Written by Kevin

15 Jan 2016

My girlfriend and I were water skiers. In fact Lena was a champion skier. I also owned the boat. It the sport that brought us together. We were at a championship competition meeting and were celebrating our section win with a few other folk.

You can imagine that Lena is fit and has a hot body. She was wearing a bikini and getting a lot of suggestive remarks. She took them well and flirted back.

As people drifted away we were left with 2 guys, Paul and Dean.

We started drinking Tequila shots. Somehow Lena lost or took her bikini top off. Dean made a suggestion that he should pour a shot of Tequila in her belly button and then lick it out. Lena lay flat on her back and soon Dean poured a shot in her button. Some ran on her stomach. He quickly licked that up then sucked the rest from her belly button. She squirmed around and said how good it felt. Paul who was a bit reserved said he would like to try. So he had a turn. Then not to be left out so did I.

Dean then did it again as did Paul and I. This nearly finished our first bottle and I grabbed another from my van. When I came back Dean had poured the last from the bottle into her belly button and was bending over her licking away but had his hand in her crutch with the gusset of brief pushed aside and some fingers jammed inside her. I could see his fingers moving back and forth as he made a big scene of licking her whole stomach. When he sat back he knew I had seen him. He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them. I just nodded. I didn’t mind and was not worried where it would lead. Lena and I were open minded regarding sex but had never discussed involving others. We had only been together about 12 months.

Paul took his normal turn then myself. I pushed my fingers into her and when I withdrew I left her briefs pushed to one side. Her pussy was exposed.

Dean grabbed the empty bottle and inserted the neck in her pussy. She rode it lifting her hips from the floor.

I was massaging my cock through my shorts and Dean then dropped out his cock. He played around the entrance of her pussy with his cock. She looked at me and said please. I nodded and he pushed into her. No condom, we never thought of them. He gave her a good fucking. She was very vocal and willing. When he came I took his place and slammed into her. She came again and then I did. I then crawled off her and Paul was standing there with his cock out and stroking it. We had not noticed him. His cock was huge. It made Deans and mine look small.

I asked Lena if she wanted it and she looked at it again and then nodded. Paul got between her legs and slowly inserted his weapon into her. He was gentle and when she was ok with it all, he slid it right in and out. He then picked up the pace and rode her. She came more and more until he shot inside her.

Lena then got up and she went for a shower. She was a mess with cum all over her thighs, legs and it poured out of her as she walked.

The boys stayed the night and we all had her again.

That became the entertainment whenever we met at a ski meeting. She really liked both men and always wanted to have them both. We did this for a couple of years and they even came to stay for holidays with us.

Sadly for us, Paul met a girl and moved in with her and so we lost his big cock. His lady only gets that beast now. I have now married Lena and we have had a family. We still see Dean now and again and he still fucks Lena when he can.

We have never involved anyone else but it’s not out of the question.