Written by allan jill

30 Apr 2018

both were in our30's few drinks horny and ready she had dressed up in my fav gear stockings suspenders thong 1/3 bra just enough to keep her nipples in sheer blouse god we were so horny 4 each other. we were going from bar to bar getting more frisky jill showing more as the night went on cple of guys brushing past her as they could see her tits almost bursting out of her bra nipples poped out . we flagged down a hackney cab once inside the fun started jill wasted no time feeling my cock which by now was rock hard jill was in such a naughty mood her legs were ajar by now unknown to me she had taken her thong off in the last pub and her shaven pussy exposed which i started to finger she was so wet my fingers were dripping i manage to open her legs a bit more so the driver could see she undid my trousers and took my 8'' out and stated to wank me off, i open her blouse to expose her breasts jill was to far gone by now and up for anything my cock bursting the taxi driver asked if we needed to pull over which jill said yes and ask him to join us in the back in no time he was in the back with his cock out jill wanking the both of usjill straddle me so her tits were in my mouth then i felts a warm wet pair of lips round my cock he was sucking my cock i couldent believe wot was happing tits in my mouth and lips round my cock i was in heaven then jill asked if she could fuck the cab driver i was only to happy to let this happen he fucked her pounded her pussy to make her sqiurtand sponked over her pussy which i happy swopped to lick it clean sponk and pussy juice nothing better for a 1st time we got home and i fucked her silly, it has not happen again thou