30 Jan 2016

I saw him as he came through the entrance to our block of flats. A neighbour who lived on the same floor. His name is Laurence, a bachelor, usually so polite and cheerful. That day he looked broken and desperate. I knew that his mother had died and that he was going to her funeral. I asked him how it had been, he replied awful. I suggested he come in to my flat for a cup of tea, which he accepted. The kettle was on.

He looked so sad , all my womanly caring instincts kicked in, I put my arms around him and cuddled him close. I could feel him sobbing, which made me need to kiss him. I was whispering to him words of comfort, it's all right my darling , let it all out. I saw the tears on his cheeks and kissed then dry, then a gentle kiss on his lips. He responded with a gentle kiss on mine, and a strong close cuddle.

I wanted to comfort him , make it all better for him. Somehow I found myself pushing my pelvis against his , nibbling at his lips, reassuring him. His kisses became more passionate. he was pushing against me, matching my rhythm. I knew where this was going, and it was me that was leading the dance. I knew what I wanted to give him, to make it all better for him, to take away his pain.

I pushed his jacket off his shoulders , undid his belt and trousers, held his cock softly. He sighed with pleasure. I pulled him down on to me as I lay on the floor, my skirt quickly hitched up and my panties pulled to one side. I guided his erection in to my pussy, which was already dripping with my juices.

I whispered in his ear, go slowly and gently, take your time, everything will be fine. I felt so sorry for him, I so wanted to comfort him. I would just let him relieve his sadness, he would feel happier after he has emptied himself in me. My magic was working as I knew it would. His thrusting was becoming more forceful , his kisses more intimate. His hands were up by my head. his thumbs rubbing softly on my temples. His fingers were playing in my hair.

It had got out of control, it was me who was getting aroused, he was building me up to a climax. I am not a lady who comes ( cums ) quietly , nor gently. When I am ready I give as good as I get, and I was ready.

My hands were pulling his arse into me, my hips forcing up against his thrusts. My legs were lifted up, letting him push in deeper.

It hit me like a punch, an orgasm that left me gasping , almost passing out. As I recovered my senses I could hear and feel him pumping his stuff into me , and still thrusting. He did not stop, every thrust made his or our juices squeeze out of me. I could feel the liquid trickling down between my legs, onto the carpet. Still he kept going, deeper and ever more forceful. I knew I was going to have another orgasm, i was so close. By now my legs were in the air, he was higher above me, gripping me tight. This time I did not fight back, I just let him fuck me to orgasm. The wave of satisfaction swept through my body , I could smell our sex on his skin , his lips tasted sweet.

It seemed to take him ages to pimp his second load into me , I was in no rush. I loved the feeling of his spasms , more juices oozing between my legs.

It was over. He rolled off. He was his old self again, polite, cheerful, grateful . He asked if he could kiss me, I graciously consented. We both understood why it had happened , a simple moment of letting emotions out.

I made us a cup of tea, went to the toilet to tidy up and put a pad of tissue in my panties, and as we chatted I applied some shampoo to the carpet. I always keep carpet shampoo under the sink for moments just like this.

He finished his tea , thanked me and went home. I had just enough time to have a wash before my husband arrived home. He did not notice the damp patch on the carpet , nor the smile on my face. He ate his evening meal in a rush as it was his darts night down the pub. I told him about seeing Laurence looking so sad after the funeral, but he showed no interest. I said I was going to pop round to make sure Laurence was OK , but he was in too much of a rush to hear.

Laurence answered my knock at his door and invited me in for a drink. He apologised for what had happened . We sat on his settee , me saying no apology necessary, my hand on his leg , then slightly higher , my thumb gently rubbing on his cock, his warm soft hands undoing the buttons of my blouse . We started kissing , I had his zip open and his cock in my hand , his fingers were playing in my pussy. Then he pulled me up, said quietly that this time we should get naked, and led me to his bedroom.

That was no sympathy fuck. I had never got so intimate so quickly with any new man. First day together and I was letting him go everywhere, and loving it.