Written by HitsTheSpot

22 Dec 2015

This is a story about what happed about ten years ago whilst I was staying at a country hotel in the Welsh boarders where I was attending a festival with my family. The memory of this has been brought back to me after reading of some of the encounters in saunas described in some recent posts.

We were there for a long weekend and I was enjoying the health suite and particularly the sauna, I was getting up early on my own to make the most of the facilities before it was too busy. On the second morning I was alone in the sauna enjoying the heat having just ladled some water onto the hot rocks and the door opened to reveal woman in her late twenties or early thirties.

I was sitting on the second level of the wooden benches and from my vantage point I noticed that she was quite attractive with a nicely proportioned but not overly slim figure, she was wearing a bikini which at first sight was pale pink but was soon revealed on a much closer look to be fine and red and white pattern. As she closed the door I smiled back at her full expecting her to sit on one of the benches.

I was a little shocked when she came straight over to me and reached over towards me and cupped my balls through my swimming shorts with her left hand whilst at the same time with her right, starting to pull the waistband down to reveal my rapidly stiffening cock. She worked my shorts all the way down to reveal nakedness and moved from my balls to stimulate my perineum.

With her right hand she started to wank me and almost immediately opened her mouth and enveloped my now fully erect penis, she rapidly worked with her lips and tongue. The tension was immense because of the high risk of being caught In Flagrante Delicto in a public sauna but for some reason it was very arousing.

Needless to say that that this was rapidly proving too much for me, the combination of the perineal massage and the sucking all too quickly had me over the edge, coming into her mouth and all too soon and it was all over. She stood up from kneeling on the bench before me and I could see a small dribble of my spunk on the corner of her mischievous smile, she then raised her forefinger to wipe it back into her mouth in a simple but delicious movement.

She then turned, opened the door and left, not a word had passed between us the whole time she was in the sauna with me. I recovered myself and adjusted my swimming shorts and then waited for a few minutes to give a decent period before leaving the sauna. As I walked past the swimming pool on the way back to the changing rooms, I saw her with her man in the water, not a flicker of recognition passed between us.

I did not ever see her again nor did I find out why it happened, was it a naughty dare or was it a forfeit of some kind? I will never know but it was one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting blow job I have ever experienced.