Written by Donna

6 Sep 2009

I am a fiftyish married woman who because of my husbands job has been living in Asia for the last fifteen years or so. The lifestyle we have is way above anything we could have had back home as things like housing, car, schooling for the kids etc is all taken care of by the company. This sounds fantastic but for the wives the life can be dull so most of us find sn activity or hobby to occupy our time when hubby is at work.

Anyway I have been playing tennis at a local club for a while and one of my friends suggested I should get a coach as although I am not bad for the group I play with my game would improve with some proper tuition. There was a guy who a couple of the lady's used for coaching who I decided to try out for a few weeks to see how it went.

Anyway this morning, (it is Sunday night for me now and my husband is out so I can post this episode) I had booked an hour with this guy and duly turned up at the alloted time. The man is mid twenties and in very good shape and good looking into the bargain. I had noticed that when he had previously been showing me how to change my grip etc he had ben standing close behind me and his legs had been touching the backs of my thighs. I actually enjoyed this as I still enjoy being looked at and chatted to by younger men when I am out with the girls for a drink.

Anyway later when practicing a drill I had a slight twinge in my leg just above my knee, I pulled up and told the guy I thought I had tweaked a muscle or something. He said okay lets go in the locker room and take a look. I sat down on the end of the treatment table with my legs over the edge.

He told me to lift up the injured leg so he could have a better look, obviously the tennis outfits involve s short skirt and I favour the slightly old fashioned style of dress which does not have the built in shorts and you just have panties underneath. Now when I raised my leg even a little the dress rode up and my panties were fully exposed, I tried to be modest but it was impossible so I just sat there while he massaged my lower thigh while looking at the front of the tiny panties the whole time.

He asked me if it felt better and I said yes, his hand moved higher up my leg while still stroking the smooth soft flesh, he said you have nice shapely legs and I blurted out thanks I always have had nice comments ever since I was much younger.

His finger tips were now at the leg of my panties and I gave out an involuntary gasp as his hand went under the panty leg and touched my pussy lips. He said you're wet already and leaned towards me and kissed me on the mouth, I opened my mouth and felt his tongue meet mine.

While we kissed he pushed me gently back and then both his hands were at the waistband of my panties and he started to ease them down my legs. When he had them around my ankles he pulled me back up so he could get his hands around my back to the zip on my dress, he pulled it down and removed it completely.

I was naked on the table except for my shoes and little white socks, he undid his shorts and took of his shirt while I pulled the shorts down to his knees and got his penis in my hand. He pushed his hips forward so his dick was close to my face, I masturbated him before opening my mouth to suck the end.

After a couple of minutes I took it out of my mouth and leaned back while pulling my knees up to my chest, my pussy was open for him to enter me. He pushed forward and slid in, I was so aroused and wet that it went straight in and he fucked me till we both came with fantastic orgasms. We were both exhausted so he stayed inside me until we got our breath back and he had gone soft.

I have had a good few experiences since I had my fist fuck aged 18 but this one has to rank up there amoungst the best.

Hope the readers enjoyed this one as I have more to share.