Written by The Gardener

4 Sep 2013

Thank you for the nice comments.

My next visit to Kathy's was a week later and she greeted me with her usual warm smile and what I thought was a twinkle in her eyes. It was another hot day and I wore shorts and tee shirt, and I was she looked at my bulge. Ok she said could I repair some fencing that was behind the garage as the dog next door kept coming into her garden. No problem I said and got to work.

I had got it repaired about half an hour later and Kathy bought me down a cold drink. She said I loved what I did last week, its been so long since I've had any fun like that. She explained that her hubby Percy had died 15 years previous. Well I really enjoyed it too and if she wanted to do it again.....Oh yes she said and led me up to the house.

Once the house she sat down as I stood in front of her, my cock was now straining to be unleashed. Ok she said, I pulled my shorts down to my knees, take them off she said so I did. my cock which is circumcised seven and a half inches long and quite girthy was in her full view. she reached out and touched it, caressed it and slowly wank it. her eyes fascinated as my balls rocked back and forth. I said to her you can kiss it if you like, she smiled and leaned forward and I felt her lip kiss the tip, my cock pulsed in her hand as she kissed the length of me and my heart skipped as I felt her warm mouth envelop me, she was sucking my cock.

I positioned her right hand to slowly wank me and the other play and tug with my balls, it was heaven. This only went on for a few minutes as I was nearly cumming and when I did cum she wanked my juices into her embroidered lace hankerchief. Well that was a lot she said as she put the hankerchief in her handbag. Will you be here next week at the same time she asked............