Written by kevin

26 Feb 2013

My good lady, Sue, is a vivacious 47 year old. Although only 5/4 ft her hot brown eyes and hour glass figure turn many heads. Top this with a ridiculously fantastic 34E bust and the mix is incredible!

Anyway, for years I had harboured the well known fantasy of her being fucked by other guys. It seemed the older and more cougar-like she got the greater this became - almost an obsession. The kids grew up and moved away and so, with her new found freedom, her confidence grew.

As a shift worker I would often be working at weekends. When the kids were at home this wasn't an issue, but now they were gone she found herself bored at home.

We took advantage of our freedom and started going out on weekends. I couldn't help but get excited as I watched her getting dressed up, more often than not wearing revealing tops.

One Saturday last year we booked into a hotel in nearby Lincoln. We were planning on seeing a tribute rock band in a local pub and, after a day looking around the town, took a bottle of wine back to our room to warm up for the night ahead.

Laying in the bath, with the booze slowly getting the better of her, Sue's defences started to relax. "You like men looking at my boobs don't you?" she asked, completely out of the blue. I felt embarrassed and checked she wanted an honest reply "Yes honey, I love it". She looked at me "Hmm, I wonder what else goes through your mind?". Again, embarrassed, I didn't reply and the next two hours getting ready to go out saw our conversation bouncing about the subject with me getting more and more horny and her likewise.

What I wasn't aware of was the outfit Sue had bought for herself. I stood there stunned as she slowly and provocatively slipped on hold up seamed stockings, a black leather miniskirt and a blue silk blouse. She looked at me with a mischievous grin on her face "You like?". "God yes!" came my reply and she slowly did up her blouse so that her amazing tits were on full show.

The pub was heaving and the band amazing so was the atmosphere. It was literally shoulder to shoulder room and on several occasions when I went to the bar I struggled to find her when I came back with our drinks. As the night progressed I became aware she was getting more drunk and appeared guilty about something.

At about 11 pm I asked her if she was okay. "You see the guy in the black shirt" - she motioned to a tall, strapping young man in his late 20's. "Every time you've gone to the bar in the last hour he's been hitting on me - telling me how hot I am and how much he loves MILF's". I asked her how she felt about that and her reply floored me "I want an honest answer to a question - do you fantasise about me with other men?". I could only stutter my reply "Yes, massively". "Well, he's stopping in a room in this pub tonight .. what do you think?". "Do you fancy him?" came my stupid, awkward reply to which she gave me a "are you real?" look.

Then, by chance, this Adonis left the bar for the toilet. I said to Sue I'd be back in a few minutes and followed him. Now, I'm not badly hung myself but, stood next to him in the toilet I could not help but notice he was well blessed! I worked out he would easily be 8 inches erect and thick as a baby's arm. He suddenly glanced at me and smiled "hot wife you have there matey". I acknowledged this and he introduced himself as Mark who was visiting the town for the weekend. "Yes she is, she tells me you've been hitting on her". "Yep I have, bet she didn't tell you we've had a snogging session in the corridor outside and I've groped her tits though, has she?". My head nearly exploded! No she certainly hadnt!

I couldn't believe how cocky this guy was. We left and he followed me back to Sue. "I've told your old man" Mark said to Sue. She looked at me with a guilty but naughty look on her face. "Well babe, you did tell me about your fantasy". Mark and Sue both looked at me, then Mark said "I'll leave the communal passage door open, I'm in Room 3, top of the stairs, turn right" and, with that instruction, and right in front of me, he planted his tongue in her mouth and ran his right hand over her breast - she offered no resistance!

Mark left the heaving bar and disappeared through the door. I turned to Sue "You really want this?". "Babe, I'm as horny as hell. You want me to fuck other guys and I figure I won't find a hotter guy to start my alter-life with. No one knows us here so there's no danger of it getting back".

I stood there, in a daze, music blaring in the background and loud voices almost drowning me out. Then, I stood almost as if I was a third party listening in as the words came out "You have an hour. In that hour I want you to do the following: suck his cock until he explodes over your face and tits, then I want you to wipe the cum off with your fingers and lick them dry. Get him hard again and I want you to ride him like a whore letting him suck your tits hard and then finish you off in the doggy position. I want you to behave like a complete slut and call yourself one as he fucks you".

Sue looked at me with an enormous smile - "Darling, consider it done" and, with that, she gave me an enduring peck on the cheek, checked no one was listening or watching and put my hand over her crotch. "This pussy is about to be stretched and filled. When we get back to our room I expect my husband to lick me clean" and with a wink she walked to the door.

I stood in the bar and got more and more pissed. One hour turned to two until eventually Sue returned. She was positively beaming as she approached me at the now emptying bar. "You've got a lot of cleaning up to do" she said to me with a wry smile and a wink and boy, was she right! When we got back to our hotel just down the road she recounted how her young stud had ridden her remorselessly, he had in all fucked her 3 times, including once anally which was a new one on me! She said she had felt like a complete whore and he repeatedly called her a slut whilst fucking her - a sentiment she agreed with to him!

I went down on her and the combination of pussy and cum juice was delicious - I was sold - I was now a true cuckold! Since then Sue's new `career` has gone from strength to strength. She has been on a girlie holiday with another divorced MILF friend of hers, dogging and fucked and sucked on every given opportunity. In all, in slightly less than 9 months, my gorgeous slut-wife has racked up 28 cocks, including four spit-roastings and a holiday gang-bang with 4 Manchester lads!

Her goal, she tells me, is to hit the 50 mark of cocks by the time she hits that age and wants a 10" black cock. Who am I to argue?!