Written by sarah

20 Sep 2014

This is a story from earlier this summer. I new my brother in law fancied me and hubby and I had often fantasized about me having sex with him, this really turned us both on but the opportunity had never come up. We had a day planned to go to the park with all the family I knew Steve would be there so picked very carefully over what to wear, I decided on a pair of white linen shorts and a thong, along with a crop top, the weather was gorgeous so we spent a lot of the day sunbathing, drinking wine and chatting I could see Steve looking at me and was getting turned on by this, as the day ended we all decided to go to our local club which has a garden as the weather was still good we all sat outside, I was already tipsy, in the car on the way to the club I told hubby that Steve had been looking at me all day, I told him I was horny and he said if the chance comes go for it. Steve has had loads of one night stands and even fucked a girl behind the back of the club one night it was his friends wife, I cant blame him as his wife is so ugly and miserable as sin. We had a couple of drinks and it was our round, I told hubby I would go to the bar and he should stay in the garden, I had just ordered the first drink when Steve came and stood next to me so our bodies were touching. he leant over and said Ladies don't wear thongs, to which I slapped his arm and said you shouldn't be looking, to which he replied I couldn't look anywhere else ive been looking at you all day. I ordered the rest of the drinks Steve kept saying how good I looked and how lucky his brother was, I said his wife was lucky as well I told him I knew all about his one night stands and about him fucking his friends wife, he said he don't get any at home which is why he , I then said I hear your a very big boy, he said do you want to find out how big, I laughed it off he then said take the drinks out and I will be waiting for you in the disabled toilets if you have got the bottle, I replied that he was joking to which he said meet me in the toilet, I took the drinks out and said I needed the loo, I went back in and went to the disabled toilet, steve was standing there, he pulled me in and locked the door behind me, he leant in and started kissing me I didn't respond until he said I no you want me as much as I want you, with that we started kissing, he ran his fingers thru my hair his other hand was up my top stroking my nipples he pushed into me and I could feel his rock hard cock, I let out a moan and he said put your hand on my cock, I started rubbing it and it got bigger and it was so thick, steve undid my shorts and they fell to the floor, he pushed my thong to one side and started finger fucking me first with one finger then two then three until I cum, he called me a dirty slut but he had wanted this for years, he turned me round bent me over the sink and put the head of his cock inside me really gently at first, I started moaning and said fuck me hard and my god he did, he rammed his cock in me so hard I screamed out, we fucked for ages until we both cum we have arranged to meet a hotel will let you know what happens