Written by John Williams

25 Mar 2016

We arrived at the party around 8 expecting the usual birthday bash but soon noticed that apart from the hosts we didn't know many people however we mingled and soon got chatting to some of the other guests. Sandra my wife was wearing a great red dress which stopped just above the knee was backless and showed of her great boobs. The party was in full swing and Sandra was dancing with a guy she had been flirting with earlier in the evening and I was sitting on the sofa with a very attractive blond woman called cherry who had told me she was on her own as her husband was ill with the flue. The music changed suddenly to soft and moody which seemed to be a signal for the guy dancing with Sandra to get a little bit closer. He pulled her in tight against him and was moving his hips against her fanny whilst also rubbing his hands up and down her bare back. I was about to object but Cherry just said calm down and watch as your wife isn't objecting. I was in grossed in watching Sandra that I didn't notice what was going on around me until I heard someone moaning out load and when I looked I could see a guy finger fucking a beautiful red head. Cherry looked at me smiled leaned forward and kissed me on the lips slowly exploring my mouth with her tongue. I broke away to see what Sandra was up to only to find she and the guy she was dancing with had made there way into a corner and Sandra was leaning against the arm of a chair her arms round his neck and they were kissing passionately I continued to watch as he hitched up her skirt pulled her thong to one side and slipped his cock into her. Sandra leaned back over the arm of the chair exposing breasts and opening her legs wide. Cherry got up of the sofa and walked to where Sandra was getting fucked she sat on the chair and started to kiss Sandra and squeeze her nipples Cherry then returned to me got onto her knees and took out my very stiff cock and started to suck it. Sandra had been fucked and was now led into the centre of the room laid on the floor and four men held her legs and arm out stretched when the door to the room opened and in walk this mountain of a man with a monster cock it must have been 10" and very thick. People gathered to watch what I latter learned was an initiation and their way of welcoming newbies into the swinging group. The guy got down between her legs but Sandra started to resist and squirm to try to make this stop. I was mesmerised and just watched in silence as he started to insert his cock into her well lubricated fanny she shouted her a objection but he started to slowly rock back and forth she still had guys holding her down but soon the objections turned to moans then she started to squeal and finally the guys holding her let go and Sandra put her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs round his waist crying out I'm coming oh please don't stop fuck me with your big cock at this point I started to shoot my come into Cherries mouth and others had started fucking around the room. Once he with drew his cock two woman took his place and started to lick her cunt and suck her tits. I was taken into another room by Cherry and we fucked each other whilst others watched.