Written by Andrew T

21 Jul 2017

This isn’t going to exactly sound like swinging as such but its been an ‘event’ that I have wanted to share for a while and this seems to be the best platform for doing it.

My name is Andrew, I’m 45 and married to Claire who is 44. Claire is a very attractive red head, she has pale skin and an amazing figure which attracts a lot attention from men, no more so than in our second home in Nigeria. I worked for an international bank which means I have to travel a lot to Nigeria. Claire was also employed by the bank (which is where we met). She acted as my PA I guess but she would tell you that she is the one that stops me screwing up and therefore is the reason I had this great job and I would agree with that.

I’m going to cut a very long story short other wise it would go on for ages but around 8 years ago when I was negotiating our employers account with a large Nigerian company we met Ben and his wife. I can’t remember her name, it was something like Abasifrek or something like that so I’ll call her Abi.

Ben is Nigerian as is Abi. They are very clever but ruthless business people and usually get what they want. Ben and his wife are a little younger that we are, he is about 6’, very powerfully built and his wife is about 5’10” ish. She is stunningly attractive. She has very dark skin with long black hair , is slim and had a great figure but is also very very clever when it comes to business. When we met they both took a shine to Claire which helped when the negotiating started. We would stay at their large home and would be treated as special guests.

The meetings were scheduled to be completed in about 8 weeks or so but after 3 months and 6 visits to Nigeria we didn’t seem to be getting closer to an agreement. I was told by my employers to ‘rap it up’ quickly. We arranged another meeting which is when the tone of the meeting changed.

I explained to Ben and Abi that we needed to move things along. They said they would need to talk amongst themselves. Claire and I sat by the pool waiting for ben and his wife when she came out and said she needed to speak t me alone. I was told that that her husband wants to do business but she felt that he needed to know that Claire and I were the right people to do business with. I assured her we were and asked what it would take to convince her husband. She looked at me very intensely and then leaned forward, held my hand and said that her husband was very attracted to Claire and that she thought that if Claire was happy to sleep with her husband that this would clinch the agreement. I was stunned to say the least, I told her that I couldn’t pimp out my wife and was getting quite angry. She made it quite clear that I needed to decide how important this was to us as a couple and was told to go away and think about what was said.

Claire and I went too our room where I started to pack. I told Clair about our conversation and she was as shocked as I was. But then she stopped me and said that maybe if she just let him have a ‘feel’ that would keep him happy. We talked for a good few hours about how important this was for the two of us and our careers and then she told me that ‘anyway, he’s hot’ then she shot me a big smile and gave me a kiss. I knew she giggled and flirted when he was around so wasn’t exactly surprised.

It was decided that Claire would see how far she wanted to go and if it became uncomfortable then we would walk away. I told Abi that we would see how it goes. That evening we meet them for a meal in the dining room. The staff left and I see Ben looking Claire uo and down and to be honest I didn’t blame him. We had agreed that Claire would wear very revealing clothes. She had on a black pencil skirt and a white almost see through blouse with no bra. Claire had very firm breasts with large bright red nipples so they were hard to miss.

After food we moved to the lounge. Ben said that we should negotiate more, his wife said to me that I could go and relax in my room if I wished. I looked at Claire who reminded me that she was more than capable of ‘discussing the finer points’ of the deal. I walked out knowing what she meant.

I walked back to our room but could only sit there for a 10 min at most. I was stressed at the thought of leaving Claire alone. I knew she was safe but thought that maybe she would feel obliged to fuck the guy but if I was there I could say no if I felt he was going too far. I walked back to the lounge and could see in long before I got there and what I saw was shocking.

Claire was kneeling on the settee , her blouse open and resting on her arms. Abi was sitting in front of her cupping Claire’s breast with her nipple in her mouth. Claire had her hand in Abi’s blouse and appeared to be massaging her breast. Ben on the other hand was stark bollock naked standing behind my wife with his hands on her shoulders. I was stressed in a major way. This was already going a bit far, I had never known Claire even think about letting a woman touch her in that way and had assumed that by letting Ben have a feel meant letting him put his hand on her backside or leg. But this was way past that. On the one hand I wanted to rush in and stop it but on the other Claire was clearly ok and this deal was a major thing for us and letting them touch her intimately maybe the cost. So I decided to sit on a chair where they couldn’t see me and watch.

He pulled Claires blouse off and pressed himself against her back. His cock is enormous, he makes me feel inadequate and now he was hard and his cock was pressed against Claire’s back.

Then Abi got Claire to stand up, She said something to her and Claire dropped her skirt and pulled her knickers off, Abi also undressed to reveal a hot figure with roughly the same shaped hard tits as Claire, then she sat back down . Ben was still standing behind Claire having a good feels of her breasts, Claire’s hands were stretched behind her on his hips, her eyes closed.

Then Ben moved Caire so she was sat on the arm of the settee and it quickly became clear that this was going to be more that just a quick feel. Abi pushed Claire’s legs apart whilst Ben pulled her back. Abi leant down and with her hands opened Claire’s pussy and she gave my wife oral sex. Claire’s eyes closed and she was panting. I had never known this side of Claire and I wasn’t’ sure I was comfortable with it. By now Ben had his hands under Claire’s back side and had actually lifted her up to allow his wife better access to Claire’s pussy. My wife was thrusting her self against Abi’s mouth until Ben Sat her down, walked in front of Abi and my wife.

Then I sat there and watched Abi take him in her mouth, Claire’s was sat next to her watching, her mouth open liking her lips and then Abi pulled away ad appeared to take hold of the back of Claire’s head and Ben slid his cock into my wifes’ mouth. Claire was choking as Ben fucked her mouth.

I still wanted to go in and say enough but Claire wasn’t’ being forced and I knew she would be devastated and embarrassed and so would our hosts. As I was thinking that at least it was oral sex Ben pulled back, Moved Claire onto her knees on the settee. Abi lay on her back as Ben moved behind my wife and as Abi pulled Clare’s head down to her own pussy Ben took his enormous cock and started to feed in into Claire’s cunt. Claire was clearly uncomfortable and said that it was hurting, this guy was so big he was hurting my wife. Ben spat on his hand and lubricated my wife before trying again, this time with success.

This time Claire cried out but in please as Ben gently fucked my wife doggy style whilst her mouth and tongue fucked Abi’s pussy.

I sat there for what seemed like ages as Ben thrust himself into my wife holding her head down with one hand and squeezing her breasts with the other. Then he calls out to his wife who moves out of the way and I watch Claire being picked up and ‘thrown’ onto her back as Ben Takes hold of her ankles, opens her legs and slides back into my wife who is crying and groaning with pleasure. Then she pretty much disappears under his body as this guy hammers my wife. I see her legs wrapped round his backside and her face sicking his mouth as he is fucking her hard, the two of them groaning and shouting. Then he pushes himself up my his arms, Takes one hand and puts in on Claire’s neck. I’m wondering what the fuck is this about and for a second think he’s going to strangle my wife. Abi and Ben’s tongues are all over Claire’s face. He says something to my wife and Claire is shouting at him ‘ fuck me hard, no hard, then he seems to start t pull away but Claire hits him and is shouting ‘don’t you fucking dare, keep going, don’t stop, please don’t stop. My wife looks and Abi and appears to be pleading. Then I hear her ‘beg’, ‘ let him cum in me’, ‘oh fuck cum in me’.

Then he does, with a load half grunt half roar he thrusts and shudders and Claire screams and shakes and I know she’s reached an orgasm. After three or four more thrusts when he’s clearly filling my wife with cum he is pushed away by Abi who climbs onto pf my wife and fuckes her herself.

I watch for a few more minutes as Abi and Claire bit and grind against each other and cum again and again before I have had enough and go to my room. I look at the clock and realise that they have been fucking for over an hour and a half.

The next day the agreement was signed and the day after (after another fuck session) we go home.

That was 8 years ago. We no longer work for the same bank but 3 times a year we visit our old friends for a week or so and each visit involves in them taking my wife to a bedroom pulling her clothes off opening her legs and spending hours fucking her. One a visit I get to fuck Abi which is great but she is more interested in her husband and my wife and sometimes im allowed to watch Ben fuck Claire’s motu and fill it with cum which Abi loves to remove.. So not sure if that counts as swinging because its just the four of us.