Written by wicksie1v

13 Sep 2011

Life has a funny way of pushing one into situations that can either be good or bad, but only time can tell you which is which sometimes.

One of these times was when I met Susan. A sexy tall red head with eyes that sparkled and wonderful lips, her body was perfection and she always dressed in pencil skirts with stockings and lots of cleavage.

She was a temp that came to work and after six weeks was rumoured to be staying. Every single male, me too, adored her as she just didn't know how sexy she was and was quite shy and very friendly.

After three weeks there was a rumour that she was dating simon(the cad who just had to bed every woman he saw, to try and convince himself and everyone else he wasn't gay), you know the type, we have all met them.

Anyway, Susan was hurt when he dumped her and started bragging to all the fella's in the office, I was annoyed and told him so, plonker I said to him and I also said your not fooling anyone, simon! But I think that just went right over his head.

Poor Susan became introvert and quiet, and it was rumoured that she was thinking of leaving.

One day, she came into my office to deliver a file that needed updating and as she left I said, Don't leave us Susan, Simon is a sh** and doesn't know how to treat a woman with respect, or real emotion. He's a plonker and I have said that several times this year to his face. She smiled and said 'thank you, I think your right'

No more contact with her till the end of the week when several of us went for a drink after winning a big contract, and she was there. We chatted and after several drinks got quite flirty, she looked stunning as usual but somehow there was no one else in the room as we talked about all sorts and then she started asking me about myself and how she had been asking colleages about me and it was all good but not much about my private life. What! no gossip, I said, laughing. Not a dicky bird she said, you're a bit of an enigma, according to the girls and they all like you, some even.....adore you from afar.

Fools! I say. Then Susan said, I want to find out about how you think a woman should be treated and respected.

Hmmm, well, there are levels, as one becomes more intimate the levels produce more and more emotion and desire, it is when one goes through these levels that one earns respect from the other, and for the other, assuming it develops into a relationship, of course. How far do you want to go in your quest to find out? I said.

Susan blushed as I looked her right in the eyes. Her eyes responding to mine and looking me straight back said, 'I want to go all the way', and she gulped on some wine.

I reached over and whispered 'I have masturbated over you, one time in the office, and although I may have looked at you as an object at the time, I see you as far more than that'. Susan gasped, and whispered back, ' I once did it in the loo and you were amongst several men i fantisized about'.

Now you have to tell me more about this one I whispered, do you play in the loos often? Oh! yes she said.

I said ,'Guess where I am going? You coming?. She blushed again, I loved the way she blushed, and she just looked at me for a few seconds, then said 'Your loo or mine', okay I said, You go and I will follow, and she went into the ladies, which there were two women in, I stood at the door and as they left I went in and one of the girls chuckled.

Susan went to the cubicle against the wall seperating the sexes loos and as I walked in it was very clean compared with the guys, no graffitti, we kissed, and we got more passionate as the kiss went on, my hands had slid down to her gorgeous bum and I gripped her buttocks, feeling her cheeks and the thong, suspender belt. Her wonderful tits pushing into my chest. I slid my hands up to her tits and she gasped and moaned as I gently squeezed, feeling her nipples grow harder. She was wonderful and responding with equal passion.

I certainly didn't hear anyone come in, it was just Susan and I totally in our own world, I slid one hand down under her skirt and up her thighs to her pussy, she was soaking and my cock just turned to iron, as I started to finger her. She was so wet and was humping my hand, her moans getting louder.

I had three fingers in her and giving her cervix a real rubbing as she gushed, and her legs quivered. The groan she gave turned to a shudder and I helped her to sit. She started to undo me and got my cock out and said' I love it, its perfect' and sucked. Those beautiful lips were actually giving me the best BJ I'd had for years.

It was then I heard a gasp and I looked up and saw a womans head diappear, it was the girl who chuckled earlier, I smiled and came filling susan's mouth, and as we tidied up I said, Are you coming home with me tonight? Susan replied, If you have some food at home as I am starving and also need this wonderful cock inside me too? Lets go to a restaurant first then to my place, okay? Wonderful, Susan said.

As we left the loos I looked for the young girl and caught her eye, she looked guilty, but I just gave her a beaming smile.

Susan and I had one more drink then went to leave the pub for the italian restaurant a few doors down, just as we were approaching the door the girl came up to me and said 'lucky bitch'. I just said 'Tut! tut, maybe see you again.

In the restaurant we played footsie and held hands, kissed, and Susan went off to the loo again and put her thong in my pocket, it was wet and she said' I am so horny, I had to have a quick cum or I was going to attack you here in the restaurant', I wouldn't have stopped you, I said.

We laughed, but it seemed to just light her up more as she got ruder and ruder, more suggestive and affectionate, I loved it and responded.

After dessert, she said, 'Now, pleeeeeeese, take me home and fuck me or I am gonna go off my rocker', I laughed my head off and asked for the bill.

My apartment was only twenty minutes walk away, and we were like teenagers, ducking down alleys for a quick kiss and fondle, The last alley we almost didn't come out of as I started fingering her and she just came and came, and she almost demanded I fuck her there and then.

My apartment was a big three bedroom luxury place filled with oil paintings etc., and Susan was impressed and I opened a bottle of champagne and as we sipped and kissed we slowly undressed each other, it was wonderful and one of the highlights was the moment I got her on her back with her legs wide apart and I had a mouthful of champagne as I sucked and smothered her clit and she squirted, what a cocktail, nectar and champagne.

Susan stayed all weekend, in fact after three months she became my PA and after six months moved in, Fourteen months after that day we married. Bliss.