25 Aug 2016

Mrs Smith (name changed), one of the school secretaries when I was in the 6th form was an apparently respectable married lady in her mid 40s, but she had quite a fan club amongst the 6th form boys.

She was strikingly pretty with a trim little body, which she had obviously looked after. Although, she always dressed very smartly, there was usually some cleavage and a fair bit of leg above the knee visible.

She was also very friendly whenever any us had to go to the office or spoke to her around the school. It wasn't that she was flirty but she had an easy going and naturally friendly manner that made us feel that fucking her wasn't out the question. It was a deluded feeling but certainly made her even more attractive to a bunch of sex mad 18 year olds.

Her husband was a wealthy, older man by all accounts and she used to turn up to school in a Mercedes sports car, which he bought her, and catching a glimpse of her sliding her legs in the car to go home was always a good finish to the day and provided regular wank fodder for that evening.

One of her jobs was to arrange the 6th form prom and we were all pretty excited about seeing her outside school.

On the evening of the ball, she turned up with full make up on, wearing a red and black dress, that finished well above the knee, fitted tightly across her hot round arse, and showed ample cleavage and plunged at the back suggesting that she wasn't wearing a bra. Basically we couldn't have asked for any more.

My best mate at the time, Steve, and I were two of her biggest fans and we couldn't keep our eyes off her.

Around mid way through the evening, we saw her go over to one of the young PE teachers, who I'll call Mr D. She whispered something in his ear, laughed and walked off.

He then walked out the door and she followed shortly afterwards. Steve and I didn't say anything but both didn't hesitate to follow.

We watched her go down the corridor alongside the side of the Ballroom and then out the door at the end. We jogged down to the door and saw her walking diagonally across a courtyard.

We decided it was too obvious to go across the courtyard so decided to follow the corrider round behind the ballroom and alongside the courtyard.

At the end of the courtyard, there was a door leading on to a corridor, which ran along the bottom of the courtyard. Through the door window we could see Mr D leaning against a door where the courtyard ended and she had both her hands behind his head and was kissing him.

Then to our delight, we saw one of her hands go down to his trousers and she started to undo his flies and his hand lifted her skirt and started to fondle her arse, showing her stocking tops.

Then Mr M the head of PE but still probably under 30 walked through the door from the courtyard and said loudly 'couldn't you two bloody wait?'

Mr D laughed and said 'you know what she's like '.

Mr M obviously had the keys for the door, which he unlocked and then dragged her behind him into the room and she dragged Mr D behind her.

We walked slowly, trying not to be heard, to the door, which we heard being locked so were reasonably confident of being able to get away before anybody got out and saw us.

When we got to the door there was unfortunately, no way of seeing what was going on but it was very easy to hear.

The first thing we heard was her moaning and squealing, and Mr M saying, she's even wetter than normal, the filthy bitch.

Mr D said, 'I can't wait to taste that sweet pussy again'.

We've not got time for that now, you're both going to have to make do with a quickie and save that for later on, she replied.

I can remember wondering what her husband would think if he knew. Little did I know that I'd experience all the various mixed emotions of having a hot cheating wife, which is what led me to SH.

Mr M then told her to get her fucking dress off so they could get on with it.

We heard some fumbling and Mr M saying I'm going first, at which point she started giggling really childishly and the moaning and panting very loudly.

Mr M shouted stick your cock in her fucking mouth and shut the fucking slag up before the entire fucking school hears her.

Before he could do anything, she suddenly started screaming out repeatedly what appeared to be mum, mum, mum, mum and then suddenly gave out a final screech. It was the first time I'd ever heard a woman cum and it took all my will power to stop doing the same.

Shut up you stupid fucking bitch they both shouted.

We heard lots of movement and Mr D again telling her to shut and then to open her fucking mouth wider.

Amid muffled sounds and a few grunts from the teachers, we heard them start to call her names. We looked at each other unable to believe our ears or what was going on and I couldn't believe how hard I could get.

And then suddenly, Mr D shouted, ''oh my god the filthy bitch has stuck her finger up my arse.''

Mr M laughed and said, 'the tramp's bloody famous for it'.

The language was getting even worse and although it was muffled assumedly by Mr D's cock being in her mouth we could hear her moaning and groaning.

All of a sudden Mr D shouted out that he couldn't hold on any longer followed by him moaning and her coughing and giving out another series of screams as she obviously orgasmed again.

Mr M then told her that she should lick her fucking mess up and we heard her yelping after what sounded like her arse being slapped.

Further verbal abuse was hurled at her and her moans started to get louder, and louder. They'd obviously forgotten about keeping the noise down.

Mr M said, 'Right I'm finishing off up her arse'.

'No, please' she whispered.

'Shut up moaning slag' Mr M told her, you weren't exactly complaining when we saw you last weekend.

'They were not as big as you, please' she replied and suddenly cried out in pain.

Mr M called her a good girl and she soon started moaning again with pleasure. Mr D was telling her that she was a cheap, easy slut and Mr M that she'd better not say no to him again, to which she kept saying sorry.

Then Mr M shouted yes and started grunting and she also started orgasming yet again and Mr D said it's only been 10 minutes and the greedy bitch has cum three times.

Obviously out of breath, she replied that she wasn't going to be happy if it was only going to be three times tonight.

They laughed and agreed that they had better get dressed quickly so they could get back to the ball before they were missed.

We decided it was time to retreat and moved to a stairwell about 15 yards further down the corridor, where we thought we wouldn't be seen but could see them leave the room.

Very shortly the two teachers rushed out the room, slamming the door behind them and ran up the corrider throwing her knickers between them.

One then left them on a fire extinguisher at the top of the corrider and they walked through the door at the end where we had been standing where we had been standing when we had seen them at the door.

She came out shortly afterwards, with apparently not a hair out of place and she made her way back across the court.

I ran up the corrider as soon as she was out of sight and grabbed her knickers, which were tiny and absolutely soakes, and stuffed them down my pants where they stayed for the rest of the evening until I eventually got home and wanked myself silly into them thinking about what I heard.

There's a bit more to the story but it's already far longer than I was intending so I'll finish here.