4 May 2018

Suzy and I worked together, and it all started innocently enough - doesn't it always!

We had a great working relationship, and really sparked off one another; we were a good team. We had to travel a lot to meetings by car, and were never lost for something to say. We looked forward to these trips, often requiring early starts and late finishes, stopping occasionally on the way back for a drink or something to eat, and from time to time had to stay away, but we always booked two rooms.

Our working relationship evolved, and we really became firm friends, and inevitably from that, somewhat closer. We both recognised what was happening, and twice went out to a pub to have a 'conference' just to talk about us. We could see the dangers and knew we had to be sensible and do something to stop losing control of the situation. Suffice to say we failed, and at the end of one such meeting, returned to the car, fell into one another's arms and began kissing.

She was really quite shocked by what we, she, was doing. Seven years younger than me, married with two young children and a regular church goer, but neither of us wanted to stop what was happening.

One time we had to go to a meeting but because I was staying over for a second day, travelled in two cars. The meeting finished early, and there was a walk I'd told her about that I wanted to show her. We both went prepared with casual clothes and walking shoes, and after the meeting, both drove around to where I was staying so we could get changed.

As soon as the bedroom door closed behind us we were kissing like teenagers, and fell on to the bed very quickly afterwards. I'd already taken my suit jacket, shoes and socks off, and after a few minutes broke off to remove my suit trousers so 'they wouldn't get creased'. We resumed, but moments later she said she better take off her skirt for the same reason. I helped her - like the gentleman that I am! - and then she said I better take her tights off too, which I did extremely carefully to avoid removing her panties...

I was now in just a shirt and boxers, she wearing a white blouse (such as turn on!), white bra and panties.

This was so hot. We were both in the moment, but equally very nervous, this being our first time at such intimacy together.

We were snogging one another's face off, our bare legs touching and hands starting to wander. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, which she had no hesitation in then removing. I began caressing her bra covered boobs, and even attempted sliding my tongue underneath from the top but without success. Suddenly she pushed me away, to the point that I thought I'd done something wrong, but she simply rolled to one side, clearly inviting me to un-clip her bra. Having done so, she rolled back, and I help remove it.

I looked down at her glorious, soft, smooth, warm 34Bs, each decorated with the most temptingly divine deep cherry coloured nipple. I lowered my head, and everso-subtley licked around each one in turn before then sucking them.

She seemed to be in heaven, and now in just her panties, my hand was starting to explore there, too.

I then made an error of judgement, and said "shall we get into bed", which I think she thought meant 'shall we have sex', which believe me or not, wasn't actually my intention. She looked at me like a rabbit caught in the headlights, frozen and unable to speak. I reassured her that I would never attempt anything without her consent, but suggested we could perhaps just play with one another. This seemed to calm her down, and we slipped under the duvet. We soon recommenced where we had got to, but somewhat chastened, I took things very slowly. I slipped my hands under the elastic of her panties, and two fingers slid effortlessly inside. Considering how cool it was between the fresh, crisp sheets, her pussy was like a cauldron, and soooo deliciously, creamily wet. I gently started to work on her clit at which point it was like I'd hit the nuclear button. She was suddenly all over me, grinding her pubic bone hard against my hand, turning her body towards me and literally ramming one of her tits into my mouth. I'd never heard such noises from a lover before, and as she orgasmed was sure the hotel receptionists must have heard her climax.

This seemingly innocent god-fearing girl definitely had another side to her, and as she caught her breath and relaxed, slipped a hand inside the fly of my boxers and expertly and very quickly wanked me off....!