16 Mar 2017

Following on from my previous post, her is the story of the Company Dinner Dance,, i had spent awhile getting ready that afternoon for the Dinner dance that evening , my Hubby was looking forward to going to catch up with his work mates after his trips abroad with his Work mate Mark who i introduced myself to in the lay by the other evening during the dead of night.

I had decided to wear a black dress i had recently bought but it meant i could not wear a bra , i asked Hubby what he thought he said yes looks great, like Men do LOL. I had decided on a flimsy g string i had , a pair of hold ups and my dress with my 5" heels , i had had a shower washed my hair and was looking forward to go now, Hubby looked smart and we waited for the Taxi , we were picking Mark up on the way to the Club where the Dance was being held.

We stopped to pick Mark up and as My Hubby had sat in the front of the Taxi , Mark had to get in next to me, as we sorted ourselves out , Mark said hi and planted a kiss on my mouth , as we set off again , Mark had put his hand next to mine stroking my fingers on the seat and told me i looked very nice tonight, whispering to me almost as nice as the other night i felt myself blush noticing the driver looking at us in the mirror.

We all went inside had a couple of drinks spent some time chatting to everybody as Hubby introduced me to everyone, I could see Mark watching me as he chatted with some younger lads , as I could see several of them looking at me and smiling . I seemed to be getting a lot of attention that night and put it down to my dress when Hubby came to tell me a lot of the Men an Women there liked my dress as it showed off my boobs so well, a few comments to Hubby like she has a lovely pair there ,you're a lucky guy, etc

We sat down for our Meal which was ok and then the floor was cleared for the dancing to begin , my Hubby is no dancer and left me to it, as i got up on the dance floor it slowly filled up as a couple more Women dragged their Hubbies up. As I danced a couple of the younger lads who were watching me, tossed a coin ad i saw one of them come over to me to ask me to dance to a slow number that had just started, I was edged towards the back of the hall as we danced and the lad asked if he could kiss me as I was the best looking woman there, I could see his mate watching so I said Yes Ok, as he pulled me to him his hands moving down from my waist , on to my bum to pull me against him.

We finished our dance as he thanked me and went back over to his mate , they chatted an smiled as they looked at me as a steady procession of the younger lads all came to dance with me as the night ticked away, they all seemed content with a kiss tho a couple of them did squeeze my bum and boobs . Then I noticed Mark walking over to tap one lad on the shoulder who was dancing with me , an tell him to clear off, I told Mark off about that as I said he seemed a nice lad .

That was when Mark pulled me to him to say they had a bet on to see who was going to be the first one to get their hands in my knickers, an that the dance was just round one, when he said I thought I would beat them to it, as I thought after the other night you just might have fancied me and I have just managed to borrow someone's car keys. I said Oh Yes !!!, as Mark took my hand and led me away in to the shadows and out a Fire door to the back of the building and into the car park.

We headed over to one of the cars furthest from the club house which was a Range Rover type car , as Mark blipped the key fob I saw him put the back seats down , look at me and opened the front door for me to get in as he got in the drivers side , he kissed me and held me to him saying he had been looking forward to this since that night in that dark lay by. Mark told me he thought I was very pretty and very sexy , especially after hearing mine and my Hubby's chats thru those paper thin French hotel walls, he told me he had been beating his cock off listening ,just wishing I had been with him.

We kissed again as his hands pulled my dress down off my shoulders as he kissed my shoulders he pressed that dress till it was down to my waist now, his hands came up to cup my boobs and tweak my nipples, , pushing me back so he could bury his face in them to chew and suck on my erect nipples and massage my boobs as well now . I could feel my pussy getting wetter and reached out to undo his trousers to see that cock I had held the other evening in that lay by, Mark groaned as my fingers wrapped around it to slowly rub it up and down, he smiled at me and asked do you want me Susie, I smiled back at his handsome face , telling him Oh Yes Mark very much !

He told me to climb in the back then, kicking my heels off , as I squeezed between the seats he undid the zip a bit more on my dress , as I crawled forward I was left just in my hold ups and my g string , I felt Mark's mouth on my bum as he held me to kiss me there, , I sat up watching as Mark took his shirt an trousers off and got in to the back with me, he pulled me down to kiss him laying on our sides our hands exploring each other our mouth an tongues doing the same. I felt how hard and big his cock was as he found with his fingers how wet an juicy my pussy was ready for him , I asked him if I could lick it first before he fucked me .

I looked at him as he smiled as if I had just answered his next question, I took his cock deep into my mouth my tongue working its way over that throbbing tool he was going to use on me very shortly , Mark had to grab my hair to pull my face away as he said he would explode if I did that for much longer, as he went on to tell me I was everything he had dreamed about in that French hotel room on those nights away. Then before he could move I swung my leg over him and pressed on his chest as I wriggled till his cock was pressing against my pussy lips and pushed back till his head of his cock had entered me , I cried out to Mark , Oh so good !! i have been thinking of this moment since that night at the lay by as well.

A big smile came over his face as he told me you feel so good on my cock Susie , how could your Hubby leave you alone at home ?? I rocked back and forwards on his big cock feeling it fill me up as I sank all the way down on to it , he said I am not wearing a condom Susie , I said as long as you don't have any disease's I don't care , as Mark said no all clear there he told me ! Mark grabbed my bum saying you have got a fabulous arse Susie you are certainly one fit woman all over, great boobs and legs and a looker as well.

Then he said if you ever divorce Hubby I want to be first in line , as we fucked making that car rock the windows steaming up , I had ridden him and he had turned me on to my back to thrust that big cock into my juicy pussy then leaving me with a even wetter pussy as he filled my pussy full of his cum and a stain on that back seat . We lay awhile when there was a knock on the door and Mark opened it up expecting to see my hubby but it was Tony who let him use his car , he stood there looking at me my pussy leaking Mark's cum and at Mark's spent cock .

Mark said what do you want your keys back as Tony said no I want paying , Mark said how much!!!!, Tony looked at me saying a blow job should be enough , if this slut does not want her old man to find out what she has been up to, I could see Mark was about to explode at him and said yes ok then ! Mark looked at me , as if to say you don't have too Susie,

Tony came around to the drivers seat and sat down as I climbed back in the passenger seat to lick his cock and suck it for him , his hands wandered over my boobs and back an neck , holding my head down in his lap till he erupted into my mouth holding my head down till i had gulped down all his cum , after that both Mark and I got dressed and we made our way back to the club house. There were a few of the young lads gossiping as we walked in, but I made my way over to Hubby chatting to his mates , asking I'm if i could have a drink, as I had a funny taste in my mouth, some of the other men looked up saw Mark walk in , saying we bet you have !

That is my story of the Dinner dance but not he last time i saw Mark or any of his Work Mates, I hope you enjoyed , love to read your comments , xxxx Susie