Written by crossedpoints

5 Apr 2010

As members, we’ve been reading stories here for a couple of years now. The ones which always get us going are the wife-sharing ones, as we are a little bit into that ourselves. We tend to skip past the stories about man/man encounters but they seem to be popular, so we thought that there might be some who would enjoy a 100% true story from my youth, especially as the only person who knows about this is my other half.

I’m now 42 but the experience happened when I was a hormonal 18 year old with the signs of my future sex-craziness just developing. Looking back, it was irresponsible and dangerous but it has led to many wanks at the thought of it, as well as loads of dirty sex between us when we talk about what a dirty bastard I was on that day.

I was working at a food distribution firm in my first job as a temp. The work was extremely boring, a filing clerk who quite literally sat on the floor of the office filing computer printed invoices all day long. I hated it, but I was being paid and it was at least a start. The company was on an industrial estate adjoined to a small quiet high street in South London. A short walk away was a pub where I would go at lunch time for a beer and sandwich – this was the 80s when a pub lunch was just about normal.

I’d play the quiz machine or play darts while waiting for my toasted sarnie, and I used to chat quite a bit to a guy at the bar after I first ordered a toasted egg and mayo one. He was one of those who was always perched at the bar, knew the barmaid, and had an opinion on everything. He thought a toasted egg mayo was ridiculous and that’s how we got chatting from day to day.

One day, I’d had about all I could take of the job (I was 18 and thought the world owed me a living) and so when he offered me another drink about the time I was supposed to be getting back, I accepted. I was enjoying the beer, thought I’d only lose a few quid by not claiming another hour or so, and if they told me to get lost, I really didn’t care. I was getting the nice mellow feeling from the beer and was quite happy.

The pub closed at 2:30pm in those days so when they did, this guy invited me back to his place for more beer, with what I thought at the time was a throwaway funny comment to the barmaid about “Yes, I’m corrupting him” which I took as taking me away from my piss poor job. I was up for that, but was worried that the company I was working for would be getting the hump, so on his suggestion, I rang them from a phone box and said I had gone home as I wasn’t feeling well.

We walked through an alleyway to his flat and we talked more than we had before. He was a lorry driver but unemployed and I think he said he was 50 though I can’t be sure after so long. That’s how I remember him anyway. A bit wirey but a decent guy.

We came to his block of flats, a council three storey type with his place being on the second floor. It’s a place I now know as being one of the worst in the borough. Not violent or anything, just where stolen cars tend to end up, and one which has now been demolished in favour of council built houses. He let us in and then, as the door shut behind us, he turned and said “Just think, I could have my way with you here, and no-one would know”, then laughed. Again, looking back, I should have run, but I was emboldened by being a bit drunk and part of me thought that if he was talking about what I thought he was, I wouldn’t mind trying it if only to say I didn’t like it. Besides, I felt confident that I could fight him off if required as he wasn’t a big guy and I was a fit 18 year old.

We went up a small flight of stairs to the front room and, this surprised me, introduced me to his wife who was in the kitchen with a friend. She said hello and offered me a cup of tea. I asked for a water instead and we sat on his sofa and watched the TV. University Challenge was on, I remember, and while I gazed at it, just one side of the doorway from where his wife could see what was happening, he reached over and unzipped my flies. I could still hear her talking to her friend as he stroked my cock through my pants and said “I’m going to suck that”.

It was an incredibly strange situation to be in, but I was rather excited by it all. I’d wondered what it would be like to suck another man and here I was, not having been given a blowjob before, with some guy saying he would do it to me. I didn’t say anything, again probably because I was brave with a drink inside me, and just said nothing.

About half an hour later he suggested going for a sleep in his bedroom which shared a wall to the kitchen. I knew what he meant and went with him. He explained to his wife that we were both worse for wear and were going to have a rest and she seemed unconcerned, as if he all the time, so cheerily said she would see us later.

It all sounds so weird now but that’s exactly what we did.

We lay on the bed, got under the covers, and he got undressed. He told me to do the same but that’s when I started to get a bit scared. I didn’t want to take my clothes off but he was OK with that so let me stay dressed. I could hear the muffled chat from the kitchen as he started to whisper to me and trying to kiss me. I wasn’t up for that at all, and it was the most surreal situation I’ve ever been in. I dodged his kissing as much as I could but he was very determined, so in the end I thought the only thing to do would be to go down on him. I knew it was what he was after and I had kind of wanted to know what it was like anyway, so that’s what I did. I remember sucking his cock quickly as if to make him cum fast, it was a strange taste, not dirty or anything, just different. As I know now looking back, it was entirely the wrong way to make a guy come, especially after a drink, and he told me to stop, saying “you’re not going to make me cum like that”. He pulled me up to the top of the bed again and tried kissing me which I again avoided as best I could.

About this time, I heard more voices outside as his kids had come back from school. The boy, a teenager, opened the door and started to say something to him, at which he screamed at him to get out and how dare he come in without knocking etc. – I briefly saw his daughter through the door on the way to the kitchen too, she was 16 as he told me soon after.

He started talking really dirty to me in a whisper. Asking about if I had a girlfriend, had I fucked her, did I want to fuck his daughter (I replied yes as she was about my age) and that he would love to see me fuck his wife. I was still very inexperienced and this all sounded fucking fantastic. Yes, I was naïve but it was all so very rude and exciting at the time.

Once he was hot again after the interruption, he went under the covers , undid my belt and drew my trousers down just enough to start sucking my cock. I had had beer and was also a bit baffled and nervous by the whole situation so didn’t get even remotely hard, and can’t say I enjoyed it as I’d hoped, but didn’t say anything. He realised this was a lost cause and came up again, telling me to turn over. I thought that was it and we were going to have a kip but this was where I was completely unprepared for what happened next.

He reached round, took a good hold of me, and I felt his hard cock nudging my arse. I really hadn’t considered that he would try to fuck me. He managed to get in very quickly and, to be honest, it hurt quite a bit. Still, though, I thought it was an experience even though I was extremely uncomfortable, so I felt the best thing was to give out moans as if I was enjoying it and hope he finished quickly. It only lasted a couple of minutes before he groaned and the thrusting stopped. I obviously hadn’t felt him cum up me but knew he probably had. He released his hold of my waist and rolled back and I felt his cock slip out, again uncomfortably, from me.

I laid there, not really knowing what to think. I’d been intrigued about knowing what it was like to suck a cock and have it come in my mouth but was stopped, I hadn’t had any sexual pleasure myself, and had been fucked up the arse by a stranger without even thinking it could possibly be an option.

He started to doze off and snore so I thought it best to leave (in hindsight, and with the maturity I now possess, I should have done so well before). He felt me try to get up and told me to stay as “we could do it again, you haven’t got work to go to”. I said I had to go as it was getting on and I had to get back home on the train yet.

As I left the bedroom, the wife called to me and asked if I was OK. I said yes and thanked her for letting me sleep off the beer and asked if it was OK to use the loo before I went. She told me it was fine and so I sat on the loo and got rid of the spunk up my arse.

I left the flat and wandered up the same alleyway thinking how stupid it was that I had got myself into that situation at all. There was, however, a part of me that quite liked the fact that I had done it and experienced something I probably wouldn’t have done if I had been less naïve and less inhibited through drink.

In the days that followed I thought of popping back as I quite liked the idea of fucking the mum or the daughter, but in the cold light of day I decided that that was probably just talk to get his own way, so I never returned. I also didn’t ever go back to the job as I didn’t want to stumble across the guy again, just didn’t think it was a good idea. I got loads of stick from the agency, but I couldn’t really explain the real reason, could I?

I don’t regret doing it, and as I have said, have had plenty of dirty times alone thinking about how filthy the whole thing was, but to this day I still don’t know what it’s like to have a guy come in my mouth, which was what stopped me from running away in the first place.

The other half wants to see that too, it turns her on to ridiculous levels of horniness. You never know, one day, eh? But at least if it happens now (just once, to tick another ‘done that’ box), we’ll be in charge and she can help me in doing it properly as she does so very expertly to me and the occasional other.

Well, that’s about it. Like I said, it’s 100% true, in every detail.

The silliness of youth, eh?