Written by Clitteaser

15 May 2014

So if you read my previous tales Suzy and I had a lot of hot steamy sex with her tight cunt and my thick 10 inches of meat.Suzy had long blond hair 5 foot pert little tits and was very skinny!! she had the tightest cunt I have ever fucked but she was so horny so horny in fact she used to go and wank off in the works toilet where we both worked.Her fucking sessions with Ram and his lovely Asian wife had made her so randy she used to have a couple of wanks a day in the works toilet if only people knew what she doing when going :) She also wanted fucking before she left for work so she could feel my spunk running down her legs later and also when we get in from work and often during the evening !! she was becoming a real little slut so much so I organized a gang bang for her as a surprise.

I told her about it the night before and fuck she couldn't wait she said she was gagging for it so I had 20 replies out of which 6 guys turned up early evening.Suzy stripped off in front of them all and told them all to get their pricks out.A nice selection of cocks were produced and Suz grabbed the first 2 and told the rest to gather round whilst she gave them a good sucking.Her hands were wanking 2 cocks getting them harder and she sucked on all the cocks each one getting harder and bigger by every second.Soon all fuck sticks were standing to attention Suz lay down flat on the rug and said OK boys your turn whose first? the first guy guided his prick into her tight little cunt 'fuck she is tight he said !!! fuck me come on you dirty bastard get that spunk into my hole she said-within 3 minutes he had emptied his cream into her fuck hole dumping his cream into her tight hole making it a little easier for the next guy to spunk into her fuck hole 'that's it she said with her little legs and feet up in the air I want all your spunk in my hole slide it in there oh yes that's it you fucker give me your spunk!! I could tell she was enjoying this each cock slide into her hole each one dumping their new cream filling her hole to the brim lots of different spunk mixing in her cunt hole one by one the guys dumped their loads filling her up till their was spunk dripping down her legs I was looking forward to giving her mine feeling the other hot dumps inside her tight cunt hole!!! I slide my prick into her feeling the warm spunk sloshing around in her fuck hole after watching the guys fuck her I knew I wouldn't take long in shooting my load and sure enough after a minute I could feel my cream start to bubble up fuck this was going to be a huge spunk I gasped as my cream shot in her cunt I squirted so much spunk into her it gushed out of her it was one the best spunk offs I have ever had Suzy stood up with spunk all down her little legs dripping everywhere She demanded top be licked out and some the guys obliged her she started to tremble as her climax came nearer and nearer ! the tongues were lashing away st her cunt till finally she screamed fuck it fuck it see my cream shoot!! and boy did she shoot !!1 it was like piss it squirted out in the air lick it boys harder she kept on squirting flooding the carpet with a mixture of her spunk and the other guys spunk 3 of the guys shoot again all over her body that's it she said give me more spunk!! more fuck mixture !!she shouted her body was covered in juice the other 3 guys were now hard as Suzy mounted them one by one.After much spunk Suzy told them to come again :) soon like next week she was a real sex addict by now and told me she couldn't stop thinking of getting fucked by them again she even said!! cant you get more :)