Written by Watchit

11 Feb 2018

We have been together a long time, but my memory is still good and thankfully retains a lot of the great fun times we have had. this particular time took place in the mid eighties when we were at a hotel in the midlands. We have always had other sexual encounters with other guys for her and where i get to either watch or in some way participate in getting her in a situation with another guy.

On this occasion we had been visiting a friend to attend their wedding and stayed over a couple of days to make a short break of it all. The wedding was over and the hangovers cured when we still had two days left. The hotel was cosy and quite old fashioned with lovely eighteenth century architecture and rooms with slightly uneven floors and creaking boards each time you took a step. We had been fucking one morning when my wife Liz asked if I had any dirty ideas in mind, knowing I am always willing to whisper a sexy story to her while we fuck. They involve her having some fun with another cock in a variety of situations. So I began by suggesting she takes a taxi ride alone while in a sexy mood. This seemed to have an extra something in it for her as she got right off on the idea, coming loudly as I reached the part where she is naked and receiving his cock deep in her uncovered cunt and taking his gushing spurts of come.

When we finished she was still riding me, saying that my story had really sent her over the top. She said she felt very randy and if I did not mind, could she try it out for real that night. I agreed immediately as I know I am in for her telling me what happened while she was away from me in every dirty detail. It was nearing lunchtime so we got ready and went into town, stopping at an Ann Summers shop for her to get some fresh sexy gear, not that she was short of such items but it is nice to be with her while she selects a suitable outfit to allure some lucky guy. This time it was a white split crotch thong with matching bra and suspender set and white stockings with a seam. Her skirt was in a dark blue and had a split up the side as far as the lacy stocking top and looked stunning. She chose not to have a top, just her bra beneath her coat as it was still early March.

Excited with her purchases, we went back to the hotel and she modelled the entire outfit in the room. I insisted we went down for a drink in the bar that evening and suggested after dinner that we took a walk and found a taxi rank, I had noticed several close by on our perusal of the town earlier. Liz said she felt wicked and hoped all would go according to our desires, she was fairly quiet as we began our search for a suitable looking taxi driver, it had to be someone she liked the look of. There were a couple of taxi offices close to the railway station but that would mean not having a choice of who she would be driven by so we opted for the station itself as several cars were in line waiting for customers. I suggested she walk down the line and see if there was anyone she took a shine to. After a few minutes she had seen all the drivers and been a bit disappointed when a Merc turned into the line, she saw the driver and turned and smiled at me and said, 'This one looks right, wish me luck' I said to ask for the park which was fairly close to our hotel. I intended to walk back through it and if she could get him to stop there I might get a chance to see something maybe. The queue was shoertening and she timed it perfectly as I walked slowly in line with her. The taxi stopped and she got in, I closed the door and remembered the taxi licence number, writing it on the back of my hand.

They left and my cock sprang to attention as I returned towards the hotel, which as they had a silly one way system to go round was going to give her time to show her body to the driver.

From that time I was in the dark as it were, no way of communicating and in the vague hope she would be able to get him to drive via the park.

Liz here. Having left hubby at the station, I was in a tizzy with the plan, unsure how or when to start showing my body. i had my coat unbuttoned and allowed it to gape open, my bra was obvious in the streetlights so as we pulled up at a set of traffic lights I leaned forward and asked him to go through the park. He turned and saw my open coat and my bra and smiled. I then relaxed, seeing the mirror adjusted to show more of me than the road ahead. We had some small talk as we drove and I slipped my coat off and unzipped the skirt. He asked if I was hot and I said 'Very' with as wicked a smile as I could muster. He put the interior light on and I slipped the skirt off altogether, opening my legs for him to see I had my pussy on show. He complemented me on my underwear and asked if we were needing to stop. So I said if we could find anywhere quiet and he said there was a parking area i at the edge of the park if I liked. I said I liked the thought of that and removed my bra for him, showing my nipples were rigid. As I had gone so far I went the whole hog and took my panties off too and tossed them towards the steering wheel, the last time I ever saw them. I was hot and had to touch myself, fingering my soaking cunt and making a mess of the back seat.. He pulled in quickly and turned to have a good look at me, grinning widely as I sat back fingering my cunt for his gaze. He got out of his seat and into the back, having released his trousers and his cock in one go before sitting next to me. His hand replaced mine on my pussy and he felt heavenly as he pushed his fingers deep and in the right places, turning me on even more..

We were soon licking and sucking each other, I was thankful the car was big enough for a bit of maneouvring as some cars can be hell to fuck in. He had obviously done this before and when ready he backed out and opened the door, then took me from behind as he stood outside the car to fuck me. He was good and took his time, his length gave me an orgasm, as much because of the situation (new cock, strange and exposed place and me naked and in need of his spunk), all good positive things.

We fucked for a while and then he came, collapsing over me as he did. We tidied up and I dressed, no sign of hubby who did not see where we were parked. He took me to the hotel and dropped me off, hubby turned up twenty minutes later and came to the room where he cleaned me up with is tongue before fucking me again and making my night perfect.