Written by Tessa

15 Oct 2013

This is a true story of a night out with my wife and friends which ended with my wife being very drunk so we decided to get a short taxi ride home. When we got into the back seat i started to run my hand up my wifes thighs much to the delight of the driver who i could see was sneeking a look in his mirror. My wife responded by opening her legs and allowing me to slide my fingers under her panties and start to massage her clit. As she became more aroused i lifted her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties down to her knees.

By now i was giving her clit a good massage and when the driver pulled up at the lights he turned around to have a good look and smiled at me. He started to stroke her thighs and you could see he was very aroused. The lights changed and i told him he had to wait till we were dropped off for a really big tip.

When we arrived at our unit my wife had passed out so i told the driver he had to help me carry her into the unit. I went around to the other side of the taxi to where her head was and the driver was at her legs which wee wide open as she lay across the back seat.

We managed to lift her out although somewhat unceremoniously as the driver had her by the legs which he made sure were wide open. We carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed when she suddenly woke up and asked where we were. I told her we had carried her from the taxi and she surprisingly said make sure you undress me as i dont want my clothes to crease. Between us we managed to remove her clothes so that she was laying naked on the bed. The driver looked at me with a look that left nothing to the imagination. I said to him do you want a tip or my wife. He promptly said your wife. i shook my wife awake and said we didnt have the money to pay the driver but he would take you as payment. She looked at me and said "whatever" To my surprise she opened her legs and said "get on with it" to which the driver took off his trousers and jocks and got on top of my wife and slid his cock into her and started to thrust into her. Once again to my surprise she responded by clamping her legs around him and thrust herself onto him. The driver to my surprise withdrew and went down on her making her groan l with pleasure before slipping back into her and soon came inside her just before she came to.

Soon after the driver got dressed and just before he left he gave me his number should we need his services again. I went back to the bedroom and laid beside my wife and started to finger her. She swatted my hand away and said i had had enough excitement for one night and then coldly said that next time make sure i had enough money to pay the driver as this was a one off for my pleasure only but i think she got as much pleasure out of it as i had.