Written by Happy

25 Aug 2009

Hi we are a mature couple in our early 60s and have a great sex life for some time now I have fancied watching the wife been fuckedby another man, I have broach the idea on more than one occasion and she always said One Day.

In May this year we booked a beach holiday in Phuket all wnt well with loads of sun plenty of booze even had a late night shag on the beach, towards the end of the last week Ibrought up the idea again and she said why not. So I had a word with the hotel concierge saying I needed something special in the way of a massage for the wife he sent my to a massage pallor over a tailors shop just of the main road,here I spoke tothe manageress and told her I need a fit young man for a special massage for the wife she new what I ment immediately and siad to call back about 10 that night.

We hit the beach bars about 8 and after several glasses of wine I told her that I had arranged a massage for her she smiled and said that will by nice. At the stroke of 10 we arrived at the pallor and was taken to a small dimly light room with a massage table and a chair in the corner,after a couple of mins. a very fit young Thai came in dressed only in loose shorts holding a small basket oils the wife just looked at me and did not say a word, he moved over to her and pointed to her T shirt

and indicated her to take it of after she had taken it of he then laid her on the table face down he started to gently rub her back and sholders with oil after a short time he unclipped her bra and she took it of he looked over to me and I just smiled he then lifted her skirt over her bum an started to rub her upper legs and bum she was starting to lift her body to meet his hands he was slipping his finger under her panties, then rolled her onto her back and I could see a large damp patch on her panties he pulled them down and I could see how wet she was then he moved between her legs and pushed his face into her pussy she immediately had a deep orgasm, now he droped his shorts to reveal a long thin dick he bent down took out a condom from his pocket and rolled it on turning back to th wife he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and slow slipped his dick into my wife pussy she growning with pleasure he pumped away for a short time and she had a great orgsm he did not pull out by now she had clamped her legs around his back he started to thrust even harder and that soon came together he lay over her for a min. then he pulled out I have never seen a condom so full he pulled it of wioed his dick on her panties put his shorts on and left the room I went over to her and she said that was great I looked down a her swollan pussy

and had to go down on her she still smelt of the condom.