Written by Red Leader 1.

20 Mar 2018

It is amazing how, when one is upon holidays how ones inhibitions, defences or moral attitude and up bringing some times seems to vanish. This is exactly what happened to my wife last year.

My name is Clive and I'm 52 my wife is Sandie aged 42 been married for 20 years, oursex life has dwindled to , I guess the norm for our age group, once or twice a week. Sandie is 5-9", size 10, and has light brown short hair with blonde streaks in it, nice shapely legs and topped off with a pair of 36D tits, she also has a nice trimmed landing strip. She is very conservative in many ways, due to her upbring, strong swearing is extremely frowned upon, and so is flirting in public, smutty comments or dirty jokes are just about tolerated by her. Anyway over the last couple of years our sex life had been the usual " missionary position " the odd blow job, and that was about it. To add abit of spice to it and test her out I asked her if she woulkd ever swap or let another man fuck her, an immediate " No chance, no way " was her reply. However over the months I kept asking and I could see that her attitude was slowly changing, until about a month be fore we went on holiday, I asked her a gain , and after a bit of thought, she said, " I'm not saying yes, but I'm not saying no, depends on the circumstances. " So I said, " Your willing to think about it and maybe give it a go ? " " Yes, |I'll think about it, now drop it "

We had booked a month away in our caravan on the Atlantic coast of France near to a town called Sulac - sur - Mer, having holidayed in that area of France for years and both being fluent French speakers we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

We had been there about 12 days doing the usual holiday thing, when on this particular day we decided to spend the day at the beach,, so taking the obligatory bottle of wine we set off, getting there about 9.30am found a nice quite spot, spread our towels out and lay down. As I said before , Sandie is a bit quite and reserved, she will wear a bikini, but has never ever gone topless, this day she was wearing a loose fitting silk blouse and flowing multicolored skirt. We'd been there about an hour when a young chap mid twenties laid out his towel about 10 feet away, the usual " Bonjour " was said and we carried on relaxing, anyway having consumed the wine, Sandie suggested we go and get another one, which was unusual for her, as it's me that decides to get the wine, so off I go to the local shop, as i am leaving Sandie shouts, 2 Get a couple of bottles ". On my return some 20minutes later I could see Sandie sat up with her arms round her knees, laughing a talking with the young French chap, who by now was wearing just tight fitting swimming trunks. Putting the two bottles down, I flopped on the towel and Sandie introduced me to Claude, he was rather surprised that we spoke fluent French, as most holidaymakers only speak a smattering of the language, it turned out he was at Uni' in Bordeaux and was 24, on holiday awaiting his call up for service in the miliary. As the day wore on and the wine diminished, I could see that Sandie was getting very excited and slightly aroused, her face was flushed and she started to laugh and giggle at the comments and remarks Claude came out with. It suddenly dawned on me, that Sandie might actually fancy him and that possibly I might just be able to see her getting fucked by another man, I decided to play it slowly and see what happened.

Anyway by early afternoon, we had consumed all the wine , Sandie had stripped down to her white bikin and was quite relaxed and merry, Claude, said he would get some more wine, so when he was away I said to Sandie, " " You fancy him don't you ?" she replied in a slurry voice, " Who wouldn't with a packet like he's got between his legs, ermm " and giggled.

I looked at her and thought, " Yes , she will given the chance " and felt my cock starting to grow hard. I had to admitt Sandie looked really fit in her bikini, her gorgeous tits were only just bein held in by the bra and You could very easily see her " Mound of Venus and her pussy lips " through the bikini bottoms.

Claude arrived back and we carried on chatting, I mentioned that Sandie had never gone topless in her life, Claude's response was basically that it was such a shame that such big beautiful breasts had never been allowed to be set fre and feel the natuarl sun and air, I agreed and Sandie just laughed, I said to her, " Why don't you free them , now, gone on, nobody will mind ". She said, " No there's too many children and people about ". Quick as a flash Claude, said " I know a more secluded spot round the bay, which is very quite ". By this time I was wanting to see Sandie nude infront of us and my erection was quite visible, so was Claude's, leaving nothing to the imagination about his size. I said to Sandie, " Oh, gone on, it'll be o.k and fun, come we're on holiday ". So with a quick nod, we gatered up our belongings and trooped round the headland, to find a nice quite small cove of sand, surrounded by high cliffs.

We lay our towels down, Sandie laying hers next to Claude and mine at the other side. I said to Sandie, " Go on then are you going to get them out and set them free ? " at which point she sat up and moved her hands to the rear to unfasten the biking bra straps, when Claude said, " No, please let me ", Sandie stopped and turned her back to him offering her bikin top straps. With a quick trug, her straps came away allowing her beautiful 36C tits to fall free. Claude gasped and siad " They are beautiful, and soo big ", looking at me he said, " Can I touch then ", I said " Yes, do what you want withthem, but ask Sandie ", he looked at Sandie with a pleading expression on his face,, Sandie just said, " Yes, squeeze them " and with that he cupped both her tits in his hands and started to massage and squeeze them. I could see Sandie's nipples getting, harder and longer and new that she was enjoying every second of it.

Claude suddenly came round to Sandie's front and gently pushed her down onto her towel, bending over her, he started to suck and lick each of her nipples in turn. By this time Sandie' was breathing hard and in short gasps, she pushed his head away and grabbing his head she started to kisiss him passionately, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth, french kissing him, at the samr time she started to thrust up against his groin. I, knew then fir certain I was going to see my wife of 20 years take a fresh cock up her cunt and get fucked by a stranger. I sat there in a trance like state and watched what unfolded before me.

I saw Sandie's hand slip between Claudes legs and grab hold of his cock and start to squeeze and fondle it, I heard him say to her, " Free it, take it out, it's yours if you want it ?" Sandie quickly and expertly pulled his trunks down, although in all, honest, therewasn't much material to remove, and revealed a large throbbing cock it must have been a very good 8"= if not nearer 9" and very very thick. It was a lot longer and a lot more thicker than mine. Pushing Claude onto his back, Sandie slid down to him, and looking directly at me, opened her mouth and started to encircle the end of this massive cock with her tongue, she slid the foreskinn back with her lips and got half way down on it, pulling back up, she looked at me, and laughingly said, " Oh I'm enjoying this, it tastes lovely " and then started to pump her mouth up and down as fast as she could. Claude, hadn't been idle whilst Sandie was giving him a blow job, he had slid two of his fingers inside the edge of Sandies white bikini bottoms and was fingering her cunt as fast as he could. Suddenly Sandie shuddered and pulling up away from Claudes cock said, " Fuck me, now, do it ". Standing up she straddled him and squatting over his ernormous stiff cock, slowly lowered herself onto it. I moved from the side so that I was directly infront of her and saw her lean back against him, seeing his hands come round from the rear and grasp her swing tits, I sat there and watched this cock pound the arse off my wife. Suddenly Sandie, screamed and shouted " " Oh god, yes, yes, yes, I'm there, I'm cumming " and started to shudder. I saw Cludes cock slamming in and out of Sandie's cunt like a steam piston, suddenly I saw him thrust deep into her and saw his cock start to quiver. He must have thrusted up her three or four times, and I knew for sure that he had filled her with his cum.It was at this point that I shot my load all over my hands a legs.

I sat there on the sand infront of them, as with a plop, Caude's cock slipped out of Sandie's cunt and lay saft and flat against his leg, I saw Sandies cunt open, red and suddenly saw a laod of white cream spunks slowly ooze out of it and down her legs onto the towel.. All three of us quickly ran down the beach into the sea to cool off and clean up.

Returning to our towels, we lay down , Sandie sat up looked at me and said, " Well, did you enjoy that. Seeing your wife getting fucked by a younger man ? because I did "

That was the start of our best holiday ever. Getting back home to England, Sandie and I had a really good talk about what had happened on our holiday. She admitted that, she had been thinking about going with another man for ages, but that the holiday atmosphere, hot sun, wine had all combined to lower her resistance

. I openly asked her, if she would do it again, her reply, " Yes, but only on holiday, not in this country ".

I can't wait for August 2018, we have already booked our ' van in for a month at a place called Mimizan, further south on the Atlantic coast, I understand there are some very quite and secluded beaches around Mimizan Plage,