Written by Wank buddy

12 Jun 2017

My friends grandad ( Bob ) an has a allotment, we used to help him out carrying bags of soil for him , we loved his storys and jokes.

Anyway i had the afternoon off from Uni so on my way home i took a detour through the allotments, it was quiet i got close to Bobs i was about to shout but through a gap in his shed i could she him , looking at a magazine and wanking , a look down and he had a big cock , i made a noise changing position , it made Bob jump ,he shouted who there , i said its me ( Mike ) i was passing by i wanted to see if you needed any help with anything .

He called me in and i could see he had a pile of wank mags , and a couple of men only mags .

He said dont tell ( Sam ) his grand son , im sorry i maybe old but i have needs.

I only celebrated my 20th birthday a week before and i had a friend hit on me on a night out but i knocked him back.

I had known Bob for ages , he picked up the magazine to move them and one of the men only mags fell , i picked it up and i said i didnt know you liked this , Bob said it was a friends who pops around for a chat, smoke and cheeky drink.

And he said and a harmless bit of fun i said what , were wanking buddies , help release each other , i was intrigued and he knew he had me , he told me to come close , he rubbed his cock bulge over his jeans he said show me your cock , i undid my jeans and out popped my 7inch cock growing by the second , he reached out touching my balls and slowly wanking me , i was enjoying it , he said nice cock but look at mine he pulled down his trackie bottoms and there was a very impressive 9 inch thick cock , he said touch it and we were standing in Bobs shed wanking each other off, Bob said will you suck me off , i said i havent done that before he said kneel down and lick , kiss my shaft , rub my balls and pull back my foreskin and start sucking my cock , i did what he said , he took his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it then i continued sucking him he said i was his new wank buddy .

Bob told me to take my t shirt off he wanted to shoot his load on my chest , s bit more sucking and wanking and he grabbed his cock and with a body twitch he came on my chest in 2 spurts.

He was a heavy cumer , he then said clean my cock , taking him into my mouth for the last drops .

He handed me a towel to clean the spunk off my chest.

He said if you come here on Sunday morning i will return the favour.

I said i enjoyed it , but Bob said its our secret so dont tell anyone .

That night at home i had another wank in my room thinking of Bobs cock in my mouth , should i meet him again ?

He maybe old but he had a good cock , just wank buddies he said - harmless adult men only fun.