Written by The Happy Cuck

28 Dec 2017

Earlier this afternoon, my wife went out to spend the night with one of her other men. As usual, I enjoyed my time watching her get ready to go.

Today I watched as she pulled on a pair of sheer, black tights which she wore without any knickers. Then her over-the-knee boots. With just her tights and boots on, she sat at the dressing table to put her make-up on.

She’d chosen a short dark red skirt and a wonderfully thin (quite see-through in the right light) black polo-neck top (with which she went braless) and her new leather biker jacket.

She didn’t pack an overnight bag, she just popped a pair of black knickers and a slightly longer skirt in her large handbag.

At about 4 o’clock I drove her in to town to meet her man. As we travelled, she told me the plans they had for the night. A few drinks, a meal and then back to the hotel for about 9.00pm.

She told me that she intended to have bare-back sex with her man just before she left the hotel and would be home at about 11.00am on Sunday morning expecting me to fill her with my own cum as soon as she got in.