Written by dave

3 May 2014

hi all

I have done a couple of stories on here all in my name dave

I play with a sexy couple most weekends, she is kate and he is neil (not there real names)

last sat night we all planed on going to the gatehouse club in Bolton,

at 9.30pm we arrived at the club and was greeted in by a lady called dee

we was shown around the club by dee then we sat down and all 3 of us started chatting to each other and was joined by dee and a nice chatty guy who was dressed as like a woman,

after about 15 mins kate was told by her huddy to go and change her stockings as the ones she was wearing where not seamed

kate asked me to help her so off we went into a play room,

as I helped her out of the old stocking and into her new seamed stockings as was getting horny so I pushed her onto the big bed and started to kiss her and fingering her very wet pussy within mins I was licking her sweet pussy and teasing her clit with my tounge which she loves, it didn't take her long before she came over my tounge I turned around to see neil standing in the open doorway watching his slut wife being pleasured by me

we stood up and finished off putting her stocking on and trying to make sure the seams where nice and straight,

then we went for a walk around the club, we ended up sitting in the cinema room where they was a big wooden cross on the wall, I got up and moved some of the chairs to gane access to the cross then we tied her up to it and neil started to kiss her while finger fuking her while I held the rope hi,

then we untied her and walked down into a small area which was glory holes

kate didn't need asking she just walked into one of the rooms and closed the door so me and neil offered her our cocks so suck on to which she did for about ten mins,

neil said to me lets just go into her room and fuck her, neil opened the door to find her standing there playing with clit,

we both wasted no time in going in and neil fuked her first for a min then I fucked her we was both sharing to task of giving her a good fucking nice and deep, then we both stoped and told her we was going to tie her up to the flooting bed in another room she just smiled and yes,

in the room which is the dungen kate laid down on the flooding bed and we tied her up at this point dee came into the room just to see if all was ok, dee said she looks happy so she closed the door left us to it, we both fuked her in turns for a while before neil un tied her and then retided her up to a spanking chair,

in the spanking chair kates head was facing down and her ass was in the air all reading for a good fuking,

while I was fucking she was sucking neils cock then we swaped places then back again,

it was all to much for my cock I could feel my self about to cum so I pulled of her dripping wet pussy and I spunked all over her ass, I watched my spunk for a min sliding down onto her clit, neil wasted no time he came around the chair and with his cock wiped up some of my spunk and pushed it into her as her fucked her deep and then he spunked up her, kate just laid there feeling well and truly used just like she wanted ,

we untied her and clean up then we sat in the main seating area and had a drink before neil said they was going we said our night and they went,

I stayed for about 15 mins chatting to dee, dee said it was nice to see people who enjoyed the visit and we was welcome back any time

sorry about my spelling I will be telling you about our visit to the sex cinema very soon dave