Written by readingbob

20 Jul 2013

Some time ago my wife admitted that from an early age she loved showing off her panties. She admits she doesn't have that sixth sense that some women have, of knowing when they are being watched. But a friend of hers did. Often the friend would say that dirty old man is trying to look up our skirts, Amy my wife now, would not respond by covering up in disgust. But discretely open her legs to give him a good view, admitting it turned her on. she is now 34 still has a great figure, 34c breasts and size 8-10 panties. we had been out on other occasions and i would say in the pub that guy fancies you he keeps looking at your figure. after a few drinks i would add, going to give him a show like when you were younger? eventually after a couple of years of this coaxing she started her flashing again which got us both excited. So after reading stories and hearing about a few localish car parks in sherwood forest i went to investigate dogging sites. I found one particular car park busy with single men after being approached by one man i found it was a gay cruising site. he did however inform me of where to find the car parks couples went to.

So with the hot weather i provided Amy with a bottle of wine in the garden to sunbathe with, knowing the sun and wine always loosens her up and gets her in the mood. after tea i suggested she dress and we go to the pub. I hadn't had a drink so i would drive. she wore a nice short white skirt with the obligatory white panties a peach tight top and white bra. after some coaxing i got her into a bit of flashing in the pub, this got her in the mood i wanted her in. So we didnt go straight home i took a diversion to a recommended car park. there was only one other car in the car park that appeared empty. we started with a nice kiss and me fondling Amy. Her feeling my already hard cock which surprised her. I had all these thoughts of being seen in my mind.

Whilst moving my hand up her legs another car came into the car park drove round and parked near us. This made Amy a little nervous but i continued my quest and was rubbing her through her panties. he got out of his car and walked towards the woods. Amy was a little apprehensive but i coaxed her into going down on me by saying the guy would be well into the woods by now. while she was down on me i noticed him come out of the woods behind our car. and he was walking towards the passenger side. i kept Amy busy on my cock and hitched her skirt up at the back exposing her bum to my new found friend he stopped by the window having a good view.Amy came up and i kissed her it was then i told her a guy was looking at her and enjoying the view. this could of gone two ways but it went right for my urges. she smiled turned and looked at him then hitched her skirt up giving us a great view and putting my hand on the front of her panties urging me to feel her. Who was i to object. Realising we wernt complaining our voyeur unzipped himself and started stroking himself. not rushing her i said he looks pleased to see you hes hard she quickly looked round to be confronted by a hard strangers cock 2-3 feet away all be it with a window in the way. rubbing her i added bet he would like to have his hand where mine is. I got a laugh not a slap so i opened the window. this guy wasnt wasting any time or the opportunity he reach straight in. i removed my hand and gave him full access. Amy looked at me with open eyes abit shocked i smiled she relaxed opened her legs and allowed him full access. this had me feeling my own cock especially when he pulled them to the side and rubbed her inserting his finger. he had a good fell of her tits to. he moved his cock to the window but Amy didnt take the bait or cock for that matter. so he moved back to fingering her and wanking. wasnt to long before he shot his load alot on Amys shoulder which she wasnt to impressed with he thanked us and went away. i laughed it off. when we got home she showered and had one of our most intense sessions. talking about it later we both agreed it was intense and have discussed maybe going abit further next time.