Written by dave_kemp_1

23 Sep 2011

I go to Birmingham every couple of months for a weekend away to have fun in the Taboo cinema(on Park St) and the Amsterdamxxx(on Broad St) coz couples are encouraged by free entry.Ok the majority of the Taboo clientele are old men who are regulars and wank themselves off over the action on the 2 screens,and even wank and suck off other men.The last time I visited the Taboo it was a saturday about 1pm,as I checked out both screen areas(to decide what film to watch) I counted only 12 men in the whole cinema.I picked the less dark screen(regulars of Taboo will know 1 screen area is much darker than the other)and settled down in the empty back row.On the screen a fit woman wearing only black stockings and sussies(always a cert to get my cock hard)was being fucked from behind by a big cock whilst taking another monster cock in her mouth,so I got my cock out and was slowly wanking it when I saw 2 old guys come from the o ther screen and made straight towards the back row and sat either side of me.Within seconds they had their cocks out and were wanking looking at me doing the same.One whispered "nice cock,Id love to suck it" I quickly replied "no way" but as an afterthought I told him "you can wank me of if you like".As his hand went up and down my shaft his mate said "loosen your jeans so I can feel your balls"so I undid my jeans and slipped them and my boxers down so he could fondle my bollocks.I was strangely enjoying the attention of these old men so I got hold of each of their cocks and wanked them until all 3 of us spunked onto the floor.Suddenly I felt dirty and quickly went to the toilet to wash my hands,then went outside for a smoke.When I went back in the 2 old guys were in the foyer having coffee they invited me to join them,during our chat I found out they were married and werent Gay I told them neither was I but came to the Taboo in the hope of watching couples and joining in.Suddenly one of them nudged me and said "you are in luck,look who has just come in,we have seen them here before and she is cock crazy".When the couple entered the auditorium my new mates said "come on they will be stood in the corner by the back row in the darker area",so we went in and they were stood there,and all the men in the cinema were crowded in the 2 back rows.None of us were watching the screen but them as she squatted down and got his cock out and sucked it until it was rock solid,then she stood back up and leant against the wall and opened her coat to show everyone all she had on was black stockings and sussies(and my cock sprang to attention).For several minutes he grope a tit and sucked her other one as he fingered her fanny as she continued to slowly stroke his cock.Then he stood beside her and signalled to the nearest old guy to come and join them,the 1st lucky guy groped her tits,and fingered her pussy before she squatted down and sucked him off until her spunked over her tits.One by one the other men took their place infront of her and did the same.At last it was my turn as I moved infront of her I dropped to my knees and had a lick of her wet cunt before standing up and fingered her with 2 fingers(she was sopping wet)as she stroked my cock which was so close to her pussy.I groaned into her ear"Ive a condom can I fuck you?" she replied "no my fella wont like that,but I will rub your cock between my pussy lips so I will taste my juices when I suck your cock" she did as promised infact she was so wet my cockhead slipped up inside of her pussy,before she got down and gave me a mind boggling blowjob even allowing me to fire my spunk into her mouth.Her partner who had been slowly rubbing his hard cock throughout the action,turned her around and bent her over so she was braced against the wall,and fucked her hard from behind until they both orgasmed.I hope they are there next time I go or perhaps some members reading this are from Birmingham and will try out the Taboo or Amsterdamxxx,or maybe they will want to join me?