Written by topjock69

30 Apr 2010

Jane and I have now settled down to an honest and open arrangement where she will go and have her regular fix with the handyman......and i just love having sloppy seconds after!!

I never thought that it could be so pleasurable sucking your wifes cum soaked pussy after she has had it overflowing with the cum joice of another man,however it is and this is just another experience.

Jane had been very good and not strayed away from home for a few weeks but as ever i could tell when her juices were flowing and the sexy horny side of her begins to show......and she has to have her fix.

She decided that it was time to go and visit our new friend and asked if it was ok if she made arrangements to go out to play.

Like i need asking twice as she can read me like a book as she is stradled on top of me biting my nipples and snogging me at the time.

She knows exactly the right moment to announce her intentions and as all women in a simmilar situation,equally knows how to get exactly what she wants.

I am now feeling so horny just thinking about his hands all over jane, and sucking her large breasts, and cannot look at her without seeing him on top of her shafting her with her legs wide open.

As anticipated i cannot hold on any longer and shoot my load deep into her as she rides my throbbing manhood.

She then escalates her pelvic thrusts as her beautiful large tits swing about uncontrolably in my face.

As she collapses on top of my chest she then looks at me with just the most lovely look in her eyes and says........"and?"

"and what" i reply......"can i go out to play then" she asks.

"Fuck me of course,since when have i not wanted you too"

So that was that...sorted....now i just had to wait to see when,where and how they would get it organised.

I didnt have to wait long as by the time i got home from work the next day the glint was well and truly firmly fixed in her eye as she had already run a bath and suggested that we opened a bottle of wine whilst having a soak.

It was not long before the conversation came around to the handyman and i couldnt resist asking her if she has sorted anything out with him.

"well....i just thought as we were in here together you might want to help me out with this".......and then preceeded to grab the shaving razer by the side of the bath!

"Oh so when do we need this doing by then" i asked?


"Fuck that didnt take long did it, god you horny bitch"

As guessed i then diligently washed her pussy and shaved her ready for her fucking session the very next day.

It is very difficult to concentrate on work when you know that your wife is being fucked by another guy,as i find myself looking at the clock wondering what delights await her for her afternoon session.

3pm....wonder if she is moaning while he sucks her beautiful smooth pussy.

3.15.... wonder if she has fucked him yet and rotated herself down onto his thick cock (god she sure can fuck a guy with her pelvic thrusts!)

Thank god i can now go home and arrive very excited at 5.30 just gagging to fuck her,but.........there was no vehicle and she was obviously making the most of her time with him.

I decided to go and take a quick shower as i wanted to be ready for her on her return,so diver into the shower complete with massive hard on!

A good scrub and getting mopre excited by the minute i decided to take a shave myself as she loves it when i have smooth clean shaven balls as she takes each one in her mouth and sucks gently away at them.

I dry myself off and go into the bedroom when i hear a vehicle pull up outside and sur enough she has returned.

She called out and i replied that i was upstairs in the bedroom.

As she come in she was looking very contented and a little flushed in the face.

Her hair was brushed but she also had that bed hair at the back women get from the pillow rubbing up and down after being fucked for a long time.

"Not wanking are we"?? she asked.

Then pushed me onto the bed and snogged my.

I could smell him on her face and her tongue as we kissed and snogged away.

I then started to ask her what she had been doing and she began to tell me how he felt her tits once they got to the hotel room as he snogged her.

She said the she was feeling so horny that she could feel her pussy and knickers were already damp before she had arrived.

She then told me how he is so much like me and liver her large breasts and loves sucking them.

She said that he loves having his cock sucked and has to stop her from making him cum.

He sucked her pussy and just loves it when she has shaved if clean and she had her first orgasm when he fingered her while sucking her at the same time.

He apparently loves her riding him and has told her that she is increadable at fucking with her thrusts and she soon had him exploding inside her as she rode him.

They then had a rest for a little while before fucking again before she had to leave.

I am now ready to explode and slowly undo her jeans and can smell the sex and cum juices on her wet knickers.

I cannot resist sucking and getting my tongue all over her gusset and slowly pull them to one side as i tongue her and suck what is left of their mixed cum juices.

She has a shuddering multiple orgasm as i drink the creamy sticky mixed cum juices from both of them.

Yes we are very happy with the arrangement and long may it continue.