Written by Nigel T

6 Aug 2019

I’m 45 and have recently got married to my second wife Anna. Anna is 29 and gorgeous but very shy. I love the way she acts shy when we go to bed but cries out and moans and groans and gyrates her body when we fuck. Her orgasms come thick and fast but there is one thing I miss about my ex and that’s swinging. My ex and I used to go away a lot and fuck strangers.

When I an inside Anna I love touching her skinny body, her small firm tits with her big hard as stone nipples. I love the fact that I have to push my cock into her because her pussy is so tight and I love to slowly fuck her and listen to her moan and cry out and I pretend that I’m watching a stranger fuck her and that she’s moaning because some other guy is inside her.

I had brought the subject of sex and being adventurous up in as discrete a way as possible until one evening she looked at me and said ‘do you mean watching me have sex with someone else’ ?

She slapped my arm and laughed calling me a dirty old man and then thought about it and said that she didn’t think she could ever do that.

I hinted for months and even whispered in her ear when we where away ‘ look at him, look at the way he looks at you, you know what he’s thinking don’t you’ and I would get another slap. One weekend away we were fucking, and she said, ‘I wonder if he was thinking of having sex with me’. It got serious and I fucked her slowly but hard and asked her if she was thinking of him inside her. She said ‘no’ but I jokingly told her that she was. As we fucked, I asked her if he was inside her, is he fucking you can you feel his cock in you. I gripped her breast and asked her if he was feeling her whilst he fucked her hard. Anna bit her lip and arched her back, I asked ‘ is he making you cum Anna’ and I started to fuck her faster. In the end she cried out ‘yes’ , ‘yes he is and he climaxed just as I emptied my balls into my wife.

Afterwards she lay on my chest and told me ‘that was naughty’ I said ‘yes, but it was fun’. She laughed and admitted it was. I decided to see how fay I could go and said that it would be even more fun if it was real. She looked hurt and asked me if I wanted her to have an affair, I said absolutely not and that sex with me there is not an affair just grown ups having sex fun. She lay back on my chest and said ‘I guess so’.

We went from that to role plays where I would pretend to be a stranger and she was the naughty wife. I didn’t think she would do it but the next weekend away we were sat in the hotel bar and I would catch more than one guy looking at Anna’s tits and arse or just looking her up and down. I would pint them out and she would laugh. Then a guy ‘Paul’ came up to me at the bar ‘is that your wife’ he asked. I said that she was and he congratulated me telling me I was a lucky guy even telling me that my wife had great tits which he immediately apologised for. I looked over at Anna, her blouse was a little tight and her bra was so thin she may as well not be wearing one and I thought ‘fuck, she does had great tits’.

I sent a little loner at the bar than usual lying to Paul, telling him that Anna has a habit of not wearing bra’s because her nipples are so sensitive. I even said to this stranger that I could ‘bring Anna off’ by just playing with her tits. He laughed and said ‘fuck man, you are so lucky’.

I went back to Anna who immediately wanted to know what we had been talking about. I lied again and told her that he was making all the running, telling me how lucky I was and how I was even more lucky that I was here because if I wasn’t he would have done what he could to get you into bed.

She was shocked and told me how terrible that was. We looked at each other for a while, then Anna said ‘you want me to sleep with him don’t you’. I said that I didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t; want but that I wanted her to have some fun. I said that his name was Paul and said another lye, that he had said he wished his wife had great tits like hers and how much he would love to just have a little play with them.

Anna looked at me intensely, ‘just touch me’ I said ‘yes, and maybe suck you’. She took a deep intake of breath and then let it out as thought she was going in for a major interview that her life depended on. ‘ Do you want me to’ she asked. I felt bad ‘only if you want to, and I reminded her that it would be just for a little fun.

After a minute she said that she guessed it would be fun just to let him do that.

I got up and pulled Anna by her hand. I looked over at Paul and motioned for him to come with us. Anna went to the ladies and I just said to Paul ‘she’s up for it if you are’. He said ‘what, a fuck’ I said no, maybe just play with her tits. You could swear he had just won the lottery.

Anna came out of the ladies and we went to our room. I had told Paul to give us 10 minutes. I suggested to Anna that she takes her bra off and her blouse back on. She looked terrified so I tld her she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to. She said that as long as I was there and that it was just a little bit of fun.

Less than 5 minutes later there was a knock in the door. Clearly Paul was eager.

I opened the door and Paul walks in. He and Anna exchanged nervous smiles. I suggested Paul sit on the bed. I had thought in my head how I wanted this to play out.

I stood behind Anna and opened her blouse to show Paul her perfect firm almond shaped tits.

Paul absentmindedly rubbed his bulging cock. I put my hand on my wife’s bare back and moved her closer to Paul. He put one hand on her waist and with the other he cupped one of her tits. Then pulling her closer his mouth covered her nipple and he gave her a gentle suck followed my harder one and her breast disappeared into his mouth. For a few moments he rolled his tongue round her extended nipple giving it a gentle suck, first one then the other.

Anna was panting, her eyes closed and her hand on his head. Then Paul, without asking or either of them saying anything undid her jeans and pulled them down. Anna stepped out of her white silk knickers and stood there, her nice white firm ass in his hands. My wife stood there naked, whilst a stranger continued to suck her breasts. Then his hand moved to in between her legs and Anna moved them apart to let his rub her pussy.

For another few minutes he fingered my wife whilst continuing to lick and suck her tits. Then he goes to pull his top off. Anna grabs it and pulls it over his head. Paul stops fingering and sucking my wife and undoes his jeans pulling them down and his impressive cock springs out.

Anna stands there looking down at it before reaching down and taking it in her hand.

I asked myself ‘was my wife going to actually fuck him’.

I didn’t need to wait long for the answer.

Paul shuffled back onto the bed, he and my wife staring at each other intensely. He pulled my wife onto the bed. She crawled the few feet needed, then slowly lay on her back.

I stood there and looked at her. Her pale white body, her almost shaped breasts with her large firm nipples and her almost smooth pussy with Pauls hand gently rubbing it.

Anna shot me a glance before looking back at this stranger. Paul lowered himself back onto her tits sucking her hard whilst fingering my wife. Then Anna who was panting and quietly moaning, lifted one knee, pulled Pauls head up and just said ‘fuck me’.

Moments later Paul was inside my wife slowly thrusting. I had always expected it to be the same as with my first wife. A stranger pumping her hard fucking her like an animal just a raw fuck but Paul was making love to my wife and I didn’t like it but what could I do.

This wen to for quite some time, Anna moaning and telling Paul ‘your big like my husband’ then ‘fuck your in deep’ and telling him that she liked that.

They talked but it was so quiet that I couldn’t hear. Then Anna cried out ‘oh fuck I’m cumming’ and Paul started to fuck her faster and harder the two of them moaning and grunting. I realised that he wasn’t wearing a condom, after all, he was just supposed to suck her tits.

I called out to him ‘hay mate, your not wearing a condom’ and telling him that I didn’t; want him cumming inside my wife.

Immediately Anna clamped her legs round his back and the two of them started to fuck hard with Anna begging him to keep going. Then she let out a scream and I knew she was having a huge deep orgasm. Paul gave a few grunts with the same few sharp thrusts and I knew he was cumming inside my wife.

After a few more thrusts Anna’s legs opened, and she straightened her legs. Paul fell to her side, the two of them soaking wet.

He listed his head and told me how sorry he was and that he couldn’t stop. Anna lay there with her hand on her head panting. I looked at her pussy and saw cum dripping out. She looked at Paul and then back to me and said, ‘I’m sorry’ and repeated what he had said saying that she couldn’t stop.

Then with Paul still laying there my wife reached out her hand and begged me to fuck her. I undressed, climbed onto my wife and pushed my cock into her wet pussy, and I fucked her hard. I was mad and wanted to teach her a lesson, but I knew I had caused this.

Paul went to the bathroom whilst I fucked my wife. I was quick, and when he came out he didn’t ask, he just climbed on top of my wife and fucked her again until he came inside her. Then he thanked us, wiped his cock on a tissue, dressed and left.

Anna covered her mouth with her hand and squealed laying there with cum from two men seeping out of her with drips on her tummy.

The next night Paul and I fucked Anna most of the night. We did things that even my ex wife and I hadn’t done. Anna was leading the way. I had awakened a monster.

As I fucked her from behind Paul fucked her mouth and then we swapped, and it was my wife’s idea. In the end she was covered in cum, in her hair, over her breasts and tummy and inside her and we had made her climax so hard and often that in the end she couldn’t move, she just lay there panting, shaking and weeping moaning at how ‘wonderful’ it was.

The bed was so wet I slept on the sofa whilst Anna just slept out of exhaustion.

Paul had thanked us and even shook my hand before leaving telling me what ‘an amazing fuck’ my wife was before walking out.

The next day I woke up to the sound of Anna in the shower. I joined her and we hugged but it was what my wife said that mage me gutted..

‘was I good’ I enjoyed it, I loved having big hard cocks in me, did I do well’. She had done it for me and she wanted more.

We haven’t don’t it since, but she does ask now and again.

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