Written by Toyboy

27 Sep 2010

Who would want to fuck a woman older than their own mother, not me that's for sure. At least until earlier this year that is. I'd lost my job, girlfriend buggered of soon after. I couldn't find employment and took up some voluntary work in a charity shop, something to do and put on my CV. The other volunteers were all elderly but friendly The shop manageress Veronica, was I guessed early to mid 40's (48 it turned out). She was attractive, about 5'6”, red hair cut in a sort of bob, slim with a nice pair of tits. She usually wore quite tight trousers, tight enough for the odd camel toe to show, keeping covered what looked like long shapely legs, blouses open at the neck just enough to catch the odd glimpse of lacy bra and the swelling of her breasts. Certainly a good enough figure to turn heads and for me to admire as she worked.

We got on well, despite an age gap of 25 years, the two of us doing most of the lifting and climbing, once or twice a week staying behind sorting donations of clothes, books etc. Chatting away, her telling me she was divorced (I found out later over more than one extra marital affair, her ex calling her a slut and a whore), lived alone, me telling her my woes, that I would have to leave my flat and move back with my parents, she saying I could always be her lodger. Joking I thought at the time. I didn't really notice at the time, that on the days we arranged to stay behind she always wore a tight skirt, though I did notice there was never any VPL, and a slightly more revealing blouse. She would touch my arm or lean over my shoulder, tits brushing my back as we chatted. I looked forward to the days she wore a skirt because usually I could spot the tell tale little lumps under her skirt, indicating she was wearing stockings and suspenders, the thought always good for a wank later. She invited me for a drink after work 3 or 4 times, which I reluctantly accepted, being unable to afford to reciprocate. When sorting out clothes donations after work she would sometimes try something on, usually a dress or skirt. I realise now how dense I must have seemed as she flirted and I just made polite responses.

We'd had a lot of donations one Saturday and decided to stay on. We were emptying some boxes in the storeroom when she called she'd found something she wanted to try on. I carried on, looking up when she returned, knelling on the floor, gob smacked. She was standing wearing a short white see through stretch lace dress, she'd removed her bra, her firm round tits and tiny pink nipples visible. I could see her suspenders and stockings and between her legs curly gingery pubes. “Like it?” she teased. My cock had stiffened almost instantly as she moved closer, standing, her pussy inches from my face. “I've seen you watching me. Now you know the answer to one question. The answer is No, I don't wear any panties. Ever!” I looked up at her, mumbling something inane about how nice she was, my eyes being drawn back to her cunt as she slowly pulled the dress up around her waist. Brushing her fingers through her pubes, to her clit, stroking and teasing it, running a finger along her slit, between her cunt lips, “Are you just going to look, wouldn't you rather fuck me?” I started to stand but she grabbed my head, pulling my face to her pussy, parting her legs wider, thrusting her cunt in to my face. My cock was uncomfortable in my boxers, but I was quickly recovering from the initial shock. Sticking my tongue out I licked her pussy which was already, wet and juicy after being fingered, at the same time, managing to undo my jeans and free my cock. She pulled the dress off over head as I got stuck in, licking and kissing my way from her clitoris which I paid particular attention to, over her stomach, slipping a couple of fingers in her snatch. My jeans round my ankles I moved to her tits, noticing the small scars under each, explaining the shape and firmness of her surgically enhanced breasts. Bending to suck on her hard little nipples, I continued frigging her cunt, feeling her fingers wrap around my hard prick. Thrusting her self on my fingers she pushed me back in to a chair, straddling my lap she lowered herself until my prick touched her pussy entrance, rubbing her clitoris on my knob before lowering her juiced up pussy on to my shaft and fucking me.

Unlike some who can fuck for hours, I only lasted a minute or so before I felt my spunk rising and I shot my load. If she was disappointed she hid it well, continuing to ride my softening cock even appearing to cum. Having said that she spent the next half an hour, stroking and sucking me hard followed my another far better fuck over her desk. She told me she had wanted me to fuck her from the first day and thought she had been making it obvious to me. Of course I'd noticed but put it down to wishful thinking, on my part. I went home with her that night and we spent the whole weekend in bed fucking, only getting up to eat, drink and shower. By the end of the weekend I had agreed to move in as her “Lodger” and she had told me about her “Fantasy”.

Her “Fantasy”, having sex in public places, explaining that our town was to small and risky but the nearby city offered plenty of opportunities. Multi storey car parks, alley ways, parks, go there late evening, people about, but families or old people who might complain at home. Her ideal fantasy situation would be getting fucked on a bed in a shop window display with an audience watching on the pavement. I couldn't help her with that one but the idea of fucking her outdoors, was well horny. We decided on a trial run, not going all the way to full sex, but best described as heavy petting and foreplay, find out if we had the nerve even to go that far, see what the reaction was. The first time went fairly well, kissing, blouse undone, hand inside her bra, rubbing her pussy through her skirt, her hand squeezing my cock over my jeans. Most just walked passed having a look, as we played with each other on a park bench under a light. But best of all two lads stopped to watch making remarks even asking if they could join in, when I got her tits out. Travelling home on the train I had my hand on the seat, her skirt was quite full and when she sat I slipped my fingers in her pussy, We had a narrow escape when one of the shop volunteers returning from a theatre visit, saw us, and stood chatting for several minutes, not noticing I was finger fucking Veronica as she sat primly, her jacket covering her lap and hiding my arm.

It was about a fortnight before we went out again, this time she'd booked a room in a city centre lodge, so we didn't have to rush for the last train. She had started shaving her pussy, she didn't want anything to hide her pink gash and large pussy flaps. No bra, since her boob job she hadn't needed one, no panties, hold up stockings, over the top a smart business type suit, tight skirt about 4” inches above the knee, the jacket buttoned, naked underneath. I dressed smartly to hit the town. We visited two or three bars, her behaving more like a slut in each, undoing the top buttons of her jacket letting her skirt ride higher, above her stocking tops after several relaxing drinks, sitting in a raised area, blokes able to catch a look of her gash. I went to the loo returning to find her talking to 2 lads about my age. Getting closer I could see she'd undone more buttons letting the jacket fall open, exposing more tit, flashing her nipples as she moved. Sitting down she introduced me “This is my Toy boy”, she was slurring a bit, turning to me “I've just been telling them that we're going over to the multi storey in a minute for a fuck” All inhibitions gone, she continued, “I've asked them if they want to fuck me too. You don't mind do you”. “The more the merrier” I told her, cock stiffening at the thought of watching her being fucked, finishing our drinks and leaving. One button held her jacket, partly closed, not enough to cover her tits, customers watching, probably thinking she was a whore leaving with three customers.

It was only about 200 yards but she made the most of it, undoing the final button, jacket open, displaying her naked tits jutting out firm and proud. Once in the multi storey she threw me the jacket and with us following, headed up the ramps, cars illuminating her as they passed. In an alcove, once used to store trolleys next to the lifts she lent against the wall. Facing us she unzipped her skirt, pushing it down her shapely legs kicking it to me. She told us to get our cocks out as she lifted a tit flicking a nipple with her tongue, wanking her clitoris with the fingers of her other hand. I froze as someone passed, stopping momentarily to look, before shaking his head, and continuing to his car. She was in full slut mode, calling out “Come and join us if you fancy a fuck”. Wish I could, but the missus is waiting outside” he called in reply. Crouching down in front of her, pushing her legs further apart, I buried my face in her pussy, the two lads either side sucking on her tits. Her hands on their cocks, wankng them, uncomfortably close to my head. Choosing to ignore them. I lapped her pussy, taking her clitoris between my lips sucking, licking, then tugging on it with my teeth. She started moving her hips pressing harder against my my mouth, giving little whimpers from the attention of three mouths. She pushed us away turning, putting her hands against the wall leaning forwards spreading her legs her pussy wet and waiting. Looking over her shoulder “Come on then you dirty fuckers. Don't just stand there, my cunt wants cock” demanding one of us fuck her. I got in first ramming my cock straight up her slutty cunt, lifting her on her toes, giving her what she wanted a hard fuck in a public place. One of the lads had got between her arms then moved her away from the wall so she could bend, taking his prick in her mouth sucking him hard and deep. This had the advantage of letting me shaft her deeper, and keeping her a bit more quiet the noise of her fucking had been echoing round the parking level. Already four blokes had been attracted by the noise and were crowded round the entrance watching. She sucked cock like a professional bringing him to climax taking his jizz in her mouth and swallowing greedily, licking her lips for every last drop. I shot my load, moving out the way for the other bloke to fuck her, watching as he dipped his fingers in her pussy next to his prick, then parting her buttocks slid a finger in her arse. She came loudly as he moved his finger in her bum as he fucked her. Shagging her for several minutes more making her cum again before he spunked inside her. The four blokes watching were trying to persuade her to let them fuck her,but she refused telling them she would give them all a blow job, sucking them off swallowing some, most being sprayed in her hair, face and when she finished running off her chin, dripping on to her tits. She cleaned herself up a bit after, but walking back to the lodge, some spunk was still in her hair. This is now a monthly occurrence.

About 2 months back the charity shop took over the adjoining unit, to sell second hand furniture, cupboards, wardrobes, beds etc. Being located in the main shopping street lots of people passed day and night, particularly with a pub one side a take away the other, always crowds at night. A window display was set up, lit at night and when we checked it, as we left after dark one evening, I noticed something, pointing it out to Veronica, one of us going back inside to confirm what I thought. Three Saturdays ago we went to the shop letting ourselves in about 9.30pm. We stood about six feet inside the window display, next to a bed for sale, the street outside busy, people stopping, looking in the window, the lighting making the inside of the shop invisible. I heard her pulling her dress over head, all she was wearing, turning to find she was already masturbating, eyes fixed on a couple looking in the window, oblivious to her holding her pussy open, finger fucking, six feet in front of them. “Quick get your clothes off. I want to suck your cock”. She crouched, taking my rapidly stiffening prick in here mouth, fingers between her open thighs, still fingering her cunt. Standing side on to the window, people looking in but unable to see us we both found hugely erotic. My staying power has improved with her help and I held off from cumming, getting on the bed with her watching her masturbating with a vibrator, getting on top of her, slipping my prick between her tits, pressing the warm firm tit flesh around my cock tit fucking her, letting her lick my knob tip. We did this for a couple of minutes before stopping, she couldn't see who was outside. With the vibe inside her I played with her clitoris, she always got very wet when we fuck now she was soaking, juices running from her cunt, streaming down between her open legs on to the mattress. She was getting close to orgasm, pulling the vibe out she turned over, knelling, her bum in the air towards the window. She was looking behind, her cunt gaping open wide, fingers on her clit. I moved to get behind her, my cock hard, ready to fuck her. She stopped me, “Fist me first. Fist me then Fuck me”. I'd fisted her before and always needed extra lubrication. This time her cunt was slick with her sex juices, her cunt open. Four fingers slid straight in she was so wet, I worked my thumb in next to them and pushed and twisted my wrist, clenching my hand in to a fist. She took my fist and lower arm about 4 inches above my wrist. She frantically frigged her clitoris, crying out for me to fist her harder, to ram her cunt. She was pushing back against my arm, trying to force more in her cunt, gasping, sighing, groaning. Then spitting out “Stop, Stop. Fuck me now. Finish me with your cock”.

Shuffling round so we could see the window, my cock went right up her loose cunt, which quickly regained some tightness, her cunt hole muscles contracting on my cock as we fucked. We both came quite quickly me shooting huge amounts of spunk in her cunt, her shouting out loudly enough for some people to look around wondering where the noise came from. We decided this was as close as we'd get to fulfilling her display window fantasy. She has proved her ex husbands accusation correct. Yes, she is a Slut and proud of it.

We have returned for the last two Saturday nights and repeated our fun, this time taking a mattress protector, after having to spend ages cleaning spunk and cunt juices up after the first visit.