Written by Martin.

13 Feb 2017

A quick account of an incident that happened at home on Friday 10th of Feb at home , my wife was at Bannatynes gym in Werrington, so I decided to sit in the conservatory dressed only in my wife's tiny silk panties and watching porn knowing that she wouldn't be home for at least a couple of hours . I'm a secret crossdresser and bisexual although no one knows .

I was fully erect and totally fixated on the porn I was watching , wanking furiously for a few seconds then stopping , watching more porn etc etc , then with out notice there was a bang on the doors to the conservatory, fuck me I jumped about 6 foot and tried covering my embarrassment , initially I thought it was my wife home early, but it soon became apparent that it wasn't ! It was Sam my wife's sister , she had caught me , dressed in girlie panties and wanking , then she let her self into the kitchen and shouted through ' I saw you ! , wanking .... and wearing Debs knickers !

Come on then don't let me stop you !

Now me and Sam have never been that close , as she met me in the doorway she just said go on then carry on , I want to watch you wank !

Go on then ! She ordered, Wank !

Well I'm standing there with a now limp cock , dressed in girlie panties and my sister in law is staring at me , well I just sat back down and started to wank myself getting fully hard again , the whole time Sam just watched , I didn't take long, maybe 30 seconds I just wanked until I shot spunk all over my hand , Sam looked straight at me and said ' now lick and swallow your Cum!!

So I did , looking straight at her the whole time .

With that she stood up got her phone out , turning to me and flash ! She took a picture of me .

Wow ! With that she said bye , tell Debs I've been !

And with that disappeared out of the kitchen door .

And That's it .

Not heard nothing since .

Who knows what is next . Sex I hope . ?