Written by Ray'salaugh

10 Feb 2017

Sue had been a regular part time visitor to the bungalow at Chertsey right from the start. Maybe around 32 or 34 years old. about 5 foot 6 inches tall and fairly busty she lived somewhere in Hounslow and was married to a bloke who was a baggage handler at Heathrow. She was one of the old school friends of the girl who started up the bungalow and was one of the first to join the 3 girls who worked there full time. I had fucked her a couple of times and found her to be a very enthusiastic partner and quite skilled. Although she had not been a whore before she joined the Chertsey Girls, she had built up a shed load of experience since she had started shagging.

Sue was not in the least bit secretive about her normal life. She said she was 15 when she was fucked for the first time at a party at a school friends house. The guy was older than her by a couple of years and she hadn't met him before that night. By the time she left school she had fucked this guy and most of his friends and decided she liked sex and getting naked. By the time she was 17 she was pregnant and married the guy, but the marriage only lasted a couple of years before it broke down.

When she was 25 she met and married the baggage handler. He had known her for a year or two and knew she liked cock, but he liked pussy so they developed an open marriage with each of them fucking who they fancied as and when the opportunity came along. The relationship seemed to work and every now and then they would go to swingers clubs where they would both find other partners to fuck, sometimes in the same room and sometimes by themselves.

Sue had worked in a series of low paid jobs, when her child was small, but mostly existed on benefits but as the kid grew up a bit and the baggage handler came along she was able to get a job as a stripper and lap dancer at the Spearmint Rhino on the A4 between Heathrow and Slough. She told me that although she liked the job, it didn't pay all that well and so she gave it up after a few months. I had been told by some of the other girls that when they went for their girls night's out, Sue would not worry about going home with a guy she picked up at the club, and had been known to give a guy she fancied a blow job in the club if she thought she could get away with it.

The 3 full time girls who started off the bungalow were sure that Sue would join them, and they were right. Sue had a talk with her bloke and they agreed that if she was shagging around anyway, then why not get paid for it. As long as Sue was safe and happy to do it, then why not? They had fixed up child care for her daughter after school, and quite often her bloke would drop her off at the bungalow on his way to work and pick her up on his way home. As far as I know he never went in to the bungalow to fuck any of the girls because he would have had to pay for it like any other punter, but I do know a couple of the girls who were close friends of Sue had been fucked by him at her place.

Sue always dressed the part at the bungalow. Her time as a stripper had let her get hold of some very sexy stuff and she had the body to show it off well. She was very popular with the punters and I would often turn up at the bungalow to find her either fucking another punter or already booked and waiting for the guy to turn up. No big deal for me, because the bungalow always had somebody else available to drop their panties for me, so I just got on with it. However, the odd few times I did get to fuck her, were well worth the wait.

Sue had been working at the bungalow about a year before she introduced Debbie to the girls night out. Debbie was about the same age, maybe a little younger. She was a petite girl only 5 foot tall with long blond hair that came down to her waist. She was a single girl who had met Sue when she was working as a shop assistant somewhere. They had become friends and I am sure Sue's bloke had fucked her once or twice along the way. While Debbie enjoyed a little casual fucking here and there, a bit of fun was one thing, but working as a tart and fucking every guy that came in through the door and picked you was something else. It took her a long time before she agreed to come along to the bungalow to meet up with some of the girls she had met on the girls nights out.

Now it was pure luck that I had found time to visit the girls for an hour. I hadn't booked any particular girl but had just turned up unannounced to take pot luck. As usual, Karen opened the door to me and lead me into the kitchen. Karen had been fucked by me several times by then and was whoring almost full time now, but still looked after the place as a maid while taking any punter who fancied a fuck with her as well. The girls could be evil when they felt like it and were hatching a plot when I arrived. They had all met Debbie and knew she would be over in a little while with Sue. They knew Debbie was shy and was only expecting to sit with the girls and drink coffee, but they wanted to get Debbie fucked, and the sooner the better. Seeing as I was there, and I had already fucked everybody in the room, would I do them a favour and fuck Debbie for them. Well, that needed thinking about, but only for half a second. Of course I would. I had never met Debbie but if the other girls knew her and thought she was OK, that was good enough for me. I would give it a shot and see what happened.

A little while later Sue and Debbie arrived. There was a flurry of activity as they fussed about hanging up coats, saying hi to everybody and getting settled down. Sue went to freshen up so that she would be ready for her first punter and while she was in the bathroom I was introduced to Debbie. I was impressed. What a good looking girl she was, and although I knew she was much the same age as Sue, she could easily have passed for a girl in her late teens. If she had turned up in a school uniform she could have made a fortune. I was instantly interested and attracted to this small young lady, and the interest was noticed by the girl sitting near me at the kitchen table as she quietly moved her hand across and tweaked my hard cock and winked at me.

Sue was now talking to the others about the bungalow and how things worked there. I joined in and asked her if she was going to work with the girls (as if I didn't know). Sue said she hadn't thought about it and was only there to be social with her friends. One or two of the others started to encourage her, saying she would have a good time and would enjoy it, and she should give it a go. Then Karen joined in and said to Debbie that seeing as I was there, why didn't Debbie fuck me? Debbie went bright red at the idea that Karen had put to her, but all the other girls thought that was a great idea and were egging her on. They told her I had fucked all of them and I was a nice guy and would look after her ,that she couldn't have a better first punter, and all sorts of things. Poor Debbie didn't stand a chance One by one her objections were dismissed by the others who were adamant that she would be fine and would enjoy every minute of it.

At that moment the door bell rang and Karen went to answer the door. It was Sue's first punter and Sue blew Debbie a kiss and said, "Go on Debbs, just do it" and off she went to fuck the guy in the Master bedroom. I think that watching Sue walk out of the kitchen to take her guy off to bed, and the encouragement of all the others pushed Debbie over the edge. She held out her hand to me and said "Oh all right then, if you want to" I took her hand and stood up leading her out of the kitchen while the other girls fussed around her, hugging her and telling her she would have a great time, and to love every second of it. I took her into the smaller second bedroom and with a smile from ear to ear Karen shut the door behind us. She knew what was going to happen next.

Debbie was not exactly dressed for fucking. She was wearing trousers and boots and a sloppy roll neck jumper. She turned towards me and we kissed for the first time, a little hesitation from Debbie, but she seemed fairly relaxed. I had taken my time with Karen, but Debbie was a different girl altogether. As I said, she was only 5 foot tall, and I am 6 foot 3, so kissing her wasn't as easy as it seemed. I fell down onto the bed and brought her with me. That made things a lot easier. Once I had got her onto the bed, she seemed to give up and accept that she was going to be fucked by me, so she raised her arms to allow me to lift her sloppy jumper off of her. Once off it revealed a slim girl like body with tiny titties. She was wearing a bra, but honestly didn't need to bother. I unclipped it and took it off. Her little nipples were rock hard, so I started to suck on them while reaching for the zip holding up her trousers. It didn't take long to undo them but I had to stop slurping on her tiny tits and stand up to take off her boots and trousers. While I was up, I got myself naked as fast as I could and then climbed back on the bed alongside her.

Like a lot of new girls, Debbie wanted to cuddle and kiss, however while I was happy for her to do that, I was there to fuck her, so I needed to play with her pussy. I slid my hand down her and into her panties. She had a very small trimmed bush and I soon found her gash and started to play with her clit. That got her going and she pulled me into her as I started to give her pleasure. It looked like fucking strange blokes she had never met before might not be such a bad thing after all! I started to work her panties off her and she lifted her bum off the bed to make it easier for me. She kicked them off and I eased her knees open to get better access to her small hairy cunt. I looked into her eyes and told her I was going to lick her pussy, and went down on her before she could react. In fact she lifted her bum off the bed arching her back so I could munch on her cunt nice and easily. This was going really well.

Debbie told me to lay on the bed so she could suck my cock, so I lay on my back. Debbie climbed on top of me taking hold of my cock and sucking it in to her mouth. At the same time presenting her tight little cunt to my face. I started to lick it and slurp on it, sliding my tongue as deep into it as I could. Debbie liked that, but she was doing a good job on my cock and we were both moaning with delight. The girls in the kitchen next door must have heard us at it because a small cheer and a laugh came through the dividing wall and Karen called out, "Give it to her good Ray" Both Debbie and I collapsed on the bed in fits of giggles at this and all sucking and licking stopped. It took us a minute or so to recover from that.

I turned Debbie round and lay her on her back so I could suck her little titties and finger fuck her at the same time. I looked up at her. "If they think we are fucking in here I might just as well fuck you for real" I said to her. "Go on then Ray" she said. We were both so up for it by then I could have just slipped it into her and fucked her bareback if I had wanted to, but I have a rule about that. I had no idea of her sexual past so I grabbed for a condom from the bowl Karen kept stocked up near the bed. I put one on as quick as I could, got between her legs and in it went. I wasn't disappointed, her cunt was good and tight against my cock and I could feel her cunt muscles almost rippling along my cock. She put her arms around my neck and rocked herself backwards and forwards on my cock as I thrust into her. At this rate neither of us would last long. It didn't. I came into her good and hard filling the condom and almost pushing her head into the headboard. As I did, she let out a wail and hung on to me for grim death as her orgasm ripped through her. We both collapsed on the bed side by side as another cheer and a laugh came from the kitchen. It would seem that the girls approved of our activities.

We looked at each other arm in arm like young lovers smiling and looking into each others eyes. "God, you're a great fuck" I told her. "Thank you kind sir" she replied "You aint so bad yourself" I ran my hand down her body and started to play with her clit again and at the same time leant over her to lick her nipples again. "God she said "Don't you ever let a girl have a rest" Not in this game Debbie" I told her. "I'm not your boyfriend and I'm not here to make love to you. You are here for me to fuck and I have paid for you for an hour, so I'm going to fuck you at least twice." Debbie looked at me and said "Keep playing with my clit like that and you can fuck me as much as you like" I could see that Debbie could have the makings of a first class whore, so I reached over for another condom. "Suck my cock again Debbs, and I'll give you that second fuck, but doggie this time" I told her so she did, and so did I.

A while later, both showered and dressed we emerged from the bedroom. Sue was already back in the kitchen having finished her booking with her punter a little before. Debbie looked at Sue and went bright red. "I knew you would fuck him" Sue said. "Did you enjoy it?" Yep, Debbie had. She had honestly not intended to do it today, and only wanted to see the set up and meet the girls again, but once there, the atmosphere of raw sex was too much, and seeing Sue go off for her fucking was all it needed. Debbie needed cock and would burst if she didn't get one. "Just as well I was here then" I said.

Time for me to get back to work, but Debbie stayed on going home with Sue later that evening. Sue, now an experienced whore, had 3 punters that day, but Debbie only had me saying she had a sore cunt from the pounding I had given her. She soon got used to it though, and within a few weeks was fucking with the rest of the girls taking 2 or 3 cocks a day. It was Sue and Debbie who eventually teamed up to do doubles, and fucking both of them together was something else I can tell you. Still, I will keep that for another time.