Written by gazboro

7 Oct 2013

Well we got up late on Saturday morning after the taxi ride exploits. I didn't mention anything but she turned to me and said she was sorry for the night before in the taxi, I said she had nothing to apologise for, I enjoyed watching you... are you going to phone him. She went quiet and said no she didn't think she would, she rolled over in bad and straddled me and we had fantastic sex again, as she closed her eyes I knew who she was thinking of.

Any way to cut a long story short we went to our local on Saturday night and she dressed again and this time I said go without any underwear at all, she was about to say her usual when I said but you loved being underwear free last night.. We'll see she said and 15 minutes later we were walking down the road to the pub. I thought about running my hand from her shoulders to her backside to "see" if she complied but thought better of it. As we got closer to the pub we could see it was a busy night in there and noticed a familiar car in the queue of taxis. As we walked past I saw her glance in smile at the driver we then turned and went into the pub. We got drinks and sat at a table and about 5 minutes later we saw last nights taxi driver walk passed us. I said go on follow him, my other half swallowed her drink down and went towards where he had gone, I saw her slip through a doorway marked private and knew this was towards a storage area. I waited and then followed, slowly and carefully pushing the door open. I saw 2 figures in the shadows and could see the drivers bare arse and my GF squatting down greedily sucking on his fat cock, one had wanking him as she sucked and the other flicking her clit. A few minutes passed by when I saw his butt clench and she let out a small cough as he filled her mouth with his fluid. I walked back to our table and waited. A small while later she returned and told me what had happened, I noticed a small smear of his spunk on her neck but never mentioned it to her, after all she wanted to be dirty !!

A few more drinks were downed and then the guy walks straight up to our table and he leans in and says in a voice just loud enough to be heard by surrounding tables that he wanted to fuck my GF. I was startled but excited, I saw the couple nearby flash sly glances our way to see what was going on. At that she stood up and adjusted her dress, grabbed his hand and led him to the stairs. I watched as he followed her up them and they disappeared into a function room. I followed close behind and they weren't wasting any time as I opened the door to the cold dimly lit room I could see her dress on the floor and he was between her legs pounding away at her as she perched on the edge of a table, there was no disguising what they were doing, the driver looked over his shoulder at me and my GF started to moan loadly as she saw me. I walked closer and was stood close enough to feel her tits wobbling as he rammed her. I leaned in and kissed her. I felt her twist her head as she said oh fuck out load. I think it was the combination of her starting to reach orgasm and that she realised the other couple had come into the room. At that she moaned even louder as he emptied his sack deep inside her, he pulled straight out as she was still shaking, he pulled his trousers up and pushed past the couple at the doorway. the light from out side lit up her body and glistened from the spunk running down her legs and dripping into a puddle on the floor. Did you enjoy that I asked her.. I feel used she said... it was fucking fantastic. I handed her the crumpled dress, she slipped it over her head and we walked through the door down the stairs and straight out of the pub to go home, we got in the house and started again, she stopped me and leaned to the side table where she picked up the business card and ripped it into 8 pieces throwing the bits on the bed. She looked me straight in the eyes and said now come and fuck me like the slut that I am ....