Written by CarolandBob

6 Jan 2014

A few years ago we were on holiday in Fuerteventura. Most days we would go to the nudist beach near Corralejo and sunbathe in one of the stone circles that had been constructed to keep the wind off. They are typically twelve or so feet across and two or three feet high so while you were lying down it kept the wind off and sitting up you could see the other people on the beach. One day, Carol was sitting on a towel while reading a book and I was people watching. The beach was quite busy and there was a breeze blowing off the sea. I noticed a good looking local guy walk past taking a good look at Carol over the stone wall as he passed. He was naked as we were. He looked around forty years old and was muscular and well tanned, he walked on but about five minutes later he walked past again, a bit slower this time and smiling a little as he looked Carol over. Carol didn't notice as she was into the book. About ten minutes later the guy was back but this time after a bit of hesitation he came and sat down in front of Carol. We were both more than a bit surprised and Carol didn't look up from her book. The guy said a few words of introduction and then asked if we liked sex. I must have said something along the lines of yes as the guy didn't leave. Instead he started to run the backs of his fingers along Carols arm, glancing at me for a reaction as he did so. I just looked on so he carried on touching her shoulders and legs very gently. I was getting hard as was the stranger. I asked Carol if it was OK and did she want to give me her book. She just passed her book to me and gave me a quick nervous smile. The guy looked at me and I gave him a small nod of my head. His hand moved down from her shoulder to cup and squeeze her breast as she lay back on her elbows. His hand was soon down to her pussy and he was kissing her knees as he moved in between her legs. He played with her pussy sliding his fingers in and out to make her wet as she lay back on the towel with her arms above her head. He then put her ankles on his shoulders and slide his hard cock into her and they fucked. It was only when they had finished that I noticed two of his mates watching from outside the walls.