Written by Adrian's

24 Apr 2014

After a few weeks unemployed I found a part time job In a local supermarket. I'm a 20 year old lad 6ft tall toned not bad looking I guess. I don't really like the job but what keeps me going is the banter I have with my colleagues. There's a good mix of age groups both male and female. Since starting I have got on well with everyone. At first a lot of the women were quiet but since getting to know them I have found them very flirty especially some of the women in there late 30s early 40s. There's to inparicular who seem very flirty towards me there's Anne and Claire. Anne is more early 30s very busty about a size 12/14 pretty face and a big firm arse that looks great in the tight troussers she wears to work. Claire is about 38 blonde hair about 5ft5 slim size 8/10 figure nice size tits and nice arse. Both are always chatty and when there together can be very flirty around me.

As the store is 24hr I was asked to go in nights to cover sickness and holidays. I wasn't happy about it at first but then later found that Anne was also doing nights and Claire is nights manager. First couple of night shifts I was finding my feet Claire had put me and Anne upstairs in the clothing dept. Our night was spent re stocking and re arranging clothes in size order on rails as well as tidying up.

It was a Tuesday eve me and Anne were doing our usual duties upstairs chatting away when we got round to the women's underwear section. I was hanging up new stock of bras thongs frenchies etc Anne been a bit flirty asking me which ones I liked etc. I asked if she wore frenchies or thongs she said frenchies as she thought her bum was to big for thongs. Can't beat a nice bum in a thong tho I said she laughed and said she should probably buy more thongs. She picked a pink an black bra thong set she liked up in her size. I like it she said but I'm not sure my bum is a bit big. I looked around there was no one about try it on I said to her. She wasn't sure I'll keep a look out I told her go see if you like it. She walked off towards the changing room after a few mins I heard her call me, when I got to the entrance of the changing room Anne called me over to the cubicle she popped her head round the curtain saying she liked it but wasn't sure she asked me would I give her an honest opinion I said of course cheekily she smiled and said you won't tell anyone course not I said. With that Anne stepped back a little I popped my head round the curtain looking in to the changing room and I couldn't believe my eyes Anne's body was amazing wow I said with a big smile she smiled you think it looks good dam right it does I said she laughe a little. I'm not sure I like my bum tho Anna said. Let's have a twirl I said cheekily, Anna slowly turned so she had her back to me the thong was a tight fit your bums amazing I reassured her she wasn't convinced your just saying that, I'm not your a sexy woman your making me horny I said cheekily.

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