Written by lucky bugger

5 Feb 2008

I have always had a thing for my mother in law ever since i first met her. She is about 50 5ft 7ish and about a size 14/16 with lovely d cup tits. I have been going to the gym for a few years as i like to keep my self in shape, recently laura has started going and asked if she could tag along with me so she would have some company etc.

Last saturday i was going to the gym and invited her along, when i picked her up she was wearing joggers and a very tight t shirt and i must admit my cock started to stir at the sight of this.

All through our workout i couldnt take my eyes off her and i think she caught me looking at her tight arse a few times. After about an hour we were ready to leave so we set off for laura's house which was about 10 mins away. When we got there she invited me in for a drink to cool off a little. Now laura is divorced and her 2 other daughters have left home so i knew we would not be disturbed. Once inside i went to make tea while laura showered and changed, she came down wearing a dressing gown with what i later found out nothing else underneath, as we sat at the table chatting her dressing gown was slowly starting to open as laura told me it had been a while since she last had some cock and was gagging for a good seeing to, by now my cock was rock hard and she could see the bulge in my shorts. she offered to release some of my tension and without saying anything else was soon on her knees with my 7 inches gliding in and out of her mouth, by now she was telling me how much of a dirty bastard i was and she had wanked off thinking about me regularly (this was my dream come true) I was almost ready to unload but i didnt want to just yet so i picked her up and layed her on the table as i went to work on her hairy pussy, it tasted really good and she was so wet, i inserted a finger up her and it went straight in i was rubbing her arse hole using her juices for lube, laura then begged me to fuck her. I turned her over and shoved my cock into her right up to the hiltand it felt fantastic she was screaming for me to fuck her hard all to soon i shot my load right into her.

Laura then got off the table and sucked my cock cleaning up all our cum. She told me she had always wanted me and now she was gonna have me anytime she wanted.

This saturday we are off to the gym again i shall post back and let you know how it goes.