Written by antoinette

18 Feb 2018

I was getting really fed up with my boyfriend. He was constantly cheating on me but I was in love with him and I was trying my hard to make the relationship work. He was on the doll and the singer in a band . He was very attractive and he couldn't help himself. I was at university and I used to work in a restaurant most nights saving up for a future with him.

One night I finished at the restaurant and I called him to see if he could pick me up. He was drunk and told me to walk. It took me an hour to get home and by the time I got there I found him in bed with my best friend both of them drunk and shagging. I was devastated and run out crying my eyes out.

I was exhausted after the long day and the long walk and I didn't know where to go. I was a foreign student and I hardly knew anyone in Newcastle apart from my boyfriend. I got into a taxi and I asked him to take me to a cheap B&B in town. He asked me what had happened and I told him all. I was really upset and the poor chap took pity on me. He told me he was finishing his shift and if I wanted to go for a drink with him. I needed a shoulder to cry on and a bottle to drink my sorrows away. All the pubs and restaurants were closed and I was frightened to go into his house or take him in with me into the hotel room. But we went to his house I waited in the car and he got a bottle of wine and two glasses and we drunk them in the car. He was single and he seemed genuine. Just what I needed. By the time we had finished the bottle his hands were all over me, we were kissing passionately and I was desperate to feel him all inside me. At one point I found myself begging him to take me inside to his flat telling him how badly my pussy wanted him. We spent the night shagging. He couldnt get enough of me and I was mad with him. My nipples and cunt were sore but my sorrow had vanished. We woke up in the morning and made love again, slowly this time. He took the day off work and helped me take my things out of my boyfriend's flat and I moved in with him. We made each other very happy for 3 years.

Now 20 years later, everytime I need a taxi I think of him and I get terribly horny.