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the perfect gift

"My little secret present from my husband"

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This isn’t swinging but I want to tell my story anyway. I am a 45 year old married woman, my family has left home and have homes of their own and I had been feeling old. My husband is a wonderful man and constantly tells me that I am a beautiful woman. I know I’m not a young skinny girl any more, I am a little over weight, not fat but I could do with losing a good few Lbs and my breasts aren’t as firm as they once were and all that was getting me down. In a silly moment my husband and I repeated a conversation we had 20 years ago, what’s the naughtiest thing we have ever wanted to do. He told me his and I admitted to mine. It was a dark and most deepest fantasy I have ever had. It started a long time ago when I was on holiday with my husband in Greece, we were in a nightclub and I was surrounded by men, it was great fun and they were paying me a lot of attention when one, then two and then three of them put their hands on me. It wasn’t scary, in fact it was a dirty sort of fun. One then the other touched my breasts and one put his fingers inside me. I climaxed and then it was over, I didn’t tell my husband, it was my little secret. But what I did tell him this time was that my fantasy was to be in a place where we don’t speak the language, its dark and crowded. Three or four young men coral me to the back of the establishment and take me, penetrate me and fill me with their young seed. He knew I once had a wicked side, but this surprised him, I could tell he was secretly delighted that I still though of these things. Then months went by until we went to Italy for a holiday. My husband speaks fluent Italian due to his mothers side so we like going there. We went out a few times to local places he knew, then during sex one evening he asked me if I was serious about my fantasy, I said it was silly and for him to forget it. I told him that I was getting old and no young man would want my body. He started to fuck me hard and told me that I was sexy and he knew any man would want to do this, he said thrusting himself into me. One evening we went out to in the centre of Rome, he said he knew a place I would like, he asked me to wear a nice black dress he had bought me. We went for a meal and then to a club he said he knew. He was very attentive telling me how beautiful I was and how he would give me the moon if he could. He told me that I deserved my fantasy, I thought he was being silly and told him so. By the time we got there it was busy, there was a mixture of young and older people, so I didn’t; feel out of place, it was dark in placed, dark alcoves and pitch-black booths. My husband kept leaving me telling me that he would be back in a minute. Whilst he was away young men would accost me, trying to speak English some badly some very well and I felt attractive again actually having to fend off handsome young men. Then he came back and I was surrounded by new young men, all handsome as the last. They talked and told me I was very pretty, they pretended to fight over me and it was funny. Then my husband took my hand and led me to the back, to a dimly lit and quiet part of the place. Other hands took mine and my husband said the strangest thing ‘you can always say no, have fun’. I knew in an instant what he had done. Four boys led me deeper into the dark part fo the room, some kissed my neck and one my mouth. Then slowly and caringly a hand lowered the zip on my dress and another hand slid across my tummy. All I could think of was that it wasn’t as flat as it used to be. A hand slid under my bra and squeeze my breast, teasing my nipple, I could barely breath, not believing that this was actually happening to me. I was gently turned round, two lads with open shirts one pressing his nipple to my mouth, the other running his hand over my breast. A third, who’s lap I was resting against wrapped one arm round me and lifted my dress with the other. I felt his bare leg on my skin, and a hand pull my knickers to one side. I was lifted and then lowered, and a cock pressed between my legs and then entered me. That alone made me cum, I was lifted and lowered, and a thick young cock slid into me over and over. My dress was lowered, my bra lifted over my head and thrown somewhere, my bare breast fondled and sucked. I was being fucked slowly at first by one boy then another and then another felt my soft breast and hard nipples and his tongue entered my mouth. As I was being taken occasionally others would past and kiss my breasts or slide hands over them, men and more than one woman caressed, sucked and licked them. Then the fucking became more urgent and cum flowed into me and one cock was replaced by another and it was repeated. And when he had finished I was sat on a table, my legs opened and I was entered again, hard and fast followed by an explosion of semen. Others came and young women say next to me and had their legs opened and they were fucked, some by the boys who had just finished with me. After the fourth cock had entered me and I had had my fourth or was it fifth orgasm the girl to my side let out a scream and climaxed herself. Then it was over, my little adventure had passed. Three of the lads hugged me and told me how sexy I was and helped to dress me. We couldn’t find my knickers or bra and they apologized. One boy put his hand on my face, and we kissed passionately. He laughed and said that ‘it’ still needed me, he put my hand on his wet cock we walked to a dark bench and lowered me to my knees. I put a stranger’s cock in my mouth, wet with either mine or the girl next doors juices and it filled my mouth. I felt dirty but young as I sucked him. I sucked him until he ejaculated in my mouth. For the first time in my life I swallowed cum, it was like an oyster, salty and slid down my throat. Then he helped me to my feet, tucked himself away and helped me find my husband and with a kiss to my cheek he was gone. I told my husband that I couldn’t believe I had just done that, he kissed me on my hand and told me that it was his present to me and my little secret. My husband and I left and walked back to our hotel for the night but on the way, we found a dark alley, he lifted my leg and fucked me mixing his cum with four or was it five others, his tongue in my mouth and I wondered if he could taste salty cum, then we went to our little hotel room and slept.
Written by Helen K 45

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