a car with the driver reading a a paper , he looked up I walked passed again this time rubbing my cock and I walked into the gardens and sat down hoping he would follow , which he did , he was on his 50s a bit chubby but I was gagging for some fun he walked passed me rubbing his cock over his jeans , nervously I asked him the time then I asked what he was looking for , he said just a bit of fun I asked if the park was safe he said sometimes but he asked did I fancy coming back to his house as his wife was at work.

He lived in nearby Crosby I said ok when i got to his house he offered me a beer he walked over to me and started rubbing my cock , my heart was beating so fast but I was horny as fuck.

I undid my pants and they fell to the floor , he smiled and dropped to his knees and my cock was deep throated in one go he was a noisey sucker , by the sounds he was making he was loving it.

After about 10 mins of good sucking he stopped and stood up he took his pants off and there he had a very impressive 7 or 8 inches of manmeat in his pants I told him I wanted a 69 so we could suck each other he was over the moon with this suggestion .

There we were sucking each other off and really going to town on each others cocks...... his cock twitched and after a few suck wanks his first spurt hit me in the face and the next 2 on my neck this triggered me off when I told him I was going to shoot he said I want in in my mouth so I positioned my self next to his face and i started wanking slow at first but was building up when i hit the vinegar stroke my firsts 2 spurts went into his mouth anf the next in his hair he swallowed it all down .

He thanked me for the fun we cleaned up and he dropped me off back at marina gardens I can't wait for my next visit to Waterloo