Written by Love24x

15 Feb 2008

I had damaged the front of my leg playing rugby so my club booked me a course of physiotherapy at a local sports injury clinic in an attempt to get fit for the next game. I turned up for my first appointment and was told to go into a small cubicle and wait. The physiotherapist opened the door and walked in almost immediately after me and I was delighted to see that she was young and extremely attractive, I also could not help noticing that the thin cotton uniform she was wearing allowed her bra and knickers to show through which I have always found really erotic. She told me to remove my trousers and lie on the bench then she examined and felt the front of my thigh saying that I had a very deep bruise which could be cleared up by massage. She put a small amount of oil on her hands and started to work her fingers just above my knee and slowly up my thigh causing me quite a lot of pain as she worked on the damaged muscle. She soon reached the top of my thigh and asked me to remove my boxer shorts so that she could get at the top of my thigh, saying that they might get covered in oil if I kept them on. I removed them rather shyly and lay back again very aware of my exposed cock resting on my other thigh. She started to work on me again putting some more oil on her hands and was soon at the very top of my thigh. Her thin white uniform was not helping matters at all. It seemed to cling to her graceful curves emphasising her wonderful figure, the tightly stretched fabric revealing her lacy bra and knickers as she moved. I could not help looking at her lovely trim body as she worked above me, her hands moving tenderly up and down my thigh. Her hands ran up the inside of my thigh as she worked on the muscle, the backs of her fingers almost touching my balls and sending a shock of illicit pleasure through my body.

This was just too much for me and to my horror my cock started to grow, once it had started there was nothing I could do to stop it. As it become more and more obvious I said "I'm sorry, I'm so embarrassed but I can't help it".

"Don't worry" She replied. "It's not the first time, and you shouldn't be embarrassed it's perfectly natural and in normal circumstances I would be very flattered" She said trying to reassure me. I lay back trying to ignore the sensuous movements of her hands and the hot heavy length of my cock resting heavily on the top of my thigh. Her hands worked up my thigh, closer and closer to my groin until they were almost touching the base of my stiff prick. It got even harder, straightening to thrusting up from my thigh eagerly and come to rest upright on my stomach, now throbbing with lust no matter what I tried to do to stop it. She finally came to my rescue by saying "I am having trouble concentrating with you in this state. Can I help in any way"?

"I wish you would" I replied. "If you don't I think I am going to pass out".

In response she gently wrapped her hand around my solid shaft, feeling my hard flesh in her palm then slowly pulled back my foreskin, watching admiringly as the ripe swollen head of my cock appeared then bulged erotically as she drew the skin right back off it. "It's lovely" She said. "And nice and big too" She added cheekily. I had never seen my cock look so big in my life, It looked huge in her small hands and felt like an immense throbbing rod attached to my body by a band of pleasure each time her hands caressed it. She drew her hand down my shaft again sliding her fingers over my rigid prick, making me push my cock back up into her hand, the dark bulging tip thrusting up into the air and throbbing with pleasure. She felt every millimetre of my sex, cupping my balls and rubbing my slippery tears of excitement around the sensitive head as they emerged from the pouting hole at the tip of my aching prick. She made me jerk with pleasure each time she ran her delicate fingers across the head of my cock, anointing it and leaving it shining with my juice. She was totally in charge, playing my willing flesh like a tightly strung musical instrument, determined to give me as much pleasure as possible. Her hands started at the top of my cock and slid down to the base, first one hand then the other in what seemed to my cock like an endless glide into an never ending pussy. I lay back and enjoyed her skilful hands working on my burning cock, letting her do whatever she wanted with my willing body.

I tried to control it but the pleasure increased in intensity between my thighs and began to focus in the tip of my cock until I was carried past the point of no return. Suddenly my orgasm burst up from my balls and along my prick sending jets of warm creamy sperm from the tip of my cock high into the air only to fall back onto my stomach and run down the length of my twitching shaft, over her fingers and down into the dark curls of my pubes. Her hand continued its movements, more gently now easing the final drops of sperm from my cock, milking me gently and letting my final moments of pleasure subside slowly. She smiled at me and licked her fingers coyly before lowering her mouth to my stomach and licking at the trails of sperm covering my skin. Then she started lick my cock gently at first then more eagerly as she sucked the head into her mouth. I let my hand run up her thigh under her uniform to her arse while she sucked my cock, feeling its lovely curves beneath the silky material of her knickers before I felt for her pussy. Her lacy knickers were soaking wet and I eased them to one side to feel the soft delicate lips of her hot pussy parting under my gentle pressure, allowing one finger to slide softly into the moist heat of her body, her swollen sex weeping tears of desire onto my hand as it caressed her warm excited cleft. She gasped out load as my finger sank into her, then I watched breathlessly as she lowered her mouth towards my cock again, putting out her tongue to tenderly lick the slowly stiffening flesh, tasting the creamy sperm at the tip. Her mouth opened and she sucked my cock inside again tasting my musky flesh as it grew in her mouth until her lips were stretched around the hot straining shaft of my erect cock. The erotic sight of her pretty mouth accepting the angry swollen flesh of my inflamed cock was wonderful and turned me on even more. I felt comfortable and safe with her and wanted to enjoy the pleasure she was giving me as much as possible so I shut my eyes and gave myself up totally to the sensations of her mouth moving slowly and sensuously on my excited prick. Her tongue running around the taut skin on the head of my cock concentrating on the ridge underneath taking me to ever higher levels of ecstasy. She sucked on me, obviously enjoying my cock as she slid it into her mouth as deep as she could go then slowly pulling it out, her lips and tongue gripping me as it slid from her mouth. I felt the warm moist comfort of her delicate mouth move over every part of my prick as it slid between her lips, pushing right to the back of her mouth before she drew it slowly out, letting her pouting lips slide down the length of my throbbing cock. She closed her lips around the head sucking it and squeezing it with her teeth, alternating her sucking and biting between hard and soft, all the time her hand moving on my aching shaft, wanking me gently. My excitement grew slowly gently building to a peak of exquisite pleasure when finally a single lick of her tongue sent a wave of supreme ecstasy bursting up into my body from my prick and balls. She gently coaxed my orgasm from me without forcing it or rushing, so that it grew slowly until finally I cried out in delight, my prick pulsing as floods of warm musky semen erupted into her waiting mouth.

She let me relax sucking my softening prick while I continued to feel her pussy, trying slide her knickers down over her thighs to get at her more easily. To help me she stood up and slowly undid the buttons down the front of her uniform, only stopping when they were all undone but then teasing me, coyly covering herself before lifting it over her head in a single swift movement. She stood beside the bench dressed only in a white lacy bra and knickers, which showed off her beautiful curvy figure to perfection. Her knickers were already partly rolled down over her hips from my earlier efforts, sexily exposing the top of her pussy. As I watched she bent and slid them all the way down to her ankles and stepped out of them. I looked at her beautiful pussy the delicate blonde hairs covering her ripe mound failing to hide the finely sculptured cleft between her thighs. She basked in my admiration for a moment then lifted her hands to her bra and undid the catch at the front letting her full breasts fall from the cups into her waiting hands. She felt her tits, caressing them knowing that it would turn me on and took her nipples between her fingers, teasing them into hard points. When they were fully erect she came over to me and offered me each breast in turn to feel and kiss. I pulled each nipple into my mouth to suck on it like a hungry baby and feel it stiffen on my tongue. I enjoyed her breasts and nipples then pulled her hips towards my mouth. Inching up the table I was able to let my head hang over the end so that my face was level with her pussy. With my head upside down like this I could easily lick her wonderful cunt and concentrate on her clitoris in an attempt to give her back some of the wonderful pleasure she had given me. I mouthed her succulent pussy, gently teasing her swollen lips and tasting her as I sucked them between my lips. I slowly sucked her clitoris into my mouth closing my lips around it and flicking it with my tongue. The heady perfume of her sex filled my nose as she opened her thighs and pushed her excited pussy onto my mouth. I then felt her bend over me and feel for my soft prick, handling it gently and bringing it back to life as I continued to suck on her gorgeous creamy cunt.

As my prick hardened again I felt her hand leave my cock and moving to the side of the bench she gasped "I have got to have you inside me, now". She swung one leg over the low bench so that her back was to me and her thighs were parted across my hips and keeping her weight on her feet to avoid hurting my leg she pointed her arse at me erotically, showing her arse and cunt to me in a totally outrageous way. Still facing my feet she reached down between her thighs and grasped my rock hard cock, lifting it to her streaming pussy and began to rub it against her burning flesh. I could feel her juices coating my hot flesh as it slid over her swollen folds, her succulent cunt opening up as my cock pressed against her until she finally let the tip slip into her cleft to point directly up into her hungry hole. She let her weight settle on me and I felt my thick blunt cock start to ease into the deep wet mouth of her cunt, forcing her open as it slid gently in. I felt her lips open around me coating my shaft with juice as it buried itself inside her. I watched with pleasure as the thick rod of my cock pierced the delicate peach of her cunt stretching her delicate pink lips as they accepted my burning prick. She began to move up and down on me, slowly at first letting her cunt get used to my solid cock. Then she began to move faster, I gripped her hips and watched her pert buttocks bounce as the thick meat of my cock slipped in and out of her tight folds. She forced more and more of my cock up into her cunt, leaning forward to grip my legs, bending my cock back and driving it up higher into her cunt each time, giving me a wonderful view of my cock sliding in and out of her tight little hole. As she rode me she became more excited bouncing on my cock in her pleasure but it was hurting my leg too much so I sat up and pulled my cock from her beautiful cunt, making her bend over the bench while slid off and stood behind her ready to push my cock back into her wantonly exposed cunt. I could not resist the sight of her exposed cunt so I sank to my knees behind her feeling her soft round buttocks and began to run my tongue up and down the cleft of her arse, tasting her before I slid my tongue down to her pussy and into her willing hole. She groaned with delight and pushed her bottom back at me to force my tongue deeper. I moved it inside her then let it slip out and ran it over her clitoris, concentrating on the sensitive exposed tip as I built up her excitement. I felt her thighs tremble and a cry of delight escape her lips as her orgasm started and rapidly built to an intense peak, while I pulled her buttocks wide apart and kept up a steady rhythm with my tongue, letting her come gently on my mouth. As her cries subsided I stood up behind her and held her pert arse guiding my thick curving erection between the top of her thighs, pressing it against her swollen sex. I pushed slightly and felt her delicate lips open around the bulging head of my cock. Her warm juicy pussy pushing back at me and then melting around my hot cock as it slid deep into her tight little cunt. She fell forward onto the bench as I started to fuck her with long hard strokes of my iron hard prick. My balls bounced between her thighs grazing her clitoris as I pumped my throbbing shaft into her slippery little hole, my hips thrusting hard against her upturned bottom. She began to moan with pleasure, grunting each time I rammed my solid cock deep into her yielding cunt, biting the mattress to try and stop her groans. She lifted her head, arching her back and forced her cunt down hard on my upright cock driving it hard up into her body, sobbing with pleasure and coming again as it sank into her molten sex. Her cunt squeezed me hard as she came, tightening around my rigid prick and gripping my pumping shaft, forcing yet another orgasm from me, milking my upright cock and once again forcing thick creamy sperm to spurt powerfully from my body, this time flooding deep into her tight welcoming hole.