Written by Happy husband

28 Feb 2019

My wife and I met when we were cabin crew on a well-known national airline. I loved to watch men undress her with their eyes and even though I’m not bad looking myself, I never expected to have a chance with her. Her name is Clair, she is the love of my life, tall, slim a deep copper coloured red head, in fact as far as I’m concerned, she is perfect and after 2 years of trying she is my wife and has been for just two years. Her best friend is Amanda who still works for the airline, she’s great looking and although not as hot as my wife because I’m biased but she is a good-looking woman. Her husband Paul is a life coach and health instructor who has helped me keep fit, and over the years the four of us have become really good friends.

But a few weeks ago, all that nearly fell apart. I suspected something wasn’t right both Clair and Amanda are pregnant, my wife is 4 months and Clair 5 months and so I expected their moods to change and things to be a little tougher, but Clair started to become distant and always apologising for silly things, I put it down to the pregnancy. She seemed to want to spend more time with her best friend that me and it would cause arguments at times. Then Paul took me out for a ‘life coaching session’. During our boy’s day out, he went on about life events that seem a disaster but in fact are ‘good life events’ and that when these events happen the worst thing you can do is react immediately.

He went on to say that you must always stop, take a step back and evaluate what you have seen or what has happened and see how that can be looked on as a good thing and how it can help you in your life.

I’m not normally into all that psychology stuff but Paul has been a great help and really has turned me from a stress head to quite a chilled guy. But I couldn’t help wondering what the fuck he was trying to get at and as the day went on, I started to worry in case all this was related to my wife’s change in attitude, in the end I asked him. He took a deep breath and td me that it was my wife who had asked him to speak to me, I started to worry that he was going to tell me that he and my wife were having an affair and I asked him as much, he smiled and said that they weren’t and that my wife loved me very much and was looking forward to the baby arriving and the start of the new chapter in our lives. But he did say that Amanda’s view of life had changed, and her needs had changed, possible temporarily but they had changed, now I was freaking out and wanted him to just come out with it. He took me to a car park near a beach close to our house and got out his I pad, he told me that Amanda and Clair wanted me to watch and see it for what it was and to remember that Amanda loved me very much.

He started a video and I watched. In it my wife is laying on a bed, she’s naked, her baby bump being caressed by Clair whilst she caresses’ Clair’s who is also naked. Paul said ‘don’t they look beautiful’ I just watched. I watched as Clair leant over and took my wife’s breast in her hand and sucked her nipple whilst rubbing Amanda between her legs and then my wife did the same to her, the two of them kissing and rubbing each other’s clits and quietly moaning and kissing. Then they became more passionate and I watched my pregnant wife have lesbian sex with her best friend. I listened to them cry and moan and rub and eat pussies. But then I watched Paul climb onto the bed and kneel between his wife’s legs, lift her legs over his shoulders and as his wife and mine continued to kiss passionate, playing with each other breasts Paul slid his cock into his wife and fucked her.

I asked him if he was fucking my wife and he promised me he wasn’t and that this was just their way of releasing the stresses and sexual tension that builds up and that they wanted me to be there as well and that it was only right. I watched Paul fuck his wife and listened to her cry out and moan and listened to my wife cry and moan whilst she played with herself and Clair played with her then the three of them climax but not before Paul squeezed my wife’s fat tits. He apologised for that and promised that it had only happened the once. Apparently, they had done these 6 times before they video’s it and every time agreed that I had to know.

I was gutted, my gorgeous pregnant wife was having threesomes with my best friends, but Paul assured me that he had never entered Amanda and that the most that had happened was he inadvertently shot cum over her tits. As you can imagine I was pissed but Paul has a way of making things seem normal and right. He then told me that Amanda wanted me to be there and to make love to her and be an important part of the group and Paul told me that is where we were going right now.

We went to his house, Amanda and Clair were already in bed, naked chatting waiting for me to arrive. Amanda asked if I was ok and asked me to understand. She looked fucking hot, sitting up on the bed, her beautiful hair running down her shoulders, either side of her fat freckled tits with their bright red big nipples, next to her was Clair with her equally fat tits and amazing body.

It was a bit surreal, we talked about what had been going on and why and why Amanda didn’t; tell me to begin with that she was having lesbian sex with her best friend ( although that’s not how she put it) and how it was Pauls idea (bet it was dirty fucker) and how they had become close and the sex was amazing.

Paul and I undressed, I was already hard as fuck, as we did so Clair and Amanda played with each other, sucked tits and rubbed pussies and wrapped their arms and legs round each other. Then when they were ready Paul knelt between his wife’s legs and I between mine. Amanda groaned when I slid my cock into her shaved pussy, always careful of her bump. I have to admit that as weird as it was, slowly fucking my wife as my best mate slowly fucked his next to me, so close that our arms would brush against each other it was fucking hot. Listening to the two girls moan and groan and hold hands as they were shagged, occasionally swapping spit and sucking tongues was cool.

Paul was in charge though, he suggested we stop and just kneel there and take in the moment, the two of us knelt between our wives’ legs, our cock deep inside their pussies. The girls slowly moving their bodies so that our cock continued to give them pleaser.

Paul said that a great way to start the journey again (get ourselves going in case we had gotten a little soft) is to imagine he was in Amanda and I was in Clair and how safe and erotic that was, fucking someone else in our minds but not in reality, a fantasy which released sexual tension.

The girls looked at each other and giggles and at the same time said ‘fuck yeh’ and started touching themselves and thrusting themselves into our cocks. Amanda told me how much she loved me and how much she appreciated me getting involved and said over and over ‘lets do it’ and that she will be thinking of me. I got what she was saying, I asked her if she meant for real.

There was a moment when Amanda looked from me to Clair to Paul and back to me and Clair and Paul were doing the same, slowly fucking our wives, each of us wondering if we were thinking the same. Paul slid out of his wife and looked at me with a question ‘ for real’?

I slid out of Amanda and Paul and I swapped places. And as he gently thrust his fat cock into my wife I slid mine into his and fucked her gently but fast. Paul and I fucked and the girls cried and moaned and begged for more. It was a fast fuckfest, tits bouncing and cries of ‘fuck me hard’ and ‘fuck I’m Cumming’. My wife begged Paul to cum inside her, Clair held me in a grip using her legs and just repeated ‘yes, yes, yes I’m Cumming, do it’.

I let go and the feeling you have when you cum inside a woman for the first time was amazing. Amanda arched her back and cried a deep low moan, she was having an orgasm as was Clair. And afterwards we laughed at what we had done and did it again.

Our rules are that we only fuck when all four of us are there and in each other’s company and it works. The sex is amazing, and it has actually made the sex between Amanda and me even better.

What works and sounds weird is Paul and me sat on our calves with his wife impaled on my cock and mine on his facing each other, talking and kissing and massaging tits and fingers inside each other next to our cocks. And when they are ready, they fall forward onto their hand and knees and are fucked hard doggy style, fat tits swinging, and cries of delight as fat cocks pound their pussies.

As the girls get bigger, we will change the way we fuck, Clair is a lot bigger than Amanda and already we spook fuck, whilst Paul slowly bangs my wife on top of her, arms raised, sucking her fat nipples.

Its not all swapping, a lot of the time I fuck my wife and he fucks his and that it just as hot, knowing that my wife is having an orgasm that I gave her and that it’s my cum that’s filling her sexy pussy not his.

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