Written by JackB

27 Jan 2009

When I was a unit student many years ago, I used to look forward to coming home during the holidays to see all my mates, and to work and get a bit of money together for the following term. My best mates mum was a real career woman, about 45 but looked a lot younger (we were 20 at the time, I recall, really fit, and one hell of a looker. She was a director of a company which installed racking and stuff in warehouses and she used to very kindly give me and my mate a job for the summer. We used to help the regular tradesmen erect the racking. I'd always fancied Andrea, ever since puberty, and we'd always got on well, laughing and joking as she had a really good sense of humour, if a little risque at times.

One day she visited the site we were working on to check on the progress we'd made and as she was leaving, asked if I'd pop round to the house that night to help her move some stuff into the loft. My mate was away for a few days and her husband was also away, on business, but I thought nothing of it and was happy to oblige.

When I got home I scrubbed myself in the shower (more than usual I think!!!), dressed in a plain white tee shirt and ripped jeans, and set of to Andrea's house. I knocked at the door and she answered wearing just a cropped vest top and a short skirt with no tights revealing an exceptional set of pins for a woman of her age. Her hair was wet and tousled like she'd just come out of the shower. She wore nothing on her feet. "Hi Jack" she said with her regular cheeky smile "come through"/ I followed her to the dining room, watching every move of her gorgeous ass cheeks and thinking "if only!".

She pointed to a pile of boxes and said, "These need to go in the loft sweetheart... they're all my old VAT and tax papers so I've got to keep them". I just nodded, noticing that she had no bra on as my gaze fell on her ample bosom. I have to say she had magnificent tits, still sitting upright despite her age... a perfect specimen of adult womanhood, and not at all like the flat chested skinny girls I was used to with no hips... Over the next half an hour I humped the boxes of papers up to the loft and was sweating profusely as it was a steamy August evening. When I'd finished, I shouted Andrea and heard a voice from what I knew to be her bedroom "In here sweetheart"... I tentatively knocked at the half open door and walked in, and she was standing in front of a full length mirror with dumbbells in each hand doing exercises.... she was glistening with sweat and she pumped the dumbbells up and down.

I coughed and she stopped and turned to face me... "Have you finished darling" she said... "Yeah" I replied and then she said "Oh look at you, all sweaty, you must have a shower before you go home" and without further ado took me by the hand and lead me into her en suite bathroom. "You get in the shower and I'll bring you some towels" she said... "Can't have you going home to your parents all sweaty like that... they'll wonder what I've been doing to you" and with that she winked and was gone.

I stripped off and climbed into the large double shower and switched it on. As I happily washed myself thinking about what it would be like to shag Andrea I had a semi hard on... next thing I know the curtain is pulled back and Andrea is standing in front of me stark naked...I hastily covered my privates and she said "Room for a little one in there" she said... "I'm all sweaty to... from my exercises" and again she winked. I didn't know what to do, but before I could speak she was in the shower with me and closing the shower curtain behind her. She smiled and I must have looked totally dumbfounded and didn't say a word. Andrea took hold of the soap and told me to turn round and she started lathering my back and rubbing my shoulders... every know and again I though I felt her nipples brush my back but I was more concentrating on how to hide my raging hard on.

I felt her hands touch my shoulders and she guided me round so I was facing her, my hands still trying to cover my erect penis. She looked down and smiled" Don't worry darling, I've seen it all before; two husbands and two boys, I'm bound to have aren't I?". I nervously let my hands fall to my sides and she looked down again "Mmmm...that is a fine specimen Jack... my husbands dick doesn't stand to attention like that any more".. I laughed nervously wondering where this was going. Andrea lathered my chest and my arms then began to rub soap into my dick and balls and round my ass... this was electric... a beautiful mature woman, over 2 0 years my senior, rubbing my up in the shower... heaven... but hell I was nervous!

Next thing Andrea turns off the shower and leads me out by my throbbing dick and hands me a fluffy white towel. I begin to dry myself and she rubs herself down and then she walks into the bedroom and sprawls out on the massive king size bed with satin sheets. She really is a picture, but I don't know what to do. She can see that I'm struggling and gestures to me to approach her which I do. As I reach the bed Andrea sits upright and takes my cock in her hand and begins expertly wanking it... I'm close to cumming but manage to hold out until she puts her lips around my bell end and does something with her tongue that I've never experienced again to this day... literally 10 seconds of doing whatever it is, I'm shooting a stream of cum down her throat, my hips bucking at the intensity of the orgasm.

She smiles up at me as she swallows every drop then she lies back on the bed. "Eat me" she says... I don't need a second invitation and I'm down on her like a hungry dog licking and slurping for all I'm worth. She laughs and takes my head and thrust her fingers down between my mouth and her moist crotch, "there... us your tongue there" ans she flicks her clit with her finger... The three hours are heavenly... I fuck Andrea four times in all, coming in her mouth again, inside her, and over her gorgeous tits. I fuck her up the arse, in her mouth... she introduces me to the pleasures of anal fingering, rimming and prostate massage, she teaches me to give great oral to a woman, she teaches me more or less everything I know today.

What an amazing woman Andrea turns out to be, and to this day, I don't think I've ever had sex like it. We carry on grabbing the odd moment over the rest of the holidays... sometimes in her car, in her office, in her garden shed while her husband and son are washing the cars out front... that was an incredible summer, and I'll never forget it. Thanks Andrea.... xxx