Written by Jamesa

17 Dec 2015

I work in a supermarket I'm 20 year old working the late shift we get some regular customers in the store some talk some don't. I tend to work in the clothing section & I usually see an older lady in her 40's two or three times a week she calls on her way home from work to pick up odd and ends. Tall brunette with large breasts and a firm trim body always in dresses or skirts and high heels with tights or stockings every young mans fantasy I noticed she had a wedding ring.

She tends to buy shoes and tights and a few clothes each week and has asked me for different items in her size I do like finding her shoes and putting them in the floor and having a crafty look up her skirt or down her top I'm sure she knew. One hot summer night she came in her white blouse her breasts straining to get out black tight skirt with a split at the side and black high heels. She made for the underwear section I watched out of the corner of my eye and she was looking through the Lacey type that has no vpl she called me over I was 15 minutes away the end of my shift I noticed she has a trolley with a bit of shopping and two dresses a cream one and a black one both bodycon style. ( get to know dress types putting them out) she asked if we had the knickers in cream and black in a size ten I tried not to stare at her tits as I said I'll go look.

I looked in the back and found them both holding them in my hands I was thinking what would be inside them. Taking them to her she said thanks and smiled I was look fuck me would I. we heard the sound of rain on the roof and we both looked up laughing she said great she had no umbrella and hoped it would stop me saying I didn't bring a jacket we both laughed and parted ways. I clocked out and walk to the entrance and there before me was the same lady with two carrier bags in each hand she set off to run across the carparks and fell I ran to her and helped her up shopping strewn across the floor. I picked her off the floor her white blouse see through her nipples poking out of her Lacey bra and took her into the trolley shelter made sure she was okay and picked her shopping up. She had sprained her ankle so she leaned on me as I took her to her car a little mini I placed the shopping in the boot and helped her in the skirt riding up,to reveal Lacey stocking tops.

Both soaking wet she asked did I have a car I said no she told me to get in she would give me a lift turns out she lived two mile away. She didn't smooth her skirt down and all the way I just stared at her stocking top she asked if I minded if we called at her house to change her shoes before she dropped me off. She rang her husband who met us in the drive and he got the shopping while I helped her in he must have been In his 60's. She related the tale and said James here is such a gentleman and he also likes stockings he has stared at mine all the way home. He is the young man at the supermarket who looks up my skirt and down my top I was so red and I stammered Tom said its fine, he laughed and said at least I could do something about it as he was past it,

He brought us both a towel and Jane asked if I could help her upstairs so she could shower I helped her up into there bedroom and left. Her husband Tom asked if I had a girl friend I confessed no I explained I lived alone in my flat he was surprised he insisted I stayed for tea and a drink to say thank you. He knocked up steak eggs and chips as we chatted over a beer each Jane shouted down could I help,her down the stairs. She had a mini skirt on a Lacey top and no bra and I could see her white knickers under her skirt as I looked up the stairs. We sat down to eat and as the wine flowed the subject turned to sex and Tom confessed due to medical problems it was 5 years since he could have sex I nearly chocked on my wine Jane said how do you think I feel ? Tom said James dosent have a girlfriend so he doesent get sex either they both looked at each other. Tom said he orally satisfied Jane and used a vibrator on her she said it wasn't the same we moved to the lounge with our drinks Jane sat in the middle of us her skirt ridding up. She said she should have worn stockings my cock was bursting now.

Tom asked if I could be discreet I said yes he freed Janes tits we sucked a nipple each she started kissing me and rubbing

my crotch Tom slip off the sofa she parted her legs and he started to lick her pussy. Jane told me to stand up and drop my trousers she sucked gently on my cock. Tom said bedroom we all stripped Tom lay on his back Licking Janes pussy from below he told me to fuck his wife. I slid into her bald pussy as he licked her clit she said oh god i have missed this fuck me fuck me. Banging away like hell she screamed she was cumming she came twice and I felt a tongue on my balls that sent me over the edge spunking in her pussy. Holding it in her until I was drained Tom licking her to another orgasm I slipped out she sat upright her pussy on Toms lips my spunk draining into his mouth Jane telling him to clean her up. It was the first time but not the last I fucked her. I fuck her on a regular basis now as old Tom still can't get a hard on but he has tasted a lot of spunk and pussy.