Written by angela p

14 Aug 2011

Hi just had to tell you my story of how I became a whore to my sons best friend. But first I must tell you about myself, My name is Angela I’m 42 years old, 5’ 7” tall, pretty good figure natural 36 24 36, body.

I am married to Chris who works away in Saudi, I have two sons, Adam who now lives in Brighton and Simon my youngest who is in his next to final year at uni

I work long hours for a big retail chain, when I say long hours it’s through choice as the house is lonely for a woman alone, so I work for the company more than the money, Back around five weeks ago I got a call from my son Simon asking me if there was any work going for student in the summer holidays and could I put a good word in for him.

The next day I enquired with personnel, Yes we need at least ten to cover both early and late shift but be quick as they go pretty fast, I was straight on the phone to Simon telling him that he had a job, he was overjoyed, Can’t believe it, thanks mum, Love you, Speak to you later bye.

That night he called back saying how his friend Jordan would like to work over the summer break but it wouldn’t pay him because by the time he had paid taxi fares he would be out of pocket, living in the country does have its disadvantages I said, It’s a pity because they need more staff at our place, Well can he not crash out at ours mum, he can use Adams room, he’ll pay his way, Ok then I said I’ll enjoy the extra company.

Two weeks back, Friday afternoon, Simon called saying that they would be arriving at 7pm I said everything is ready for you and Jordan I can’t wait to see you both , I waited looking through the window ready to greet my son and his friend I was surprise when I saw them approaching as Jordan was not what I was expecting he was taller than Simon about 6’ 5” but more than that he was Black, why had Simon never mentioned it. Strange! I met them at the front door Simon hugging and kissing me before turning to introduce me to Jordan. Mum meet Jordan, Jordan meets mum, oh call me Angela I’m please to meet you Jordan. Simon take Jordan up to his room get him settled in dinner will be ready in 40 minutes.

We talked while dining about the job and how they would be on different shifts one doing 6 till 2 and the other 2 till ten. How will that work then mum Simon asked, well a thought if Jordan and I did one shift and you did the other, that way you can use your dads scooter and I can drive with Jordan, Ok by me he said. Full English breakfast in the morning boys, not for me Jordan replied must keep up with the running while I’m away from uni, Ok just let me know what you eat then I can get it in for you, Thank-you he said.

Saturday morning I was awake at 7.30 and not one for lying in I got up to see Jordan had gone for his run sitting alone in the kitchen I heard the front door then footsteps heading for the kitchen, it was Jordan back from his work out, Oh my god what a sight he stood there dressed in a cut off vest showing off his 6 pack a pair of lycra shorts clinging to his body like they were painted on showing off the outline of his cock that looked massive, Just get a shower Angela, Yeah no problem Jordan feel at home.

I wait until he was in the shower before going upstairs passing the bathroom door stopping to listen to the water flowing thinking to myself how he might look fully naked I retired to my bedroom a fingered my pussy while thinking of Jordan’s big cock.

Sunday came without seeing either Simon and Jordan as they spent the day at Old Trafford cricket ground, I was up at 5.15 on Monday morning to make breakfast for Simon before his first day at work, he left around 5.30 , I thought I would get a quick shower before waking Jordan for his morning run, but I was too late he was already in the shower, I carried on with putting away all the washing and ironing I had done the day before, finding Jordan’s uniform I opened his bedroom door to see his unmade bed and the TV on but it was what he had been watching on the TV what made meGasp. it was two well-endowed black guys fucking a petite white woman, the sound was turned off but you could see the woman was in pleasurable pain, I felt a warm sensation between my legs as my pussy began to stream, I rushed from the room straight across to my own bedroom I lay on the bed stroking my pussy feeling it dampness thinking of how much I needed Jordan’s cock to satisfy my needs, I came off in a shattering orgasm.

I regained my composure and left the bedroom walking past Jordan’s room and downstairs to the kitchen, Jordan then appeared dress as before in his lycra showing off the outline of his massive cock, I’ll be back in about an hour Angela he said, I needed a shower I was so hot and sticky, Sticky from what I thought, Bye he said see you later, Oh and thanks for pressing my uniform, And with that he left

I showered touching myself and thinking why a lad with such a large cock needs to watch porn, He knew I’d seen that TV on, Should I ask I thought’ or would he tell me to mind my business.

When he arrived back from his run he was all sweaty he removed his vest to reveal his magnificent abs, you’ve got such a great body Jordan, why thanks Angela yours isn’t too bad for your age many young girls would give anything to have nice breast and firm butt like yours, Why thanks Jordan that’s nice of you to say, But if you don’t mind me asking why does a good looking guy like you with such a large member need to watch porn, Well because I have such a high sex drive and when I’m not fucking I’m watching porn and wanking, You could say the more I fuck the less I wank, Has that answered your question he asked, I was dumbfounded, So you do a lot of wanking then, Yes before I shower I’ll have a wank and then maybe two or three times a day.

Well don’t let me keep you then I said, He left to shower, After a couple of minutes I walked upstairs to listen at the bathroom door as before fingering my clit thinking how he was stroking that giant prick, Works everytime ,I jumped, Jordan was stood behind me fully naked his prick standing to attention and massive it must have been eleven inch or more, My god its bigger than I’d imagined I said, You like what you see he asked, Yeah you bet I replied, Like to feel it, You bet I answered, My hand reached out to grasp holed of that Giant Black Cock I felt like a sixteen year old virgin experiencing her first handjob,don’t be scared he said you can’t hurt it, Abuse it, With that I dropped to my knees taking the tip between my lips. It tasted so good my first contact with his black cock, Very slowly inch by inch I took Jordan’s manhood , suck it you white whore ‘ he cried ‘ don’t worry I can last, I’m a long stayer. This made me feel so horny, Chris my husband was the opposite coming so fast I never really reached a orgasm, Tell you what he said lets taste that sweet white cunt of yours lies back on the bed, I didn’t need asking twice I was on the bed my legs open wide spreading my pussy lips for his advancing tongue, Oh It felt so good my first cock in almost 2 months apart from the occasional self-fingering and odd vibrator action my pussy was starved, It was the most sexual pleasure I had had in years, not only did he have a long cock his tongue felt like any cock I’d ever had, delving deeper into my wet horny white cunt, Lick my horny cunt you fucker I cried, I was so wet but was about to become even wetter as I exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm. Enjoying that baby he asked, Seems like you’re ready to be fucked, Oh please I pleaded, Well I suggest you turn over onto your belly to take my length , Ok I said and flipped over, Suddenly I felt the tip of Jordan’s monster cock enter my pussy going further than any other had been, it felt better than I could ever imagined, stretching my cunt walls as it went deeper and deeper, Feel good babe he asked, Yes I love it, Well you can now have the rest, and with that he rammed his full black eleven inch cock into my horny cunt, From never ever having a full penetrative orgasm I was having one after another, for the next hour I was subjected to the most vigorous fucking from this young black well-endowed stallion, By the end I’d lost count of the time I had come, I didn’t want it to end all I wanted was Jordan’s monster cock. He pounded my pussy asking me cunt or mouth babe, Mouth I cried, Pulling his cock out and pushing it to my lips I tasted a mixture of my own juices and Jordan’s precum, I sucked it hard feeling his balls tighten as he screamed letting off a stream of hot cum hitting the back of my throat swallowing the lot, We spent the next couple of hours fucking ending up showering together this was to be the first day of my slut wife experience!

We left for our first day at work together knowing that it was the start of things to come!

This is only the start of a sexual adventure what got better please give your comments